Seidio Announces 3500mAh Treo Pro battery

Treo Pro BatteryBack in November, we reported on Seidio's 1650mAh extended capacity OEM-size battery for the then-new Treo Pro. While the Seidio 1650mAh Innocell battery that has been available for a few months packs approximately 10% more juice than Palm's stock 1500mAh offering, some heavy-duty users have complained about the lack of an ultra-high capacity battery for Palm's flagship Treo.

Fortunately, Seidio has again come to the rescue of power talkers everywhere. With little fanfare, a Seidio company official has made a announcement via the TreoCentral forums of the impending release of a giant 3500mAh extended-size Treo Pro battery. Unsurprisingly, this battery will require the replacement of the Pro's stock battery door with the provided replacement "rump" cover. With the 3500mAh milestone reached, this new Seidio release surpasses their previous 3200mAh batteries for the older Treo 650/700-series devices. In fact, I reviewed that exact battery in 2007 and gave it a solid 4/5 score.

Seidio has not announced official pricing or an exact release date for the new Innocell battery other than mentioning "next week", perhaps to coincide with the rumored Sprint Treo Pro announcement. Seidio's previous OEM-size Innocell 1650 is available now for $49.95 + shipping, so expect a small price premium for this new offering.

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Wirelessground allready sells this battery

pseudofilosofen @ 1/23/2009 4:09:25 AM # Q

Wirelessground allready sells this battery, here:

Anders H. (

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