Pamela Anderson in Your Palm

If the Claudia Schiffer Palm wasn't enough, you'll be happy to hear about PortaPam, a new Palm game in which Pamela Anderson is a sort of virtual pet. Users need to keep the scantily clad super model happy by clicking on a list of food, gifts and affectionate remarks, or the computerized Pam becomes angry or depressed. But treat her right and she'll blows kisses and dance at a nightclub. Players also need to help manage her career.

"I think my fans will enjoy playing with PortaPam and helping manage her career on their handheld computers,'' the actress said. It costs $5.

The product was designed by Eruptor Entertainment as an attempt to appeal to "teen and college-age males,'' said company CEO Brad Foxhoven.

The company has an entire line of other PortaPets, including the infamous PortaHo and PortaPimp and the slightly more traditional PortaKitty and PortaFish, though even those have a slightly twisted edge.

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Really Dumb

Palm IIIc guy @ 1/12/2001 9:01:03 PM #
No Nudity...very disapointing!

Porta HOT!

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/12/2001 9:30:35 PM #
This is amazing....I caught her showering in the morning...whoa! Best thing I've seen yet on the Palm!!!

Best use of Palm!

I.M. Anonymous @ 1/12/2001 9:32:07 PM #
I was wondering when someone would come out with something entertainment based on a Palm -- and its Pamela! This is lovely!


I.M. Anonymous @ 1/13/2001 9:10:14 PM #
why not get a life instead of
that... crap? "i caught her showering in the morning"??


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