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1 1/26/2004 Kyocera Recalls 7135 Smartphone Batteries
The US Consumer Product Safety commission and Kyocera have announced the voluntary recall of the batteries found in the Kyocera 7135 Smartphone. Consumers are recommended to stop using the affected…
2 3/19/2003 Kyocera 7135 Available from Verizon in April
The widely anticipated successor to the QCP 6035 Smartphone, the Kyocera 7135 will be available in April through Verizon Wireless' business sales channels. Verizon made the announcement at the CTIA…
3 12/19/2002 Kyocera 7135 Smartphone Available...
Kyocera Wireless today announced that the 7135 smartphone will be available in the United States from AllTel Wireless beginning tomorrow, December 20. The smartphone is the follow-up to the QCP 6035…
4 10/16/2002 Kyocera Extends Palm OS License Through 2005
Kyocera Wireless Corp. today announced a three-year extension to its licensing agreement with PalmSource Inc. Under terms of the agreement, Kyocera will continue expanding its line of smartphone…
5 6/24/2002 Kyocera Planning Smartphone with MP3 Player, SD Slot (Updated)
Kyocera is planning to release the 7135, a smartphone with an SD card slot and an MP3 player. It will support CDMA 2000 1X, meaning it can transfer data at up to 153 Kbps. The device will have…
6 5/23/2002 Rumor: Take a Look at Kyocera's Color Palm OS Smartphone (Updated)
This article has been removed at the request of Kyocera's legal dept.
7 3/3/2002 Big Price Drop on Kyocera 6035 Smartphone
There has been a huge drop in price for the Kyocera 6035 smartphone. It is now available from CompUSA and several other stores for just $100 with a service plan. Sprint is selling it for $150.
8 11/27/2000 Kyocera Officially Unveils Palm-Based Smartphone
Kyocera Wireless Corp. is announcing the Kyocera QCP 6035 Smartphone that is both a Palm OS-based organizer and a CDMA digital wireless phone. This is the same device of which the advanced photos…
9 10/28/2000 Details of pdQ Appear
Details on Kyocera's upcoming pdQ hybrid phone running the Palm OS were posted late last week onto SiliconInvestor, including pictures and a preliminary users manual, both of which have now been…

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