Use the Treo Volume Buttons To Scroll

Treo SoftwareT0reoSkey is a new Treo utility for Palm OS powered Treo devices. It is a tiny freeware app that enables you to use the Treo's side keys as an up and down scrolling mechanism for navigating some applications. It changes the volume up/down keys to the 5-way up and down and remaps the single side button to the 5-way center select.

TreoSkey v1.5 is freeware and weights in at light 6kb. You can enable and disable it with a couple key-presses and the developer claims it should not cause any conflicts with any existing software.

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Doesn't work

linds @ 8/14/2007 9:55:29 AM # Q
I downloaded this program to my Treo 700p and went to preferences to make sure it was enabled, but It doesn't work, tried it in contacts, memo's, calendar but my side buttons still no go.

RE: Doesn't work
freakout @ 8/15/2007 2:19:05 AM # Q
linds I tried it too. It doesn't work with the "Enable TreoSkey" button for some reason, but it will activate if you hold down the Option button and press the side button. At least that worked for me.
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