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1 7/9/2008 Group Sense Palm OS Smartphones Gone for Good
While little more than an interesting footnote in the minds of most Palm OS followers in the west, Group Sense Ltd. (aka GSPDA) released a handful of uniquely-styled GSM handsets running Palm OS 4.1.x…
2 2/1/2008 TeleNav Updated for Palm Centro
According to a post made to the official TeleNav forums by Gina, a TeleNav employee, version 5.0 of the TeleNav GPS Navigator has just been released for the Sprint version of the Palm Centro.…
3 1/15/2008 The Palm OS Cobalt Phones That Never Were
MobileRead's Bob Russell has posted a fascinating article that is certainly makes for interesting reading, what with the rumors and official statements from Palm their own in-house Linux-based OS will…
4 1/9/2007 Apple Announces the iPhone
Today at the MacWorld Conferecnce in San Fransico, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced a new Apple iPhone mobile phone. The iPhone includes a 3.5" inch touchscreen wisdescreen display, with new mulit-touch…
5 11/8/2006 New Google Calendar Palm Sync Tool
GooSync is a new program that provides an over the air synchronization client for Google Calendar with Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. The program will sync the internal datebook application with…
6 11/1/2006 Opera Mini v3 Beta Released
Opera Software has released a beta of Opera Mini v3.0. Opera Mini is a smartphone optimized web browser that runs on almost every mobile phone including the Palm Treo. The new version adds secure…
7 10/12/2006 Google Maps Released for Palm OS
A mobile optimized version of Google Maps has been released today for Palm OS Treo smartphones. It is a free downloadable application which provides directions, local search, moveable/scalable maps,…
8 9/19/2006 GSPDA Announces the Xplore M70
GSPDA has posted a new Palm OS powered smartphone to their website. The Xplore M70 is a new GSM Palm OS Garnet based smartphone. GSPDA is promoting this model as a business phone featuring support for…
9 8/29/2006 Treo 650 Debuts in Peru
Palm today announced that the Treo 650 smartphone is now available in Peru from Claro, one of the country's leading cellular operators. Available in Claro's retail stores throughout Peru with a…
10 8/9/2006 TypePad Mobile Blogging App Released
Six Apart has released TypePad Mobile, a free application for your Palm, Windows Mobile or Symbian Series 60 smartphone that lets you post photos and entries to your TypePad blogs and photo albums…
11 6/30/2006 No Further Treo 650 Shipments to Europe  
12 5/4/2006 Opera Mini v2.0 Released  
13 5/1/2006 Backup Your Treo Over the Internet  
14 2/23/2006 Treo 650 as a Notebook Alternative  
15 11/17/2005 Treo 650 Named Best Converged Device  
16 10/26/2005 PiTech Develops 3 MegaPixel Palm OS Smartphone  
17 10/4/2005 XPRO P368 Smartphone on Sale in China  
18 8/17/2005 GSPDA Xplore M98 on Sale Worldwide  
19 6/8/2005 EarthLink to Sell Treo 650 at OfficeMax  
20 4/27/2005 World Speed Typing Record Set on Treo 650  
21 4/20/2005 New XPRO P368 Palm OS Smartphone  
22 4/4/2005 Could This Be the First Palm OS Cobalt Smartphone?  
23 4/4/2005 Verizon Confirms Treo 650 Coming Soon  
24 3/16/2005 Crystal Canadian Treo 650 up for Auction  
25 3/14/2005 GSPDA to Introduce Xplore M-Series in North America  
26 3/10/2005 New Palm OS Smartphone from ITM Technology  
27 2/21/2005 GSPDA To Deliver First Palm OS Cobalt Smartphone?  
28 2/16/2005 Yahoo Sends Directions to Phones Via SMS  
29 2/14/2005 New GSPDA Xplore M68 Smartphone for Europe  
30 2/7/2005 Sprint Cancels Samsung i550 Smartphone  
31 2/3/2005 Qool QDA-700 Smartphone Up Close  
32 1/27/2005 Yahoo Begins Send Search Results via SMS  
33 1/21/2005 More on the QDA-700 Smartphone from Qool Labs  

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