1300mAh Battery for Treo 680/750 Now Available

Seidio Extended Treo batterySeidio has released a new extended battery for the Treo 680/750. The 1300mAh battery offers a modest 8% increase over the Treo's stock 1200mAh model. Unlike the recently released 2400mAh option, this battery does not require a new battery door as it is the same size at the stock battery and is shipping now. It sells for $34.95 USD.

The Treo 680 was released two months ago, with the biggest user complaint being the shorter battery life. Palm recently issued a patch to correct a power drain issue related to the Treo's camera, which by some PIC reader accounts has helped improve battery performance.

According to a post on the Treocentral forums, Seidio will release another higher-capacity battery in the same form factor but no ETA is yet available.

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8% increase?

Khris @ 1/22/2007 9:48:37 PM # Q
That should give people an extra minute to add to a phone call? Come on! What's the point of even buying one of these!

RE: 8% increase?
hkklife @ 1/22/2007 9:58:40 PM # Q
I think the whole point is to give people who were gonna buy a 2nd Treo 680/750 battery anyway some MINOR incentive to purchae this Seidio option.

Now, if Sidio were charging $15 MORE than Palm for 100mAh more then I'd give this one a thumbs down. But come on, given the choice between Palm's $50 1200 mAh battery and this one for $35, I'd take 100 more mAh for $15 less anyday! And even if it only adds a few minutes of runtime to the battery life that's still a few more minutes you wouldn't have had before.

Of course, the best scenario will still be whenever someone manages to cram something like a 1600 to 1800mAh battery under the stock 680/750 battery door.

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RE: 8% increase?
LiveFaith @ 1/22/2007 10:13:48 PM # Q
Uggggh. Was hoping for the 1600. I thot I remember the Seidio rep saying something about it?

1800 would be great, but 1600 would still give a 1/3 increase. This battery might be acceptable as a backup instead of the OEM tho. Although, something in me says it's actually the same capacity as the OEM, with an 8% marketing increase. Afterall, who's putting these things on the mah scale anyway?

Pat Horne

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... and the point is?

t3h @ 1/22/2007 9:51:02 PM # Q
1300 as opposed to 1200? Lower your screen brightness a bit, it'll make the treo run longer than this battery "upgrade"...

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RE: ... and the point is?
freakout @ 1/22/2007 11:22:03 PM # Q
As hkk noted, this is cheaper than Palm's replacement battery, so if you were going to get a spare you might as well make it this one. (probably should have put the price in the news item...)
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Why the angst?

Patrick @ 1/23/2007 12:00:35 AM # Q
Not sure why Seidio is coming under such fire for producing a better, cheaper alternative to Palm's.

You know, if it had the exact same capacity as Palm's, I think people might be saying, "Hey, look, the same battery only cheaper! Way to go, Seidio!" Instead, everyone's concentrating on the 100 mAh extra as if it is some sort of outrage. Go figure.

Yes, Seidio has been very candid that they are working on an even bigger battery. However, all along they've been telling us that the room inside this battery is quite limited and they are not sure if they can do it. Yet, I suspect, if they don't do it, folks will fling mud at them, despite their remarkable disclosure.

I say, good work, Seidio, regardless of whether you manage to cram an elephant into a thimble.

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Is this a scam

ray00pal @ 2/5/2007 11:57:15 PM # Q
I have found they have tried everything to get ahead. I seriously doubt that the battery is actually having 8% longer life!

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