Opera Mini v4.1 Beta Released

Opera Software has released a new beta version of its Opera Mini web browser. This release includes several new features, including automatic completion of web addresses, tools for attaching files to web-based email; support for file and photo uploads; downloading attachments from email for storage on your phone; and saving and viewing pages offline. Users can download the v4.1 beta by visiting mini.opera.com/beta via your phone's browser.

In order to use Opera Mini on Palm OS you need to have the Palm Java Micro Environment installed. Since Palm no longer distributes the JVM you need to already have it installed or find an alternate source (download link) for it online.

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No-Go For My Centro

bhartman34 @ 4/4/2008 7:58:52 AM # Q
It doesn't seem to work on my Centro. Don't know why. :(

RE: No-Go For My Centro
JPT|X @ 4/4/2008 11:35:23 AM # Q
I have not had luck with my Centro either- some flickers of function, but mostly resets... I thnk it is because Java thinks it's a treo.

What's the best browser for a centro. What's the best browser for a treo? Thanks!

RE: No-Go For My Centro
bhartman34 @ 4/4/2008 5:39:41 PM # Q
I'm able to run Opera 4.0 just fine. The 4.1 version doesn't work, but you should be able to go to mini.opera.com and download the 4.0 version fine, once you have Java installed.

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No go on Tungsten C

Dan Georges @ 4/4/2008 12:57:10 PM # Q
This didn't work on my Tungsten C...just got the "installing" progress bar, but never got to the browser.

The prior version works just fine.

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."


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