Palm Ultralight Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Palm Ultralight Wireless HeadsetPalm's sleek Treo Bluetooth headset is now available in the PIC store. The Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset is a miniature, convenient wireless headset that weights just 3 ounces. It is compatible with all smartphones equipped with Bluetooth technology and uses the same Palm "Athena" style AC power cable. The headset includes a onboard DSP which reduces background noise for clearer calls. It comes with its own metal case, three sites of soft gel ear tips and a AAA battery charger. It gets a reported 3 hours talk time on a full charge and has a80 hour standby rating.

The Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset is available now for $59.95. Shipping to the US and Canada starts at $5.95. The store also nows ships to Europe, Australia, and Japan.

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Review Please?

Gekko @ 9/20/2007 6:09:07 PM # Q


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...compared to jawbone?

Poopie @ 9/20/2007 6:54:56 PM # Q
So, this actually looks like a cool headset. I'd have bought a jawbone already, but it's too bulky for me.

Can anyone compare this thing's noise cancellation to a Jawbone?

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RE: ...compared to jawbone?
dgbrock @ 9/21/2007 10:01:25 AM # Q
I can't tell you about the Jawbone, but I do know that this is really a Plantronics Discovery 645, which I have been using on my 650 - now 700p. Aside from the spotty pairing (which is a Palm issue as we all know), it is a very light, unobtrusive and solid performer. The noise cancelling is quite good, and it has excellent sound quality. What I particularly like is the multitude of charging options. I can charge it from its own charger, or slap on a Treo adapter, or - better yet - the AAA charging case.
It comes with 3 different size ear buds plus a removable wire ear piece which can be used (or not) to hold it in place. A very versatile item.

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buttons/switches way too 'soft'

newgranddad @ 9/22/2007 2:29:11 PM # Q
I tried this model a few months ago. It's performance was ok/good/middle of the road. But what I really didn't like was that the buttons/switches were simply squeezy (soft) without any distinctive feel that the switch was activated, i.e. no "click" feel. This meant it was hard to tell if you had actually performed the function that you were trying to do. I returned it.

I just bought (haven't had time to use it yet) the Plantronics 665 which is said to have very good performance (with DSP too). I tried the switches at the store, obviously :), and they're perfect. Hopefully the performance is as good.


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