MobileAria to Bring Hands-free Internet to the Car

Delphi's Communiport Mobile Productivity Center Palm Inc. is one of a trio of companies founding MobileAria, Inc. today. MobileAria plans to provide an open platform to enable in-vehicle access and management of personal info, the Internet, and entertainment through an eyes-on-the-road, voice-activated interface. The initial service will be available during the second quarter of 2001 and consist of Delphi's Communiport Mobile Productivity Center, a mobile phone, and a Palm handheld.

The initial MobileAria service offering will focus on voice-activated management of personal information and wireless Internet access to applications like e-mail (including voice tag e-mail response), desktop synchronization, news, weather, stock quotes, flight information, directions/routing and traffic information.

Also investing in the company are Delphi Automotive Systems and the Mayfield Fund.

You can read more about it in their press release.

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