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Palm inc. recently released a Bluetooth wireless-networking SD card and now it's going to put its mouth where its money is. It and Sony Ericsson have announced an agreement in which the two will jointly market the T68 mobile phone, Palm handhelds, and the Palm Bluetooth Card as the ideal solution for mobile professionals.
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I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:07:04 PM #
Wow - Palm and Sony teaming up. (sort of)

RE: Fantastic!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:43:16 PM #
Palm and Sony teamed up years ago. Palm makes this operating system (you might have heard of it) that Sony uses on its handhelds.

RE: Fantastic!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:48:04 PM #
Hey - thats right genius. Wish I would have know that. Smartass

RE: Fantastic!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 3:05:53 PM #
The point is, some people have this idea that Palm and Sony hate each other. Nothing could be further from the truth. The compete on hardware but they cooperate on the OS. They are united in their opposition to Microsoft.

While some Palm and Sony users fight all the time, the companies get along fine.

RE: Fantastic!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 3:36:22 PM #
Yes, fantastic if you live in Seattle, Chicago, Indy, Dallas or Orlando. How many years will it take for them to push it out to the rest of the country.

Mormons Rejoice!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 3:47:27 PM #
It's in Salt Lake City! Yahoo!

RE: Fantastic!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 4:47:14 PM #
Don't forget good ol' NYC!

RE: Fantastic!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/12/2002 1:44:38 PM #
where is the sonyericcson palmos phone? **** symbian.

The T68 looks like a nice phone.

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:18:34 PM #
I just checked out the T68 on sonyericsson's website. This is a nice little phone. Combined with my M515 and the bluetooth card, I think this will make an awesome setup. Just my 2 pennies.

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:27:17 PM #
Could you please post the link

thanks -mb

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:36:38 PM #
RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:46:03 PM #
RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:50:12 PM #
I friend of mine bought a T68 in the UK last month and is using it in the US with Cingular as his carrier. It's an amazing little phone - especially when it's combined with the wireless BT headset.

Looks like I'll have to talk him into getting a SD BT card as well!

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
mstur @ 3/19/2002 4:03:52 PM #
Since I am a lucky European, I already HAVE a Bluetooth phone (Ericsson T39), Palm m130 and a Bluetooth SD card now since two weeks. Let me say that using Blazer 2.0 this way is amazingly fast. I am also using a GPRS connection, which is connecting four times as fast as a WAP dial in, and costs nothing when you keep it on for hours with no data downloads.

Good bye, AvantGo, hello Blazer ;-)

OTOH, mail downloads are more tricky since my mailbox is usually full of long messages, many of them with attachments. ALL palm e-mail apps still get chocked with this kind of mails, and lose connection due to time out errors :-(

I think what we need is some intelligent algorithm how to let the mail apps choose which mail to collect and which to avoid. Current settings - e.g. of Electric Pocket/ Mailer - still are not sensitive enough to avoid huge messages...

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 4:32:29 PM #
I used the demo over @ the site. I think overall the phone is a good one, the color screen and all is a plus. And to think compared to other color phones, its batt. life is the best of the best (as I heard). My only flaw is the color. I'm not too fond of gold, I hope they have a silver one as well upon their release :D.

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
digilaw @ 3/19/2002 4:46:52 PM #
This phone, aparently, has been avalible for Voicestream customers for months. I got a chance to play with it last week and it is very nice. However, its lacking one feature that I need: a speakerphone.

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 5:03:45 PM #
"Good bye, AvantGo, hello Blazer ;-)"

Um, lose the graphics and try Eudora Web. Without a proxy it's a bunch faster yet...

"OTOH, mail downloads are more tricky since my mailbox is usually full of long messages, many of them with attachments. ALL palm e-mail apps still get chocked with this kind of mails, and lose connection due to time out errors :-("

The HandEra enhanced Palm Mail app in the Net Install package handles this fine, with a number of options for deciding which mail to fetch. "Limit message to X lines", "Ignore messages over Y Kilobytes", "download Z newest".

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 10:52:38 PM #
Don't worry ... it comes in "Lunar Grey". :)

The T68 design looks ugly
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 11:06:35 AM #
This phone really looks ugly. Erission phones are getting from bad to worst, they should look to NOKIA for inspiration.

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 11:18:33 AM #
I agree with you 100%..The ugliness of the phone is the first thing that got to me. I liked Ericcson T29 and T39 phones though.

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 11:54:05 AM #
Go to this site to see a Singapore forum on T68.
T68 was launched quite some time ago, selling at around USD$420 with a 2 years contract with either Singtel/M1/Starhub.

RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 11:56:14 AM #
RE: The T68 looks like a nice phone.
tdvaughan @ 3/20/2002 5:30:03 PM #
Weeell, I've used the T86 for a couple of weeks and it really isn't all that. It is slow, buggy and crashes far too often. Also the battery life isn't up to much.
Still, I guess Bluetooth is cool and if they get the firmware fixed it will be pretty good.

