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The Price:
  • $250
The Pros:
  • SD/MMC Slot
  • Rugged Design
  • Fits well in the hand

The Cons:
  • A bit above the price I would like
  • Reversing backlight
  • Cheap stylus Ratings*:

*Maximum Rating is FIVE (5) InfoPalms

Palm m125 Review
By Ed Hardy

The m125 is the latest mid-range model from Palm. It offers a fast processor and a good amount of memory with a monochrome screen. It is the first non-high-end Palm model to have an SD slot for expansion.

The m125 gets most of its external appearance from the m100 series. It has the same curvy shape. It is small but not super-slim by any stretch of the imagination. If you want the exact dimensions, it is 4.8 by 3.1 by .9 inches. It weighs 5.3 ounces.

I think there is an important tradeoff that gets overlooked in handheld design. What fits best in your pocket generally isn't what fits best in your hand. The m125 sits in my hand much better than any other handheld I can remember. But much slimmer handhelds are easier to carry around.

It can use the removable faceplates designed for the m100 series so it can be personalized to fit your taste. There are quite a few of these available, from very conservative to quite outrageous. The faceplate that comes on the m125 is in the conservative category, being a dark silver with black around the edges.

The m125's screen gets maligned because it is a bit smaller than the standard. It has the standard 160 by 160 pixels; they are just packed into less space. I don't think it deserves a bad rap. The slightly smaller screen actually makes fonts look a bit better because the pixels are smaller and closer together. This means letters look less bitmappy. Of course, this assumes you have good eyesight. If you regularly use reading glasses, smaller fonts are probably not something you are looking for.

It has decent contrast, for a monochrome screen. The background is more gray than green.

Unfortunately, it uses the reversing backlight, which means it is tough to use in low-light. The reversing backlight is great in complete darkness. In low-light, contrast between the background and the text is about zero. I end up shading the screen to make it as close to darkness as I can so I can make out what is on the screen. There are some hacks out there that will disable this and I recommend you get one.

The feature that really separates this from the m105 is the expansion card slot. This allows huge amounts of files and applications to be stored and available for use relatively easily.

The support for memory cards built into the OS is decent but not outstanding.

When an SD or MMC card is inserted into the handheld, a new category is created in the Launcher. This is named the same as the expansion card. There is no way to create sub-folders or different categories of apps on the SD card; they are all listed together.

Some applications can be run from the card but what really happens is the app is copied into RAM, run from there, then deleted out of RAM. This won't work for large apps that are made up of several different parts, like AvantGo.

Before you experts fire off an angry comment, I'm talking about what is possible in the Launcher built into the Palm OS. There are quite a few applications out there that allow expansion cards to be much more useful. Going through the whole list is way beyond the scope of this review but I suggest McFile for moving files around and Launcher III for launching apps. They are a good place to start for beginners.

An odd fact about the m125's SD/MMC card slot is that it is on the side of the handheld, not that top as we have come to expect from other handhelds with expansion slots. I'm not sure if this is a potential problem or not. It isn't one now, as regular memory cards fit fine. But someday there will be SD Input/Output devices like digital cameras and Bluetooth cards, which will extend well beyond the confines of the slot itself.

I suspect you will just have to accept the idea that you will always have to take SDIO cards out before you can put the m125 into your pocket. Before you get up in arms about this, I think the same thing will be true no matter where on the handheld the slot is. The potential to break the slot itself by accidentally ripping the card out is going to be too high for me.

Before I move on, I want to point out that you remove an SD or MMC card from the m125 by pushing it in, then letting it pop out a bit. Do NOT yank it out of the slot with main force. You will break the slot, requiring your entire handheld to be shipped off for repair.

Unlike most handhelds, the m125 has actually been designed to survive the conditions handhelds are regularly put through. The casing is larger than many other handhelds because it kind of has a built-in hardcase. The screen is plastic instead of glass to make it much harder to break. This makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. While many high-end models may get carefully coddled in expensive hard cases, most low- and mid-range ones get jammed straight into book bags or purses. They need any protection they can get.

The m125 runs OS 4.0.1 on the 33 MHz Dragonball processor. It has 8 MB of internal memory, which is probably plenty for almost everyone considering it has expansion memory for storage.

