Sony Trying to Spruce Up Clié

When Sony released the Clié back in September, they marketed it as an entertainment device. However, according to Cnet, sales of the device in both the U.S. and Japan have slumped in the last couple of months and Sony is looking for ways to make the handheld more attactive. "We'd like to introduce features that Palm and Handspring may find hard to install," said Shinsaku Inada, a Sony general manager in charge of the device. "We'll play real games next year after practicing this year."

Sony is currently considering adding Bluetooth functionality and MP3 playback to the Clié. Bluetooth will allow the Clié to connect wirelessly to mobile phones. Sales of Internet ready mobile phones have cut deeply into sales of the handheld in Japan.

They have also had complaints about the Clié's LCD screen and are considering upgrading it. "We don't think we should keep on using the current LCD screen forever," said Inada.

Sony is also planning to introduce the color version of the Clié in the U.S. sometime in 2001, though an exact date hasn't been revealed yet. Back in November, though, a Sony representative hinted that the color version of Sony's handheld would be released at the Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9 in Las Vegas. They also will release both versions in Europe sometime next year.

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I love it !

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/27/2000 8:23:22 AM #
I'm waiting for Color version 'cos I wanna switch from my TRGPro to. Some URLs:

Good Luck

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/27/2000 10:12:04 AM #
1) It's Ugly
2) It's Monochrome
3) It's no more "multimedia" than previous Palms (read: it's not)
4) It's extremely overpriced
5) The name is stuiped
If it was color it might have worked.

[ No Subject ]

Lim Meng Shi @ 12/29/2000 4:19:35 AM #
Why would anyone switch from a TRGPro to a Clie? Do you know how crippled the implementation of the MemoryStick is compared to AutoCF & CF on the TRGPro? I can't think of a real compelling reason at all. I have become dependant on my TRGPro's *sweet* ability to run apps from the CF memory that IMHO all the rest don't seem to measure up at the moment.

multi-platform support

ßrian @ 12/29/2000 9:54:46 AM #
It would have been nice for them to include support for other platforms other than Wintel. That's what killed it in my book when I was shopping for a PDA.

spruce up

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/1/2001 4:37:49 PM #
all sony needs to do is introduce cases and other add-ons


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