Palm PDF v1.2 Released

PalmPDF v1.2 is now ready for download. MetaViewSoft has released an update for their open-source, native Adobe PDF file document viewer for Palm OS.

Palm OS PDF readerPalmPDF from MetaViewSoft enables users to view native Adobe PDF documents on your mobile device. It has support for anti-alaising and truetype fonts and five way navigation. It is based on the open source Xpdf program.

v1.2 updates include:

  • bugfix: Zodiac key handling
  • bugifx: reworked renderer import to avoid app loosing (on reset, on NVFS) when renderer was moved to card
  • bugfix: path creation for PalmPDF's folder
  • reworked button layout for easier skinning
  • search next button
  • button to toggle between move, mark and zoom with stylus (zoom isn't implemented yet)
  • can read pdf files which where converted by Adobe Acrobat for PalmOS (.pdb) when transfered to the card (the files are usually stored in "/PALM/Launcher" or "Applications")
  • shows also the internal volume on TX
  • added a scratchpad to store text parts from the PDF file
  • added a bookmark list to store user defined bookmarks for a PDF file
  • support for hyperlinks in PDF files (switch to mark and tap and drag a little bit)

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