Coola 2.0 Adds File Transferring

Last week, the latest version of the Coola app was released. The original version allowed information found on the Internet to be copied onto a Palm at the next HotSync and added to any of the built-in applications. Coola 2.0 includes a MobileSend API which lets third party developers add the ability to transfer their application's files from handheld to handheld during HotSyncs. Applications which are being updated to use this ability include Address+, WordSmith, PocketPhoto, JFile, and more.

To transfer a file from an application that supports the MobileSend API, select “Beam Via Coola” and enter the receiver’s email address right from the application. Coola will move it into the other Palm at the next HotSync or wirelessly from a Palm VII or other wireless-enabled Palm.

This version also offers improved support to download virtually unlimited number of items in a single Hotsync. Also, the system can now detect download failures and automatically retry to download the information again. It requires just a little over 18K on the device.

Coola 2.0 is free and both Windows and Mac versions are available and have been updated.

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Cool! I can beam wirelessly

Shell @ 4/26/2001 2:04:34 PM #
I tried Coola's "Beam Via Coola". Didn't realize that I could send wirelessly too.

When you select "Beam Via Coola" on the Palm you get a small screen where we enter the Coola email of the receiver. There you have a selection of "Send Via Sync" or "Send Wirelessly". If you select "Send Wirelessly" and you are on a wireless Palm (I tried with my Mobile Internet kit), it goes out immediately.
Your friend again gets it via sync on by Coola's wireless sync depending on what device they have.

Has anyone tried using this beyond the partners' Coola lists? Their site says that it just won't go to another Palm App, but can goto other systems. Is this true?

RE: Cool! I can beam wirelessly
joe @ 4/26/2001 2:23:08 PM #
I think you can send from a Palm App to another Palm App of different format , wirelessly or sync.

They seem to hint at a CE client. Is it coming from Coola? That would mean we can send contacts between Pam and CE. Why? Who has those CE's anyway?

What interests me is that "Beam Via Coola" is actually beam out of a Palm using Coola. Then, this can goto any web site or intranet. Coola lists some customers using it in intranets.

Won't it be cool if Coola will allow beaming of content from a Palm to goto my Yahoo account. Maybe a document from Wordsmith or a picture!

RE: Cool! I can beam wirelessly
I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2001 2:59:50 PM #
Why would I want to upload my Palm content to Yahoo?
Yahoo is already setup for World domination by gobbling companies like egoups.

I like that now I can beam content via coola. Thats cool! I have it say it!

I won't like it to goto Yahoo. Maybe I can have a choice of where I want to send it to, once I beam from a Palm App.

I am waiting for Wordsmith to go live with Coola's Beaming. That will make my Palm really indispensible. Maybe then I'd like Palm to give me memory on the device.

Palm to PocketPC delivery with Coola?

Trube @ 4/26/2001 2:55:31 PM #
If Coola offers a CE client, will all Web coolets sync to a CE?

With the Beam-Via-Coola Applications, can I beam from Palm to PPC?

RE: Palm to PocketPC delivery with Coola?
GregGaub @ 4/26/2001 4:29:43 PM #
Yes, and Yes. Coola is device agnostic. It's the Coola client on the device that parses the information sent to it from the Coola server. The server also knows what kind of device it is when it synchronizes. You'll be able to send contacts, appointments, notes, and more from a Palm device to a CD device... once they release a CE client, of course. ;-) With Palm developers making CE software (like that DB software, whatever it was), more complex files can be transferred as well. Since inter-device IR beaming is such a pain, once Coola hits the CE market, there will be a lot more sharing of information between Palm and CE users. Go Coola!


badandy @ 4/27/2001 10:09:25 AM #
How long will it be until a lot of applications have this feature


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