Palm Air Case for Treo 680/750/755p

Treo Air CasePalm has released a new Air Case for the Treo 680, 750 and Treo 755p models. The Air Case is a strong and sleek clear case that wraps around your Treo. It's made of durable polycarbonate, so its lightweight, yet surprisingly sturdy. The case also includes a belt holster with a swivel clip that can hold the smartphone in place either vertically or horizontally.

The Palm Air Case with Holster for the Treo 680, 750v, 755p is available now from the PIC Accessory store for $24.95. Shipping begins at $5.95.

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treo air case

joad @ 8/31/2007 10:30:16 PM # Q
"Best of all, you can access all of your Treo's features while it's safely inside the case."

....except "little" things like the reset process on the 755 - which requires tearing off this puppy, removing the back case, and yanking out the battery...

Unless you have no problems with the occasional lockup requiring reset - I'd recommend against any of these cases that cover the entire device. Prying them off can be very difficult, and at best it's another layer of complexity to deal with. Had Palm put a reset hole someplace simple like at the bottom or behind the flash card slot then this would be a great case for people that can make it through a day on their battery and don't use cradles.

Another vote for more RAM in the Treo series!

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