Share Data Easily Via the Web with Coola

Coola is a free service that lets you take information you want from the Web or an e-mail and transfer it automatically to the appropriate application on any Palm OS device. Addresses, Events, and Memos that you want to have transferred are called coolets. Using simple on-line forms, you can create your own coolets. Once you have downloaded a coolet onto your Palm, no new application is required to read them. Address coolets appear on your address list, event coolets are on your calendar, and memo coolets can be read with the Memo Pad. Only a 4K application is needed on your Palm but about 2.5 MB of sync software will be added to your PC.

Coola - Sync to Palm If you would like to test Coola, click on the Coola image that appears on this page and a copy of this story will be saved as a memo on your Palm. If you haven't yet downloaded and installed the app, you will be prompted to do so.

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What a Great Idea!!

Ed @ 7/27/2000 7:37:51 PM #
I think this is very innovative and useful. Kudos to the people who came up with the idea and put it together so well.

I can see this being a godsend to companies that have a group, like salespeople, who all use Palms and especially for PUGs to let people easily schedule meetings.

Very Cool

Shin Tohi @ 7/28/2000 1:41:24 AM #
I specially like the application of Coola as done by in their event calendar. Now I can get events of my choice into my datebook. Wish my commuter train calendar was available as a coolet.

Hoping it takes off

Steve Smith @ 7/28/2000 3:40:33 PM #
This thing is great. I was expecting to get some sort of sponsorship ad' within the memos, but nope, it's ad free. Lets just hope that more sites realise its potential and sign up. This could be the best thing to hit the Palm since AvantGo.

I like WeSync better.

Austin Burns @ 7/28/2000 4:32:58 PM #
WeSync lets me share entire calendars, and automatically updates them. Coola seemed a little too limited for my needs.

[ No Subject ]

Marlon Edmonds @ 7/31/2000 8:21:29 PM #
What is the web address for this application I'm interested in it

Coola address

Dick A. @ 8/2/2000 11:30:01 AM #
the web address is

Doenst wesync force users to use a stand alone application? Coola uses the actual Palm Date book, mem pad and address book. Also, does wesync have an email component like Coola's?

RE: Coola address
Sam D @ 8/14/2000 6:00:56 PM #
Coola now has a calendar for download. So in one click you can automatically have every holiday on 2000 and 2001 placed in your date book.


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