PalmSource Licenses Palm OS to HuneTec

PalmSource today announced that Korean wireless communication devices manufacturer HuneTec has licensed Palm OS. HuneTec will integrate the Palm OS platform with the powerful communications features of the wireless ReFLEX® network provided by WebLink Wireless to create a new class of enterprise ready 2way messaging devices.

ReFLEX 25 technology offers exceptional coverage, higher signal strength and in-building penetration, providing enterprises with "always on" access to important emails and company information. The paging and email capabilities provided by the ReFLEX network will broaden Palm OS' support of wireless network standards, which currently include Bluetooth, 802.11, GSM/GPRS and CDMA/1X RTT networks.

"By combining the powerful ReFLEX technology and the outstanding coverage and reach of the ReFLEX networks with HuneTec's ability to create innovative Palm Powered(TM) devices, customers will benefit from a whole new generation of wireless mobility solutions," said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource Inc.

"When Motorola opened the licensing for the ReFLEX protocol, it created opportunities for many manufacturers to develop innovative 2way wireless data devices. Now with Palm OS, we have the most popular and flexible platform that will exceed even the most demanding customer needs," said Young-Han Youn, president and chief executive officer of HuneTec.

WebLink Wireless, a privately held company, owns and operates a state of the art nationwide ReFLEX network that supports over a million customers. The network has the largest high-powered terrestrial footprint in the United States, with roaming partners in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. The Dallas-based company provides wireless 2way and 1way paging and wireless email, GPS locationing and machine communications services and devices. WebLink Wireless is a 1way and 2way wireless data network provider for many of the largest telecommunication companies in the U.S. that source virtual network services and resell under their own brand names. More information is available at

About HuneTec
HuneTec Co., Ltd., is a leading information & communication venture company specializing in devices that use the ReFLEX technologies. More information about HuneTec can be found at

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Not as important as 3G!!

gfunkmagic @ 1/6/2003 4:19:47 PM #
The Reflex 2-way messaging service is interesting, but I do not think it is the future of wireless connectivity for pda's or smartphones. Why would you buy a Palm OS pda/smartphone with 2-way messaging functionality when you could get gsm/gprs or cdma2000? This seems more of a niche segement to me with an emphasis on the T-mobile Sidkick (i.e Hiptop) market. Perhaps a PalmSource licensee can come out with a reference design similar to the simplicity of the Hiptop at a low price point which is what this kind of device targets... Maybe there is still a market for simple 2-way messaging and email (i.e BB and such), but I think consumers will demand more functionlity and bandwidth that is only offerred in #G devices... Or I may be just wrong...

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RE: Not as important as 3G!!
Admin @ 1/6/2003 4:36:01 PM #
It remains to be seen what they do with this network, however Nagel mentioned awhile back that they would be doing some innovative things with this technology.

An advantage this has over 3G services, is that it is already very widely deployed, inexpensive and has better in-building penetration that other current mobile based options.

RE: Not as important as 3G!!
gfunkmagic @ 1/9/2003 3:25:09 PM #
Here is a theory about the real shape of PalmSources strategy with HuneTec? Is PalmSource trying to levarage HuneTec's 2-way messaging technology as an alternative to SPOT? The ReFLEX network provided by HuneTec is conceivabibly cheaper and more reliably than cdma/1xrtt or gsm/gprs(edge) networks, so would not this relationship make sense? This way you could have Fossil pda-watches with ReFLEX 2-way messaging technology integrated for always on wireless conectivity just like SPOT! Does this make sense or am I wrong here?!! Any thoughts....

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Official Korean localization for Palm OS?

bcombee @ 1/7/2003 11:39:56 AM #
Not mentioned in the article is the idea that this could lead to a localized Korean version of Palm OS. I don't know if HuneTec makes a lot of items for their home market, but if they do, I'm sure they'd want the ability to deploy apps in their own language. So far, there's been no offical support for Korean, but the PilRC resource compiler tool does support one Korean character encoding already.

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Photo from SPUG

RSC @ 1/8/2003 4:39:49 PM #
RE: Photo from SPUG
pen_n_paper @ 1/10/2003 11:39:14 PM #
Nice! I'm looking forward for a device like this maybe Handspring can get inspired by this???

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RE: Photo from SPUG
ILikePalm @ 1/25/2003 10:52:26 AM #
This is not a picture of a Palm device! 160x128?? That's not Palm.

Their website is but they don't have a picture of their ReFLEX Palm device up yet. Maybe soon.

Business - Business

Mr. Roboto @ 1/8/2003 8:44:36 PM #
If I'm not wrong this type of pagin technology is used widely by contractors especially in the courier trade, some parts of the construction industry, and so on. This is also a very large market.

Though it may not impact consumers directly, I can already imagine a number of interesting uses a "smart pager" can be put to. Especially one that's relatively easy to support and develop for.

Kudos to Palm for making this initiative.



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