One feature that is controversial about is its lack of flashable ROM. This means the OS can't be upgraded. This probably isn't as big a deal as some people think it is. I'm not sure there is going to be another major OS upgrade that it could run even if it did have flash ROM. Palm is working now on OS 5, which is designed for handhelds running ARM-based processors. I'm fairly convinced that all the important new features in OS 5 will require the new processor. I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that there won't be a version of this OS for Dragonball-based handhelds. There's no point in making an upgradable handheld if there probably won't be anything to upgrade it to.

But that doesn't mean the m125 will be junk in less than a year. Palm OS 5 will be backwards compatible with current apps so m125 users won't suddenly be unable to use all the new Palm apps. Keep in mind, though, there will almost certainly be high-end apps out next year that this mid-range model won't be able to run. But it is only the very high-end ones that this will be true of, like some games and video players.

Of course the m125 comes with some applications but the most significant of these is Documents to Go v3.0. This allows users to transfer Word and Excel files onto their handheld and work with them there. On the next HotSync, the original document or spreadsheet on the desktop gets updated with any changes made. Docs to Go is neither my favorite word processor nor spreadsheet app but it is hard to compete with free. And it does a very good job of updating the Windows files without losing any formatting.

It also comes with MGI PhotoSuite for displaying pictures. When I said the m125 screen was good for a monochrome model, I meant good enough to display easily readable text. I don't think a lot of people will want to carry around low-res greyscale pictures of their last vacation. I know I don't.

Oh yeah, they updated the Note Pad for this model, too. This is the little app that lets you draw notes to yourself, rather than having to write them. It has come in handy for me plenty of times. The most significant change is they now let you undo the last line you added.

The m125 runs off AAAs; It doesn't have a rechargeable internal battery. With its monochrome screen, the m125 draws relatively little power, leading to long battery life. I've had the same pair of AAAs in my review copy since Palm sent it to me and they are still more than half full, despite some fairly heavy use.

I know some people prefer rechargeables but I'm OK with off-the-shelf batteries. I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving next week and I'm going to have to lug along my cradle because it's the only way I have to charge my regular handheld. If I didn't have to send the m125 back to Palm tomorrow, I could take it and just buy some batteries if I needed to.

Universal Connector
While the m125 has a lot in common with the rest of the m100 series, it uses the Universal Connector, first seen on the m500 series. This allows the m125 to use most peripherals designed for the m500 series that connect to the HotSync port.

For example, I never even bothered to connect the m125's cradle up to my computer; I've been using the one for my m505 with no problems. I've also used it with my Stowaway folding keyboard and the Kodak PalmPix camera that have the UC.

I think Palm's move to standardize on the UC is one of the best moves the company has made this year. I've heard so many complaints from people who don't want to upgrade because they would have to buy all new peripherals. Palm will be using the UC for at least the next couple of years so you can buy your peripherals with confidence that you'll be able to use them on your next Palm model, too. Unless you are waiting until 2005 to buy it.

I wish all the Palm licensees would switch to the UC, too. It would be great for peripheral makers if they could make one keyboard or GPS module and know that everyone can use it, whether they have a Clié, Visor, or whatever. It's not too likely, though.

While the m125 can use many of the same peripherals as the m500 series, this means it can't use the ones designed for the m100 series. This is going to cause confusion for buyers. Packages that say "Works with the Palm m100 Series" are all going to have to be changed. It might have been simpler if Palm had just called this the m300 and pointed out that it can use some m500 peripherals and some m100 ones.

I'll try to help clear some of this up. The m125 can use the faceplates and flip covers for the m100 series. It can't use the m100 series styli. It is slightly thicker than the m100 series, which means many cases won't fit, either. Anything that needs to connect to the HotSync port, like a modem, needs to use the Universal Connector. Of course, some products don't say they use the UC; they just say they are for the m500 series. See why I said this is going to cause confusion? If there is any doubt, contact the manufacturer or visit their website to find out if the product is m125 compatible.

