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1 8/19/2011 Michael Mace's Take on the Future of WebOS
Michael Mace, has unsurprisingly chimed in via his Mobile Opportunity blog on yesterday's monumental news yesterday regarding HP's decision to discontinue all of their WebOS devices. Long-time Palm…
2 12/30/2010 Where Is the Verizon Pre 2?
With the only WebOS 2.0 device now available in carrier-supported form in France and Canada and sold unlocked in the United States and Europe, the Verizon version of the Pre 2 remains a mystery. …
3 7/16/2010 Assessing HP's Cloudy Tablet Future
Things are remarkably quiet in Palm-land, especially concerning the initial plans in store for the combined HP/Palm group. However, All Things Digital is reporting that HP's Android-based tablet…
4 4/19/2010 Mace: Lessons from the Fall of Palm
Former Palm/PalmSource chief completive guy, Michael Mace, has once again put on his punditry hat to chime in on his former employers latest misfortunes. In his latest editorial Mr. Mace aims to…
5 3/22/2010 Ars on the Cloud Killing Palm
The highly-respected Ars Technica, a website not known for hysteria or sensationalist journalism, has posted its take on the current plight of Palm in the form of a new editorial entitled "RIP Palm:…
6 3/19/2010 Ruby: Droid Beat Us to the Punch
One of today's most hotly-discussed topics in the Palm blogosphere focuses around some scintillating comments made by Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein during the Q3 2010 earnings call. In particular,…
7 12/7/2009 Mission Critical Tools Require External Storage: A Polemic
I had just ended a telephone call on my Palm Treo 755p. I had been on a Bluetooth earpiece because I was driving. I looked at the Treo and the standard buttons that appear during a call were still…
8 10/14/2009 Is Your Palm Profile Data Safe? Palm: Yeah, Probably
Sometimes you just go "huh". In the wake of the epic fail that was the Microsoft/Danger Sidekick PIM disaster, Palm Infocenter thought it would be interesting to query Palm on their own…
9 10/1/2009 Much Ado About Sell-Through
It started with a report from Town Hall Research analyst David Eller, which took issue with Palm's definition of "sell-through". Rather than counting the number of smartphones sold to end-users, Palm…
10 9/23/2009 Editorial: Keep Fighting The iTunes Fight, Palm
Back in July, when Palm defiantly re-hacked their webOS Media Sync feature to circumvent Apple's blatantly anti-consumer iTunes hardware lockout, the plucky underdogs didn't just settle for blowing an…
11 9/21/2009 Using a webOS Device Without Active Service  
12 8/26/2009 So Where's the Palm Pre webOS Facebook App?  
13 6/3/2009 Business Week Raises Pre Adoption Issues  
14 4/20/2009 The Case Against Cloud Computing  
15 4/15/2009 Motley Fool Asks: Is the Pre Dead on Arrival?  
16 3/24/2009 BusinessWeek on Palm's Secret Weapon  
17 3/23/2009 Palm's Tough Act to Follow  
18 3/13/2009 How to Kill the (Pre) Buzz  
19 1/12/2009 Palm - Don't Call it a Comeback  
20 1/5/2009 SFGate: Palm Needs Nova to Shine  
21 1/4/2009 How Palm Could Lose Everything Editorial  
22 1/2/2009 How Palm Could Change Everything Editorial  
23 10/1/2008 Does Palm Need Android?  
24 8/29/2008 Palm Needs a Savior Editorial  
25 8/7/2008 Palm's Future in the Clouds Editorial  
26 5/7/2008 Ross Rubin Editorial on Linux Internet Devices  
27 5/2/2008 Washington Post Asks Is the Palm OS Dying?  
28 2/27/2008 Is the business of Making Native Apps for Mobile Devices Dying?  
29 1/25/2008 The PDA Rebooted Editorial  
30 11/6/2007 SFGate Editorial on IPhone's Success & Palm  
31 11/1/2007 Palm Centro Isn't a Tough Choice Editorial  
32 10/23/2007 Palm's Fading Lifeline Editorial  
33 9/21/2007 Setting the Treo Record Straight  
34 9/13/2007 PCMag Editorial: Palm's Future is Not Rosy  
35 8/21/2007 Engadget Editorial: Palm, It's Time for an Intervention  
36 5/1/2007 Editorial on Palm's Blog Plans  
37 4/7/2007 Editorial on the LifeDrive and Sony Clie NZ90  
38 2/7/2007 Does Anyone Care About Palm Anymore Editorial  
39 1/17/2005 Still Room for a Palm OS VGA Lead?  
40 7/31/2002 Editorial: Low End Handhelds Running Palm OS 5 Unlikely  

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