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1 8/8/2009 Open Thread: PreDevCamp Going on Today
The PreDevCamp events are being held today with many just getting underway. You can check out the site for the closest event location near you. If you can't make it out to an event you can also…
2 6/1/2009 Open Thread: What Are Your Pre Launch Plans?
Discussion: With Saturday approaching quickly, and some lines already beginning to form, I've setup an open thread here for everyone to discuss their respective game-plan for scoring a Pre this…
3 10/3/2007 Apple vs Palm & 3rd Party Apps
The New York Times has just posted an intriguing article regarding the closed ecosystem of AT&T and Apple’s iPhone. Written by Saul Hansell, the piece attempts to shed some light on the myriad of…
4 9/6/2007 Walled Garden vs Open Plain Strategies Debate
The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania has posted an interesting article on the differing approaches of mobile technology companies. Earlier this summer they had another…
5 3/16/2007 Article on Treo 700p and 680 Home Button Remappings
Regular PIC readers will no doubt know that I pull no punches when it comes to flaky or incompatible Palm OS software, especially entertainment titles. I have seen my fair share of games be "broken"…
6 3/15/2007 US Wireless Carriers Opposing Wi-Fi?
Long-term PC aficionados are no doubt familiar with the venerable John C. Dvorak, of PC Magazine fame. Dvorak is known as much for being an astute critic of all things technology-related as he is for…
7 2/27/2007 Computerworld Editorial on Past, Present, and Future of Palm OS
Computerworld have published an opinion piece regarding the current status and future outlook of the Palm OS. Authored by long-time Palm handheld owner and former publisher of the Palm Reader e-mail…
8 2/7/2007 The Egregious Incompetence of Palm Editorial
Roughly Drafted Magazine has written a fascinating piece sure to fan the flames of the Palm vs. Windows Mobile vs. Symbian vs. Linux vs. et al smartphone OS debate. For those not in an argumentative…
9 3/8/2006 Palm OS Cobalt Video Demo
I was browsing through my video clips recently and came across a short movie I captured at the PalmSource Devcon in February 2004. It is from David Nagel's keynote address and shows a live demo of…
10 3/1/2006 Mace's Thoughts on the ALP Announcement
Former PalmSource Chief Competitive Officer, Michael Mace, has posted an his analysis of the Access Linux platform announcement on his blog. Mike has some pretty interesting thoughts about the…
11 2/23/2006 No New Palm OS Treo's Until mid-2006?  
12 1/19/2005 PocketFactory's Mobile Technology Predictions for 2005  
13 12/9/2004 Discussion: Linux on a Springboard  
14 3/18/2004 Palm OS Cobalt Multitasking Explained  
15 12/2/2003 Palm's Creativity vs. Windows' Compatibility  
16 11/4/2003 Microsoft Releases Voice Command for PPC  
17 10/23/2003 Software Updated For High Res Screens  
18 9/30/2000 The Pros and Cons of Buying Palm Stock  
19 9/16/2000 Speculation: The Palm Screen of the Future?  
20 9/13/2000 Another Option for Free Online Synchronization  
21 9/2/2000 Does Your Palm Go with You on Vacation?  
22 8/15/2000 Has Palm Brainwashed You?  
23 8/10/2000 Will Cell Phones Squash Palm?  
24 8/8/2000 Is Stephen King on your Palm?  
25 7/22/2000 New Palm InfoCenter Poll: Who will make your next Handheld?  
26 3/7/2000 Discussion: Visor's 3.1 OS vs. Palm 3.x OS  

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