Infrared Port
Of course, the m125 has the standard infrared port that is on all Palm powered handhelds. It also comes with the Mobile Internet Kit so if you have a mobile phone with an IR port, you can use it to wirelessly access the Net. It uses Palm's Web Clipping technology to get information from websites. I had to install it from the CD first, though. I then loaded the Palm Infocenter Web Clipping app onto the m125 to try it out and had no problems.

Plus you can use the IR port for the standard stuff, like beaming apps and files to other handhelds.

The flip cover has the same general design as the one from the m100 series, but isn't exactly the same. It is made of a semi-rigged plastic. It has a clear window in it and an opening for the Up button. This allows you to use the m125 as a pocket watch. You can pull it out of your pocket or purse and without opening the cover, push the Up button to display the time and date in the window. Very convenient.

The stylus is particularly cheap. It is essentially a solid bit of plastic. There is no reset pin built into it.

The cradle is the same one that ships with the m500 series, except that it doesn't come with a power adapter, of course. It has been described as looking like a slipper and I think this is accurate.

At $250, I think the m125 is a little bit over priced, but only by about 10%. It think it is worth about $225. That's a bit higher than its competition but it comes with a cradle, which the others don't. It is an even better deal when you factor in the free 16 MB SD card Palm is offering with it until January 7.

I think this is a good handheld for a high school or college student. It doesn't have the MP3 player or hi-res color screen these students want, but it also doesn't have the high-cost you have to pay to get a handheld with these features.

This might even be a bonus to parents buying one for their son or daughter. They'll know that the main purpose their kid is going to use this for is to keep their schedule or take notes for their classes, not listening to pirated MP3s. I expect a lot of kids to find one of these under the Christmas tree.

Of course, students aren't the only people who might like an m125. It is right for anyone who wants a slightly more rugged handheld with a lot of storage who doesn't want to spent $400 to get them.

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Flip Cover

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 6:11:15 PM #
As far as I know, the flip cover on the m125 is NOT the same as the m100/m105's. It is thicker, more 'rubbery', and stays attached to the top much better. Quite nice, now that they fixed it. (This comment is the result of my vague recollection of the demo model I saw at Circuit City).

In general though, this Palm unit seemed to be more 'solid' than the other m100 series Palms... very very well-constructed. (Totally subjective- go see for yourself)

-Palm Man

RE: Flip Cover
Ed @ 11/15/2001 6:25:39 PM #
I have to admit, it has been a long time since I played around with an m100 so my memory of it is weak. Now that you've said it, I remember something about the m100's flip cover being more rigid. But really, what I was trying to say was that the general shape is the same. You should be able to exchange the same cover between the two models.

News Editor
RE: Flip Cover
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 8:05:05 PM #
Hmmm, BTW is it possible to buy new flip cover for m100/105 somewhere?

RE: Flip Cover
madhatter @ 11/15/2001 9:42:50 PM #
You can purchase replacement flip covers at the palm web site for $14.95. Here is the link:

A Palm in hand is worth two in your pocket.

RE: Flip Cover
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 10:49:54 PM #
i just looked at my wife's m100 and the fpli cover on the 125 is shaped a bit differently, sort of splayed out at the bottom, to follow the shape of the blue on the face plate.

M125 review
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 10:07:03 AM #
Two inaccuracies. The flip cover on my M125 is not the same one as the M100 series. The M125 cover is made of stiff rubber-like material which bends; the M100 series flip cover is hard plastic.
Also, the style for the M125 and M100 series are indeed different; Palm actually sells M125 styli which are labelled for that model only.

Flip Cover, Stylus, etc.
Ed @ 11/16/2001 10:46:45 AM #
Thanks for the corrections, guys. I've edited the article a bit to reflect your changes. Another thing I missed: the m125 is slightly thicker than the m100 series. This means soft cases should fit but hard cases might have problems. I tried it with a Scribble Chameleon and it wouldn't fit.

News Editor
RE: Flip Cover
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/12/2002 3:51:08 AM #
Interesting to see that Palm sells replacement flip covers the cover on the M100 was so poorly engineered that mine broke off (the plastic 'tube' that grips the metal bar at the top of the handhold just basically crumbled to pieces) after about a month or two of use.

