Sony Ships 10 Millionth Memory Stick Device

Sony has now shipped more than 10 million devices that use its 2-year-old Memory Sticks and predicts that sales of devices using them worldwide will surpass 100 million units by March 2004. These devices include the Clié, digital camcorders, Walkman music players, and its robotic pet Aibo.

The Memory Stick is just one of the players in a ongoing struggle to see who will make the standard for memory cards for small electronics. Palm has joined the Secured Digital (SD) memory card camp and will begin shipping SD devices soon. However, Palm has decided to support multiple standards for expansion slots in future versions of its OS, including Secured Digital, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, Springboard, and others.

This is more than just about memory, though. Some of the companies that are backing the various types of memory cards have announced plans to use the cards' slots for MP3 players, cameras, etc. that can be plugged into PDAs.

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AIBO and Clie

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/25/2000 8:54:11 PM #
I want the Clie to be able to read and view and edit AIBOware. Then I will buy one. All the AIBO and Palm users out there (i might be the only one) could agree.

I.M. Anonymous

MemStick Springboard?

WorldCTZen @ 10/26/2000 4:03:35 AM #
It would be nice to have removable media on a Visor... a Springboard module for loading memsticks would great, also for CF, IBM microdrives, or Iomega Click! drives


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