Open Thread: PreDevCamp Going on Today

PreDevCamp The PreDevCamp events are being held today with many just getting underway. You can check out the site for the closest event location near you. If you can't make it out to an event you can also follow along online as a few locations will be streaming presentations and content throughout the day. There is also a IRC get together as well.

Palm's own Developer guru Mitch Allen has posted a welcome video (embed after the break), in which he also talks about Palm's webOS development efforts to date and the potential of the Mojo SDK. He points out that the App Catalog has already dished out over 2.5 million downloads even with the limited amount of early developers. In any case, campers can feel free to treat this post as an open thread for anything PreDevCamp or webOSdev related.

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DarthRepublican @ 8/8/2009 2:50:07 PM # Q
I attended the Chicago Pre DevCamp. Turn out was pretty low. Only about eight out of 42 attendees actually attended. Still it was a nice time for us. We were all able to install the SDK and other development tools and swap ideas about better alternatives. Anybody ever work with Morfik? Is it really worth its $500 asking price?
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