This has left me with a coverless Palm, which is bad: a minor effect is that the screen (including the Graffiti area) quickly gets scratched from riding around in my pocket. A more serious effect is that when it's in my pocket, the buttons tend to get jammed down (either the power button or the up button which turns on the clock), because they're not protected by the flip cover. So the m100 drains its batteries, and goes into a low-power state where I have to reset it to get it going again. And that means saying goodbye to any data I entered since my last HotSync.

Poor engineering leading to repeated data loss has soured me on Palm more than a little. I just don't trust my Palm any more, which is sad.

I don't think so...

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 6:25:39 PM #
I have nothing against Palm. I wish them success. But what possibly can the M125 offer

I do think so...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 6:34:00 PM #
A better screen than the S320 or Visor Neo for one. And a better value, too. If you can live without a color screen, this is the way to go. I like a cradle, (which the other 2 don't have) and the free sd card is good too.

RE: I don't think so...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 6:35:18 PM #
I have to imagine this does not cost much more than the m105 to produce. So it offers a handheld that they can probably eventually sell for less than $150 (or maybe even at $100) and still make a profit from it.

Then they'll be able to standardize all their devices around SD and their universal connector, from low-end to high-end.

RE: I don't think so...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 6:41:36 PM #
> A better screen than the S320 or Visor Neo for one.
> And a better value, too.

Actually, if you want a better value and a better screen, you can get a HandEra 330 for $200 from Sam's Club or for around $280 delivered from other online sites.

Still, I think Palm is setting the m125 up to be much less expensive than $250 in fairly short time. It is an obvious replacement for the m100 and m105.

RE: I don't think so...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 7:01:12 PM #
I think the above post is right about value. People compare it to the sony 320 for 200 which has rechargable batteries over the 125. I would take the 125 over the 320. You get a cradle which is 59.99 for the sony. If you add the cradle to the 320 now you higher then the 125.

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 7:09:16 PM #
What is the market for this toy with the tiny screen and the huge body?

RE: I don't think so...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 7:35:32 PM #
Did you read the "Rugged" area of the review? It doesn't need a case, it has one already.

RE: I don't think so...
He||Raiser @ 11/15/2001 9:32:18 PM #
What you guys haven't mentioned is that the S320 is only $169 at most e-tailers and retail stores. I plan on getting two for my parents at $149. The screen of the m125 may be slightly less green, but the screen is smaller. The S320 has an internal Lithium-Ion that the m125 lacks. As for expansion, I still can't understand why Palm would place the slot on the side.

RE: I don't think so...
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 9:44:46 PM #
Same as Mr. He||Raiser. I still believe that S320 is still better compare with its competitive price, recharged battery, and larger screen.

RE: I don't think so...
peter167 @ 11/15/2001 10:35:14 PM #
But don't forget you do not get free office software - Documents to go. A $40 value.

Also, you get free Mobile Connectivity Kit. And another 16-mb SD-card.
Who cares where the slots placed on the m-125? This is supposed to be an-entry level model. People who are interested for this model will only buy sd memory cards. They are not geeks.

Finally, you got a Palm.

P.S. For some amateurs, the AAA batteries are even better because they may forget to charge the battery. Haha. Just kidding.

The M125 sucks!

I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 9:50:51 PM #
Ed, I'm surprised that you would paint such a glowing picture around any of Palm's newest devices, especially the low to mid range products. They all fall very short of being worthy or their sticker price. None of them offer any new features at all (except for the SD slot), and the OS still remains unchanged. In fact, none of Palm's products are the least bit innovative. Why aren't you more critical of Palm? Where are the features? Each new release is just a tire rerun of the same old Palm. You seem to like any device that comes your way, as long as it runs the PalmOS.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 10:30:28 PM #
Then what new features you want?
It can type e-mail for you?
What innovative PC functions have been added lately?
How about Pocket PCs?

Come on, just wake up. Tell me What Sony innovates? What's different from N-760C to S-320? Only mp3 for N-760 C. Period.

For an entry level, you got a m-125, cradle, free office software and a free 16-mb SD card.

What more do you want? A 50% discount?

You are paying $250 and you want more features? You want your Honda Civic to have include any new features? Go dream on.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 10:50:57 PM #
> Then what new features you want?

It's because of idiots like you that Palm is going down the drain.

