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1 4/14/2010 Game Gripper Gamepad for Pixi in the Works
One of the most surprising and relatively unheralded attributes of WebOS is its prowess for 3D gaming due to its combination of accelerated graphics hardware and APIs within the OS and its SDK. …
2 7/31/2009 Seidio 2600 mAh Extended Palm Pre Battery
Seidio has just begun to take orders on its jumbo sized extended battery for the Palm Pre. The Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery provides 90% more capacity than the original OEM battery.…
3 7/23/2009 New Charging Cradle for the Palm Pre
Mobi Products has introduced a new charging station and cradle designed for the Palm Pre. The Mobi Products Pre Cradle also includes a spare battery charing spot, which is especially useful with the…
4 7/14/2009 Seidio Releases Innocase Surface Case for Pre
Smartphone accessory folks Seidio have released a new case for the Palm Pre. The Pre Innocase offers a protective case that also works with the Palm Touchstone charging dock. The new case is crafted…
5 6/29/2009 Palm Pre Extended Batteries
Seidio has taken the wraps off of their extended batteries designed specifically for the Palm Pre. The Innocell 1350mAh Extended Life Battery provides additional capacity in the same size package. The…
6 6/6/2009 Palm Pre Accessories Now Available at
Palm's online store today added a collection of Palm Pre accessories. In addition, the store is offering free shipping on all orders over $49. Pre accessories now available for purchase include…
7 5/11/2009 $69 Touchstone Spotted in Best Buy's Computer System
As originally reported by Prethinking, a number of Pre accessories have turned up in Best Buy's computer system, including five different cases (three acrylic, one leather and one labeled "Palm Pre…
8 4/15/2009 16 GB MicroSDHC Card for $49
The PalmInfocenter Accessory store has recently restocked and re-priced its range of memory cards. You can now find 16GB microSDHC cards from Dane-Elec starting at $49.95, 8GB for $39.95, 4GB for…
9 2/12/2009 Two New Centro Cases from Sena Cases
The PalmInfocenter Accessory store has recently added a couple of new Centro cases. The Sena Leather Skin comes in a variety of colors. The form-fitting case is comprised of ultra-thin premium leather…
10 1/22/2009 Seidio Announces 3500mAh Treo Pro battery
Back in November, we reported on Seidio's 1650mAh extended capacity OEM-size battery for the then-new Treo Pro. While the Seidio 1650mAh Innocell battery that has been available for a few months…
11 1/15/2009 Palm Pre Battery Capacity Confirmed  
12 12/23/2008 SanDisk 16GB microSD Card Available  
13 12/11/2008 OtterBox Debuts New Treo 800w, Centro Cases  
14 12/1/2008 New Centro Cases from Palm  
15 11/20/2008 Higher Capacity Seidio Treo Pro Battery Now Available  
16 11/10/2008 A Few New Treo 800w Accessories  
17 10/27/2008 OEM Sized Extended Battery for the Centro, Treo 800w  
18 10/16/2008 New Treo Pro Accessories  
19 9/25/2008 Celio Redfly On Sale for $199  
20 9/23/2008 New Treo 800w Accessories  
21 9/5/2008 Extended Capacity Palm Centro and Treo 800w Battery Released  
22 9/5/2008 Third Party Treo 800w Audio Adapter Cancelled  
23 8/27/2008 New Treo Pro and Treo 800w Accessories Revealed  
24 8/26/2008 Mobi Products Crystal Case for the Palm Centro  
25 8/26/2008 Seidio INNODock Jr. Cradle for the Treo 800w  
26 7/22/2008 Case-Mate Signature Series Case for the Centro  
27 6/9/2008 New Smartphone Cases from Swiss Mobility  
28 6/9/2008 TCL Introduces New Emergency Palm Travel Charger  
29 6/5/2008 Seidio Announces New Centro Extended Battery  
30 5/22/2008 Cellet Stingray Case for Centro  
31 5/7/2008 Palm Announces New Centro Accessories & Discontinues MAP Policy  
32 5/5/2008 Three New Bluetooth Headsets from BlueTrek  
33 4/29/2008 NoviiRemote Deluxe Updated for Centro  
34 4/18/2008 Palm Extended Centro Battery EOL'd  
35 3/24/2008 Monaco Aluminum Hard Case for Centro  
36 3/24/2008 Palm Centro Extended Battery Preview  
37 2/28/2008 Higher Capacity Centro Battery Now Available  
38 2/13/2008 8GB microSDHC Card Now Available  
39 2/6/2008 Three New Centro Cases from Smartphone Experts  
40 1/30/2008 Spare Centro Battery Now Available from Palm  

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