Ruggedized Treo 650/700 Case from Otterbox

Otter Products has released the OtterBox 1920 case, a rugged, polycarbonate case that protects Palm Treo 650 and Treo 700 series smartphones from water, dust and dirt. The casing completely seals the device from elements while providing access to keypad, touch screen, volume and program buttons.

Treo Otterbox CaseThe OtterBox 1920 accommodates Palm Treo 650, 700w, 700wx and 700p models, so Treo owners can now work in virtually any environment with complete use of phone, email, internet, MP3 files and camera all through the case. An easy-open top cap provides access to SD card slot and a Gore membrane seals speakers and microphones while still allowing use. IR and antenna are also usable through the case. The OtterBox provides access to headphone, sync and charge connectors and an external stylus holder adds convenience for business on the go.

The case features a newly designed compound latch for easy opening and secure closing and rubber overmolding for grip and drop protection. A protective cover safeguards delicate LCD screens and flips up for screen access. Mil-standard quality assurance testing for dust, water, and drop and shock protection, ensures the OtterBox design can withstand severe conditions.

Dimensions of the OtterBox 1920: 5.65 in [144 mm] long (including antenna) X 3 in [76 mm] wide X 1.96 in [50 mm] thick (including latch). Weight is 0.6 lb [.27 kg] (case only). It is available now for $129.95 USD.

Otterbox also offers the Otterbox 9100 case which includes a impact resistant flip-up screen cover in a waterproof, crushproof, and drop-proof ruggedized enclosure.

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