Universal Keyboard Drivers for the Palm TX

Universal Keyboard Drivers for the Palm TXPalm has released new drivers for the Palm Universal keyboard that adds compatibility with the Palm TX handheld. The version 1.10 driver is for the Palm TX only and also includes a few fixes.

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...so it still doesn't work properly on T|3 and other units.

hgoldner @ 1/27/2006 3:58:23 PM # Q
On the T|3 and a few other units, the UWK driver (1.08 was last version, interesting whatever numbering convention they're using) would only run if you simply put the unit into the keyboard and started typing.

If your unit shut off automatically, you'd have to do a warm reset to reactivate the driver, and if you actually tried to 'configure' the driver you'd get a fatal error.

Guess they haven't fixed that. Maybe it's a feature, not a bug.


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1.10 for TX - or maybe not.

MleB @ 1/28/2006 7:32:15 AM # Q
Reports are surfacing that the 1.10 doesn't always work on the TX, either.
Powering down issues, losing IR connection, keyboard buttons kacking, etc - some requiring the user to cycle thru a soft reset or delete/install to reactivate - until the next time.

Sounds like same old problems with a new driver. UWK has never been Palm's forte. Pity they gave up on the 'universal connector', huh?

I understand that ThinkOutside's own IR and BT keyboards are the only other ones out there with a TX driver available - and that has been around for quite some time. No idea if it is any better than Palm, but their rep for Support is better....

RE: 1.10 for TX - or maybe not.
T. @ 1/28/2006 5:12:44 PM # Q
It appears to be working fine on my TX. It even resolved the bluetooth conflict issue that I was experiencing with Version 1.08.

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ThinkOutside is the way to go.

JOB4031 @ 1/28/2006 12:28:20 PM # Q
When I upgraded my T3 to a TX, I was able to use my ThinkOutside IR keyboard from day one. Have had no issues with it and a joy to use.
Was it difficult to adjust to a 4 row keyboard?
ackmondual @ 1/30/2006 3:59:54 PM # Q
Or do you not input that many numbers/digits to begin with?

-does this keyboard support landscape mode?

-and will the T|T3 and T|X's auto-off feature (as set in Palm Prefs) be deactivated by the keyboard's driver?

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RE: ThinkOutside is the way to go.
twrock @ 1/30/2006 6:28:41 PM # Q
Re: a four row keyboard. I don't like it and have never really gotten used to it. I think the point of having a keyboard is quick entry of lots of text. All of the messing around to get numbers is a real pain. (I have the old Palm IR keyboard so I have no opinion on your other questions.)

It might not be the "mythical color HandEra", but I'm liking my TX anyway.
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not one key is mapped correctly

stefaanmeeuws @ 9/2/2011 11:16:13 PM # Q
after i installed this driver my ir keyboard went haywire, and not one key is mapped correctly

what can i do to make this right?

the wireless keyboard is second hand and it has the palm logo and the text "clavier sans fil"(wireless keyboard) on it

if necessary i can show a picture, upload it somewhere

i hope somebody is savvy enough here to help me a step further

many thanks in advance


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