Sony to Display Palm PDA this Month

Sony will reveal its much-anticipated PDA running the Palm OS at PC Expo, which runs from June 27 to 29 in New York. Fujio Nishida, the new president of Sony Electronics, recently announced that the product would be displayed at the giant computer industry trade show but declined to say anything about its price or features. This is not a product release; the device will simply be shown to the public for the fist time.

Sony had already announced that they would release in September a Palm-based PDA. According to c|net, it will be color, use memory sticks, have the same wireless capabilities as the Palm VII, and be amazingly cheap at less than $200.

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Ryan @ 6/7/2000 4:15:11 PM #
I am highly skeptical of the $200 price tag that c|net is reporting. Color and wireless for that little, I really don't think so. Now Palm's do have a somewhat large mark-up but how can you combine 2 $400+ products into a $200 product. Maybe you can if you're a giant like Sony and what to sell at a loss and cash in on an Internet service contract....

RE: $200
Angus @ 6/23/2000 11:33:53 PM #
Hey, dude, count me in, I'll take the first Sony pda come out factory, I buy it for it's name.
Remember folks, things change, I had my palm v for 2 years, when my friend ask me to sell it to him, I didn't even blink. Can't wait for the new pda, I know it is going blow all palm and palm clones to hell...,well, kind of.
RE: $200
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/18/2000 10:53:36 PM #
$200? No. Definitley not. If Palm can't do that, then Sony probably can't either.

Got a Sony today at Best Buy $400

I.M. Anonymous @ 9/19/2000 1:28:56 PM #
Very nice and bright screen. Easier to read than
a VX, but not as easy as a IIIc. Also lighter than
VX. Comes with memory stick, so total is 16mb.
Comes with both cradle and -switching- power
adapter (adapter works on both 120 and 220)

But I wish the color version was available, I'd
have preferred it...

RE: Got a Sony today at Best Buy $400
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/20/2000 4:21:41 PM #
don't think the clie is lighter. it is 4.27 oz & palm vx is, i believe 4.0 oz. the clie just
seems bulkier too.



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