Seidio Releases New Treo 755p Extended Battery

One of the few areas where the older, bulkier 650/700-series Treos possess a distinct advantage the newer, sleeker brethren is in the area of battery capacity. For example, the 700w/wx/p CDMA Treos of 2006 ship with a standard 1800mAh battery, as opposed to the 1600mAh battery found in this year’s 755p. The GSM Treo 680 and 750 fare even worse with a feeble 1200mAh stock battery. Fortunately, aftermarket accessory specialist Seidio has come to the rescue yet again with a new extended battery for the Treo 755p that still fits under the stock Palm battery cover. While the previously available 2100mAh Treo 755p battery provided a reasonable boost over the standard battery, power users were still left wanting for a bit more talk time, especially if they upgraded to the 755p from an older 650 or 700-series device.

Treo 755p BatteryThe newest Seidio extended battery provides Treo 755p users with approximately ~37% more juice versus the ~30% offered by the now-discontinued 2100mAh predecessor. Despite the power boost, the 755p’s sleek formfactor and ability to utilize the original Palm battery cover are maintained. Due to a handful of reports of manufacturing discrepancies between 755p units, Seidio is providing a replacement 755p battery door at no additional charge with these batteries. These replacement doors offer a tighter fit with the aftermarket batteries and still have the rubberized paint coating and match the standard blue or burgundy Palm colors as well as a strange teal green color scheme.

The battery is available now directly from Seidio for $59.95 plus shipping.

For Treo 755p users who require more than 2200mAh, Seidio still offers their large 3200mAh battery bundled with a replacement “hump” battery door in both Treo 755pcolors for $69.95.

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bsquare @ 10/30/2007 11:04:37 PM # Q

Do they know some specifics of a Verizon 755p release that hasn't been revealed yet???

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