RE: The M125 sucks!
Foo @ 11/15/2001 11:15:25 PM #
> "Tell me What Sony innovates? What's different from N-760C to S-320? Only mp3 for N-760 C. Period."

Oh please! The Clie 760 has a higher resolution display (320x320) as apposed to 160x160 on all other Palm devices (except Handera). That alone is a huge innovation. Even the new T415 has true audio output instead of the lame piezo buzzer found in all current Palm devices. Sony is an innovator...Palm isn't. Neither is Handspring.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 11:29:51 PM #
You guys are nuts or what. You expect to pay $250 for innovations?

I can tell you what Palm m505 innovates, but I cannot tell about M125 and so did Sony 320.

It's about price/innovations. You guys may dreaming that you can pay $250 to get a device that has more innovations than palm 125. If you cannot find one unit that has more innovations than Palm m125 yourself, please keep your voice down about what Palm m125 lacks because your points becomes invalid.

Or simply put - Can you get a handheld for $250 yet get more features than the m125? The answer is no.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 12:20:57 AM #
Handspring innovates! Does Palm or Sony have a phone attachment? Can Palm or Sony have MMC/Memorystick/Springboard/CF/CF II/SD and other expansion methods? I don't think Handspring is the biggest innovator, but right now they seem to be so much more consumer-friendly than Sony that is very much niche (not a bad thing) and Palm which is just trying to stay alive.

RE: The M125 sucks!
Foo @ 11/16/2001 12:55:02 AM #
> "Does Palm or Sony have a phone attachment?"

No. And neither does Handspring. VisorPhone is dead, it was a flop.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 1:33:55 AM #
Uhh Foo, ever hear about the TRIO from handspring? I guess you don't get out much.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 4:37:31 AM #
"You guys are nuts or what. You expect to pay $250 for innovations?

I can tell you what Palm m505 innovates, but I cannot tell about M125 and so did Sony 320.

It's about price/innovations. You guys may dreaming that you can pay $250 to get a device that has more innovations than palm 125. If you cannot find one unit that has more innovations than Palm m125 yourself, please keep your voice down about what Palm m125 lacks because your points becomes invalid.

Or simply put - Can you get a handheld for $250 yet get more features than the m125? The answer is no."

I'm no HandEra fan myself, just too blocky and big and old-skool but, I don't think I even need to add any comments to this quote from a higher post in order to make my point:

"Actually, if you want a better value and a better screen, you can get a HandEra 330 for $200 from Sam's Club or for around $280 delivered from other online sites."

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 9:05:51 AM #
You don't get free software and the batteries are the same. So that's not a deal.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 9:07:20 AM #
If ignorance is bliss, there are really some blissful people around here

Palm m125: 4.8 by 3.1 by .9 inches
Handera 330: 4.7 x 3.2 x 0.7 in.
So they virtually are the same size, with the same processor, same memory.
The Handera has a bigger screen in physical size and with the virtual silkscreen and high res you'd really have a hard time convincing anyone that the m125 screen is better. The Handera has a SD _and_ CF slot.
Included software? The Handera's got Quickoffice and others. Built in microphone and speaker and jog wheel. And all of this was delivered how long ago?
Handera innovated.
The Palm m125? Maybe if it came out a year ago it would be considered innovative. Not today.
And I don't own a Handera, but it just might be the replacement for my Palm III if I can get to Sam's Club in the near future. I can use my current cradle, sync cable, and keyboard. I believe I can even use my spare stylus.

The M125 Rocks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/16/2001 9:17:17 AM #
"You don't get free software and the batteries are the same. So that's not a deal."

Are you talking about the Neo? You didn't say. If so, the Neo doesn't come with a cradle and the m125 does. The m125 also comes with a 16 meg SD card. And don't dismiss Docs to Go. Its a great proggie. Such a deal!

RE: The M125 sucks!
dietrichbohn @ 11/16/2001 9:27:20 AM #
Why do you guys think the neo doesn't come with a cradle? It does. My brother in law just got one, crade included.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 11/18/2001 12:23:13 PM #
I have a Visor Neo and it comes with a cradle. It actually got a high grade from Visorcentral for being translucent. Not that it's an innovation or anything, but it's a nice little addition...

