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Thanks to Michael Pinney for pointing me to this article on ZDNet that has a few new details on Palm's wireless plans. It mentions that Palm has plans to add wireless voice services and that Bluetooth won't be integrated into Palm devices until 2002 or 2003 because radios for the technology are too expensive. They also detail that OmniSky will formally launch their wireless service on Monday. They also claim that the current OmniSky modem has voice support already. I find that a little hard to believe and I'll have check up on it and get back with an update. UPDATE 5/1: I spoke with a rep at Novatell Wireless and She confirmed that the Minstrel V does not support voice functions. The ZDNet author may have misquoted Mr. Yankowski.

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Interesting Quote

Ed @ 4/27/2000 10:14:09 AM #
"We're going to focus on wireless solutions," Mr. Yankowski said, promising wireless Internet connectivity options for all Palm products -- past, current, and future -- by year's end.

2002? 2003??

MPKirby @ 4/27/2000 5:55:37 PM #
Bluetooth needs to be in a Palm PDA before the year's out-- I'd pay extra for it, and I know several others who would roll out fleets of the devices to their staff once this technology works as advertized.

Look how far things have come in the PDA market since 1998. Bluetooth may not be EVERYWHERE by 2002, but to say it won't happen until then? Bah.


Wireless SNAFU

Sandokan @ 5/2/2000 2:33:56 PM #
I agree, I would pay extra for radio transmission capability just like I paid a little extra for color. But my question is encryption. I have customer information to protect. I don't know enough about raidio frequencies vs. digital cellular technology yet. I would also like to see Bluetooth get the business rather than ARM. For personal reasons.




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