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1 1/14/2009 Palm Pre Hands On Videos - Part 4
In our fourth and final series of videos from CES, PIC takes another in depth look at the Palm Pre. In the first clip we take a closer look at more of the features of the Pre and WebOS including the…
2 1/13/2009 Palm Touchstone Hands on Impressions
Nearly lost amidst the one-two hoopla punch that was Palm's Pre and WebOS announcements on Thursday was the release of a very unique and interesting Palm-branded accessory. Drastically different in…
3 1/12/2009 Palm Pre Video Highlights - Part 3
In our latest hands on video we take a closer look at some of the multimedia functionality on the Palm Pre. The following clip includes a live demonstration of the WebOS music application in action…
4 1/10/2009 Palm Pre Wins CNET Best of CES Awards
UPDATED (1/13) I just noticed a gigantic banner installed in the South Hall entrance here at CES (posted after the break). It seems that Palm has managed a massive turnaround of perception given their…
5 1/9/2009 Full CES 'Pre'-sentation Now Available at
If you still haven't gotten your fill of webOS and Pre goodness, Palm has now posted the full video of their CES presentation on their Pre page at The 377.9mb .mov file runs for 1 hour 7…
6 1/9/2009 Palm Pre Retail Packaging
Sitting alongside a demo table in the Palm VIP lounge at CES we spotted the Pre's retail packaging. The current box, while not likely a final version, appears nearly identical to the Treo Pro's setup.…
7 1/9/2009 Palm Pre Hands on Videos Part 2
Next in our series of video updates from CES, we've put together three new hands on clips of the Palm Pre. In the first clip we have a demonstration of the Palm webOS Copy and Paste ability.…
8 1/9/2009 Palm Pre Hands On Video
Next in our series of videos comes a live hands on demo of the Palm Pre. I have spliced together some footage of the Pre at the Palm lounge following the announcement event. This video runs a little…
9 1/9/2009 Palm Touchstone and Pre Accessories Announced
The new Palm Pre is also arriving with a handful of nice accessories in tow. Some of them are the standard chargers and cases that come with any new device release but some of the others merit…
10 1/8/2009 Palm CES Event Video Highlights
We've just uploaded the first of our series of video highlights from Palm's CES event today. For starters, we've posted the first few minutes showcasing Jon Rubinstein and Ed Colligan's introduction…
11 1/8/2009 Palm Pre CES Event Photo Gallery  
12 1/8/2009 Sprint Posts a Palm Pre Teaser Page  
13 1/8/2009 Palm Announces the Palm Pre Smartphone  
14 1/8/2009 Palm Pre Post Event Impressions  
15 1/8/2009 Palm Announces the Palm webOS  
16 1/8/2009 Palm CES Event Liveblog  

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