Treo 650 now Available in Canada From Rogers

palmOne and Rogers Wireless today launched the Treo 650 smartphone in Canada, making the device the first all-in-one, quad-band smartphone to utilize the carrier's EDGE (Enhanced Data for Global Evolution) network.

The Treo 650 builds on the award-winning design of the Treo 600 with new and improved features, including a high-resolution (320 x 320) screen; expanded multimedia capabilities, such as MP3 player(3) and video capture and playback; removable battery; non-volatile memory; and Bluetooth(R) wireless technology.

Cingular palmOne Treo 650 SmartphoneThe Treo 650 supports Rogers Wireless' MyMail wireless email service -- a new service launching in April that will be included at no charge for customers who subscribe to any of Rogers Wireless' Data Service Plans. This powerful solution will offer individuals a wireless real-time, non-browser based, and fully synchronized push email, calendar and contacts experience. A secure, behind the firewall, server-based solution also will be available for larger corporate customers.

"Rogers Wireless is committed to providing customers with access to the information that matters most to them, on the wireless device that best meets their needs," said John Demetris, vice president, Business Marketing, Rogers Wireless Inc. "This highly anticipated wireless voice and data device provides multimedia capabilities such as digital picture messaging and the new MyMail email solution from Rogers Wireless -- all on Canada's only high-speed EDGE network -- creating a versatile wireless solution for our customers."

The Treo 650 supports a broad range of wireless email solutions for personal, business or enterprisewide use. The out-of-the-box VersaMail(TM) email solution supports POP3 and IMAP accounts, and users can view photos, HTML, and even native Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint attachments. The Treo 650's built-in support for Microsoft Exchange Server ActiveSync now provides for direct corporate email and calendar synchronization with no additional software required.

Treo 650 customers can now maximize their wireless experience by leveraging the Rogers Wireless EDGE network, enabling wireless data speeds up to three times faster than those provided by GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). In addition, the device's quad-band capabilities and Rogers Wireless' international roaming agreements enable customers to use the Treo 650 to stay in touch with the information that matters most to them while traveling around the world.

The Treo 650 smartphone is available immediately on the Rogers Wireless network from $549.99CAD when purchased with a three-year voice and data service agreement. The Treo 650 can be purchased online at, and is available nationally at select Canadian retail stores and through corporate resellers.

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Great deal!

bigjarom @ 3/14/2005 3:36:55 PM # Q
So $550 with the 3 year plan at, say, $49/month, that would be...

oh! only $2400.00! Sign me up today! What a bargain!

RE: Great deal!
Token User @ 3/15/2005 1:02:49 AM # Q
Yeah, but thats Canadian, so it end up being something like:
Phone $350 + monthly service $10.50 x36 = $350 + $378 = $723.

OK, it mightn't be that good, but it would be better than the $250 roaming charge T-Mobile slugged me for using cellular modem for 3 days in Canada last month :)

~ "Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed." - DV ~

RE: Great deal!
Wuju @ 3/15/2005 3:22:59 PM # Q
wish it can work in Fido network in Canada. Stupid how Rogers bought out Fido and we can't use the 650 on Fido.

RE: Great deal!
HiWire @ 3/16/2005 12:01:51 AM # Q
I wonder how this thing compares to RIM's Blackberry? It looks like a good all-in-one solution.

Palm m505 User
RE: Great deal!
dona83 @ 3/17/2005 9:34:36 AM # Q
It depends on which system your company is compatible with... do they have a Blackberry server, direct Microsoft Exchange access, or both?

BTW I bought my Treo 600 for $600 after 2 year contract... so this new 650 is an awesome deal imo.

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