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/3/2002 8:20:28 PM #
Allright folks this the deal, I just purchased the m125
at Office Max for $199.00 w/craddle, software,OS 401
and "get by mail" 16 MB expansion card. That's for $199.00. Don't you get it!!! For the price, the m125 is a deal that can't be beat! Now, if you insist on comparing Palm with a Sony Clie, at least use the right comparison a m505! Not a m125!! Nitwits you are comparing apples to oranges! The review was "ON THE DAMN MONEY" It is what it is, a pretty good deal for $200.00 bucks. And on top of everything you get $250.00 worth of coupons for more software! Stop being "doinks" and learn to compare correctly.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/11/2002 10:08:06 PM #
What so good about the rechargable battery in Sony? It's average life is about 2 years and it is not replacable. On the other hand, with the alkaline batteries, the m125 can last a very long time. The choice is obvious. Stay with Palm. My fellow workers have been using the old Palm 3x for more than 3 years. Not a single problem. Any reason for upgrade? None.

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 1/29/2002 11:02:47 PM #
As a new owner of the m125, I must say that I'm pretty impressed with it. It cost me $200 (which is what I paid for the m105 that the 125 is replacing), but it improves on it in several ways, most notably the expansion slot. It's not "the best one out there," but for me (a poor clumsy disorganized grad student), it's just what I need.
One of the best things about it, IMHO, is its durability. When you hold it in your hand, you get the impression (without it being too bulky) that you could toss it against a wall and not worry about it being broken. I didn't get that impression from the Handeras I saw at Best Buy. On the numbers, the Handera seems to have an edge on the m125, but if you drop the Handera, the numbers you'll be more worried about will refer to pieces in the bag you'll be carrying it home in.
I have to disagree with the reviewer on one point related to this; the danger of snagging an card on your pocket. My expansion cards haven't arrived yet, but the little placeholder chunk of plastic the M125 came with hasn't given me any fits at all in that way. Unless the expansion cards extend out further than the placeholder, I don't see any danger with always keping a card in the slot.
By and large, the review was on the money. I also agree that Palm should have called it the m300 or some such thing. I now have to replace my keyboard, though I chalk this up to my own short-sightedness in not originally buying a Palm with the UC port.
All in all, I'm far more happy with the m125 than I was with the m105 (and she was my baby). Viva m125!

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/26/2002 9:43:02 PM #
I got my palm m125 for christmas for 200 bucks and I just love it. It's design is great, when I hold it in my hand it fits in perfectly and it feels as though it will never fall out, also the expansion cards aren't brittle and are pretty hard to break. I love to be able to transfer files from palm to card and vise versa. Even though the ir port has been a standard feature for awhile, I love it, it is the coolest thing, I like to send and recieve files, and chat, and control tvs. All in all I would recommend it to anyone since it is totally the best

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2002 4:37:17 PM #
palm sucks!!!
my girlfrien own one for 3 weeks and she change the batteries 3 times. the m125 is a battery sucker or what?
she no abuse it, no use the back light, no games, only datebook for appointments, and palm support can't help her, so , palm sucks!!!

i own a clie and is perfect!!

RE: The M125 sucks!
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/11/2002 1:41:10 AM #
Why do people quibble over the little things? I guess I'm jsut a novice Palm user, but my m125 works perfectly for me...
RE: The M125 sucks!
wa8sco @ 10/22/2002 11:53:58 AM #
Well, IMHO, as a brand new 125 user (practically virgin) no prior PDA experience... I like the size, screen (and my eyes are not good), was able to hotsync the first time no problem, only cost $149.99 including cradle and free shipping from working on software but that's mainly due to lack of time today....I'm pleased as punch (whatever the heck that does mean?) plus peace of mind knowing my vital *stuff* is with me..(if you'd lost three years of addresses due to a backup****up you'd understand.) Thanks for readin' my rant George


I.M. Anonymous @ 11/15/2001 11:08:30 PM #
The m125 looks like a nice device, but, like Ed said is over priced. Good job on the review, I always like your reviews. Keep it up, and thanks!

Clie N610c w/ 8 MB Memory Stick

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