Backup Your Treo Over the Internet

Blue Nomad is now offering a public beta test of a new wireless backup solution for the Treo 650 and 600. BackupBuddy.Net works in the background to backup your smartphone data to a server on the Internet.

BackupBuddy.Net allows Treo users to wireless backup their smartphone over the Internet. It is extremely secure as all user data is encrypted end-to-end (with AES encryption) and stored in an encrypted form. It is also fast as data is highly compressed as it is being sent over the air. Device backups (and restores) happen quickly. Interested treo users can download the beta from

A trickle backup feature allows BackupBuddy.Net to transparently and continuously backup a user's files when they are not actively using their Treo, and does not interfere with the day-to-day use of the device.

The initial release of BackupBuddy.Net backs up only the PIM files: Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Memos. A subsequent release (Professional Edition) will add backup of the entire device. BackupBuddy.Net will be a subscription service - pricing has yet to be determined.

The service is currently in beta, and although it has been privately tested for several months with a closed group of beta testers, data loss is always a possibility. As such, Blue Nomad recommends that testers have alternative backup software available, such as BackupBuddyVFS and/or BackupBuddy for Windows and Mac OS X.

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I would like my own server

pascanu @ 5/2/2006 5:58:12 AM # Q
The main drawback I see is the inability to backup data on your own server.

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RE: I would like my own server
Blue Nomad @ 5/2/2006 12:17:03 PM # Q
Due to the complexities of server installation and configuration we don't support end-user servers, but enterprise customers will be able to license the server for their own installations.

Blue Nomad, LLC

RE: I would like my own server
mitchema @ 5/3/2006 5:30:50 PM # Q
I wrote a tutorial a few centuries ago on how to do this yourself!
I love blue nomad but i dont by that answer.

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RE: I would like my own server
parambyte @ 5/17/2006 2:53:05 AM # Q
hi mitchima, great work! have you figured out how to get your own push email and free sms working? that would be great (especially with Sync4j and such open source stuff available openly now). (i am a non-techie and maybe dont relaise the complexity of what i said, so please consider ;-) )

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