ChatterEmail v3.0 Released

ChatterEmail today announced the availability of ChatterEmail Version 3.0. ChatterEmail allows Treo smartphone users to directly access their IMAP or Microsoft Exchange email via push technology without the added complexity and expense of third party servers or a desktop redirector. The new version adds application security, SD encryption and enhanced power management to ChatterEmail+ and also brings Treo 680 compatibility.

Chatteremail for Palm OSChatterEmail is a full featured email application for Palm OS based Treo smartphones that directly connects users to their email environment. ChatterEmail supports up to 128 folders which can be a combination of Exchange, IMAP or POP servers without the need for third party servers or a desktop redirector. ChatterEmail quick setup wizard enables simple setup for over a dozen hosted email providers including AOL, Gmail, Earthlink, Yahoo, Comcast, Oracle Collabsuite OnDemand and as well as mail servers provided by Microsoft Exchange, Mirapoint, OpenXchange and Sun.

Version 3.0 adds power management enhancement that can preserve the smartphone’s battery life nearly 50% in push mode greatly extending the time between charges. In addition to offering SSL support for email exchange, version 3.0 adds application security and SD memory card encryption to protect the mobile users email on the device. Email stored on the SD memory card can be optionally encrypted to work on the Treo smartphone that created it, while application security can be set to challenge the user for a password upon entry to Chatter from another application or at timed intervals.

Available as ChatterEmail+ with support for IMAP and POP for a one time cost of $39.95 or ChatterEmail+ /EX for $59.95, ChatterEmail+ /EX. ChatterEmail+ /EX bundle includes a 30 day free trial after which a one-time payment of is required. Users of previous version of ChatterEmail are entitled to a free update that can be accessed directly from ChatterEmail.

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Pretty Cool

stepshows @ 12/20/2006 5:06:40 PM # Q
I've tried VersaMail and SnapperMail but this was the 1st app that allowed me to connect to my company's exchange server without any issues. Apparently, the other two apps required either some server-side app or special access by our IT dept.

I just hope they offer some competitive upgrade since the $59 I spent on Snapper was a waist for my situation.


Aric Tucker

RE: Pretty Cool
jamesgood72 @ 12/20/2006 6:49:28 PM # Q
Chatter is a simply superb email app. It's a must have for a the Treo (if you have unlimited data especially), in my opinion!


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