PalmSource and RIM to Jointly Develop BlackBerry Support

PalmSource and Research In Motion (RIM) have formalized their development relationship and have begun efforts to jointly develop a software client that enables BlackBerry connectivity to Palm OS.

Following the recent announcement of the Palm Powered Mobile World program, the PalmSource and RIM agreement continues on this momentum by initiating the technology development phase of the relationship. RIM and PalmSource anticipate negotiating a technology distribution agreement for the BlackBerry connectivity solution on Palm OS at a later date.

BlackBerry connectivity solution for Palm OS
The goal of this development effort is to create a BlackBerry connectivity solution for Palm OS licensees in the second half of 2004. This solution will be designed to provide Palm OS licensees the ability to connect their Palm Powered wireless handhelds and smartphones to BlackBerry Enterprise Server using the same secure push-based wireless architecture and infrastructure that currently supports thousands of companies and government organizations. The BlackBerry Connect solution for Palm OS will also support BlackBerry Web Client, a wireless Internet email service for individuals and small business that does not require server software.

"We view wireless data connectivity as being fundamental to the continuing growth and success of mobile devices and services around the world," said Mike Lazaridis, president and co-CEO at Research In Motion. "Together, PalmSource and RIM are leveraging our respective strengths to provide licensees, carriers and developers with a strong wireless foundation to address a wide range of customer needs."

"The development of BlackBerry connectivity for Palm OS offers our licensees and carrier partners an industry leading solution and further demonstrates our commitment to mobile data and enterprise solutions," said David Nagel, president and chief executive officer for PalmSource. "We believe that Palm OS, together with RIM's innovative BlackBerry connectivity will meet the growing needs of our customers and Palm OS developers."

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Rock and roll!

bedohave @ 12/18/2003 11:38:25 AM #
I like to see b2b partnerships that go beyond the marketing press releases.

IMHO, this looks like a clearly focused combination of talents that should benefit clients who like the RIM connectivity and the Palm handhelds/phones.

What's most striking is the tacit recognition by each company that cooperation here is better than going it alone; taming their egos leads to success for clients profit for them. PalmSource sees that they don't have strength on the enterprise servers and RIM sees that tapping the PalmOS market with its server is worth sacrificing a few Blackberry handheld sales.

Nicely done, I say.


RE: Rock and roll!
KRamsauer @ 12/18/2003 12:47:21 PM #
Yep. RIM has terrible devices, Palms have terrible wireless services. Combining the two should be great! I can't wait. :)

Hopefully it will work on my Treo 600.

RE: Rock and roll!
RhinoSteve @ 12/18/2003 1:30:44 PM #
This is a good mix. Palm has had strength in its handhelds and massive developer base. RIM has a very good server and push design that was initially resisted by Palm Zen types but is now viable since the battery and storage technology is finally around.

If you have ever tried to write a RIM Blackberry application, you know how poor the development enviroment is. Thus, I see an extension of the exchange manager that will incorporate push calls to access the Blackberry network.

Now, what I want to know is if RIM will license their patented keyboard geometery to Palm OS licensees?
RE: Rock and roll!
sford @ 12/18/2003 4:11:05 PM #
Agreed! This is just what I've been waiting for. This has great potential!

RE: Rock and roll!
Scott R @ 12/18/2003 8:26:49 PM #
"...that was initially resisted by Palm Zen types..."

I don't recall this.

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RE: Rock and roll!
RhinoSteve @ 12/19/2003 1:30:34 AM #
>"...that was initially resisted by Palm Zen types..."
>I don't recall this.

Oh yes it was.

Pretty much "push" was almost hated among the first Palm developers. The idea if an outside influence changing data on a handheld was not considered a good thing. This lead to not being able to trigger a HotSync from the Palm Desktop to this day.

Any data change was to come from the user of the Handheld and not an outside source. It was mostly concern with data being misused, espically with the concern of wireless handhelds getting spammed with useless data.

Thus, this goes directly against RIMs push server design of a handheld being notified by a central server and data being sent to it without user direct control.

With the CPU, memory and power all an order of mangitude better in performance from five years ago, push network design is now viable for some users.

Will we see a Blackberry branded Palm OS device or a Palm OS 6 smartphone running a push thread? I'm sure there is product planning meetings going on now.

RE: Rock and roll!
orb2069 @ 12/19/2003 2:38:01 PM #
Isen't the whole 'allow remote data to change states on local device' concept what got IE/win95/98/ME in so much viral trouble?

I woulden't be so worried about getting spammed by remote systems ("Would you like to accept 'M33T H0T CHIX NOW!!!!1!!' into your datebook file?") as I would about them triggering a remote full synchronize - Imagine how handy the full content of your PDA would be for somebody looking to commit identity theft, or maybe just to make your life miserable for the hell of it?

I'm in!!

visorprismman @ 12/19/2003 8:17:05 AM #
Hey All,

Hoping that they put the blackberry functionality into some new devices and for all of us who have old devices, make a blackberry sd card. Tried a blackberry while I was at another company and it's cool and cheap for unlimited wireless. Like I said before. I'm in!!!


Great news

atrizzah @ 12/19/2003 2:40:28 PM #
It's great to see that companies can be cooperative and do stuff besides just finging lawsuits at one another. This is a fantastic idea, and I'm sure it will benefit both companies greatly

Peace Out


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