Astraware Sudoku Updated

SudokuAstraware has just release an update to its popular Sudoku title. The new version contains a large number of new features and overall improvements. The game has been given a new graphical makeover and runs on a new games framework. It also contains new features such as a Hold and highlight help and hint system, a new puzzle manager and more native language support and different display resolutions.

Astraware Sudoku features include 6 levels of difficulty, pencilmarks in a choice of styles, optional completion and tracking of pencilmarks, a unique and innovative notepad which enables players to make handwritten notes and sketches overlaid upon the grid, and an advanced hint system to assist you by highlighting areas where progress can be made without giving away the answer.

Astraware Sudoku v1.4 is available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile. It includes a free trial period and sells for $19.95.

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