Palm Vx used to create modern art

Palm PaintingAs seen on slashdot, the UK artist Tom Kemp created an enormous painting using only his Palm Vx and Teal Paint. The painting, called Analysis, is an amazing 4 feet high and 17 feet wide. That measures out to 1000 Palm screens of digital drawings.

The news release has a great quote and more info: "The Palm is more and more a tool for business but this wonderful piece of modern art shows that it has so many more possibilities for creative work."

Kemp explains the painting process:

Palm Painting"The Palm is Vx is gorgeous. It feels wonderful and has a simple, obvious user interface which makes it so useable. I was able to carry it round everywhere and when I had any time to myself I could sit and paint one or two pieces. The TealPaint application is a surprisingly powerful painting program. It has twelve different brush shapes. I would use one of these, sometimes two in a painting, restricting myself to the dimensions of the Palm's screen. All my work involves direct manipulation of the painting tool. My aim is to capture the movements I make on a two-dimensional surface. There is no room for touching up or going over a painting to make it more "finished". All the pieces are done in real-time. If I make a mistake then I have to throw the painting away and start again. Hopefully, this direct way of working comes through in the Palm painting. The graininess of the pixels can't hide the humanity of the original movements."

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Limited Artistic Range

Spell @ 10/26/2000 2:56:56 PM #
As an artist, one of the first things I loaded up on my Visor was a drawing program or two. And guess what I deleted just as quickly! Kudos to this artist for putting such a limited program to use, but outside of cool scribbles, drawing on a PDA is like trying to read a novel on a rollercoaster--it can be done, but, man, it's gonna hurt.

Except for die-hard electronic junkies, most artistic types will find lugging around sketchbook AND their PDA well worth the effort.

You call this art?

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/26/2000 4:19:16 PM #
Ok, I'll be the first to say what everyone is thinking: THIS IS ART?!?

RE: You call this art?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/26/2000 5:39:51 PM #
My fellow Infocenter reader:

Yeah this is. I actually appreciate it very much. Art is very much subject to people's individual preferences and this piece is no different.

Keep an open mind. You don't even know how much you might see things differently if you do.


[ No Subject ]

I.M. Anonymous @ 10/27/2000 10:20:45 AM #


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