Good to hear

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:21:57 PM #
Beautiful! Now I won't ae to hunt the machine down unlocked and beg a local provider to let me switch SIM's with a machine bought from them.

Its about time!

digilaw @ 3/19/2002 2:16:48 PM #
Finally a bluetooth phone in the US. I've been waiting for blutooth to be useful for 4 years and every year they told me this was the year blutooth would be big. I guess the term is better late than never. Though I've already imported a bluetooth phone, I hope the avaliability of a phone here in the US will spur a beavy of bluetooth devices like they have been promising. I am still waiting for bluetooth earphones and remote control for my clie.

People forgot how long it took before 802.11 became a hit
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 3:59:00 AM #
Even with the recent delays, the progression of the Bluetooth standard is far ahead of the adoption rates of almost any other comparable technology. Many point to the sudden emergence of 802.11b as proof that Bluetooth has already been superseded by more advanced technologies. However, the truth is that the road towards 802.11b's success began over a decade ago in 1990 when the IEEE 802 Executive Committee established the 802.11 Working Group to create a wireless local area network (WLAN) standard. The b variant simply represents the emergence of a version of the standard that is a viable mass-market commercial solution. In comparison, Ericsson first began toying with the idea of a short-range wireless technology in 1994, four years after work on 802.11 began. Furthermore, although the inspiration for Bluetooth occurred in 1994, real work on the technology as an industry standard did not start until the original Special Interest Group was formed in 1998. The 1.0 specification was released a mere two years ago in July 1999. The 1.1 Bluetooth spec was ready begin March 2001.

RE: Its about time!
digilaw @ 3/20/2002 2:09:16 PM #
As far as I know you are correct. However, the difference between WiFi and bluetooth is the hype. There was a minimal hype on 802.11b but the hype on bluetooth has been huge. This has lead to a large anticipation and continual disapointment when the expectations the hype engendered failed to be realized.

RE: Its about time!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2002 4:18:00 AM #
Pity that i can't disagree with ya digilaw. :o(

But that's behind us. We are now seeing some interesting products coming to the markets.....but we still hear that same old boring "bluetooth is late, hyped, slow...etc." arguments. Plus they still keep comparing 802.11 with Bluetooth. BORRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

They COMPLEMENT eachother....pfffffffff

ALL MAJOR CARRIERS will offer new Sony Ericsson models

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:11:28 PM #
Palm shows off Bluetooth

AT&T Wireless has expand there Portfolio of GSM/GPRS Phones with the Sony Ericsson T68 with Color Screen and integrated Bluetooth and the Nokia 8390

GSM Cellular Handsets that work in USA and Canada

More Carriers will follow: Bo Larsson, general manager of Sony Ericsson's North American operations, said that he expected ALL MAJOR CARRIERS to begin offering new Sony Ericsson models this year. First out of the gate was AT&T Wireless, which on Monday said it would offer the T68 with Bluetooth local wireless capabilities.

from Sony, Ericsson Bet Fun Phones Spark Gains on_usa_dc_1

T68i, P800 and Z700 Phones have integrated BLUETOOTH.
Sony Ericsson unveils six phones (one with camera, 3 of them have built-in Bluetooth: The T68i, P800 and Z700), two new Bluetooth™ handsfree solutions and more

RE: ALL MAJOR CARRIERS will offer new Sony Ericsson models
eipangan @ 3/20/2002 10:44:59 AM #
And don't forget AU KDDI in Japan is also offering a Sony Ericsson phone.

I wonder why they won't release a phone similar to this outside of Japan. Phones in Japan are so much cooler.


this exactly the combo that i have...

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:48:18 PM #
and it is really great, especially with GPRS: you can stay online permanently, you pay only when data are being transferred and you can still use the phone.

Unfortunately there is one shortcoming, and I was surprised to notice it: if you use the bluetooth connection for an online setup, you cannot use it at the same time to make the palm dial a phone number. it's either or...I was disappointed. maybe an option for bluetooth 2.0?


RE: this exactly the combo that i have...
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 8:57:39 PM #
Actually, that's most likely a limitation of the software in the phone and/or on the Palm device. Bluetooth just sends data back and forth (like an invisible cable), it doesn't tell the devices what to do with the data. Since Palm and Sony/Ericsson have this pact, perhaps a future software upgrade will let you do this.



I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 2:52:45 PM #
Does anyone know if Verizon plans on offering the T68?

Hello.. GSM bites need CDMA here
OrionNE @ 3/19/2002 3:21:16 PM #
I do not live in a area with GSM. CDMA is pretty much the standard.. Anyone know of a bluetooth CDMA phone?


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 3:33:56 PM #
In Brazil we have the Ericsson T60c, a 800mhz 1xRTT CDMA phone with built in Bluetooth.

Eduardo Akira Watanabe

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 3:34:35 PM #
Verizon Wireless is CDMA, not GSM. Try the Motorola 270c with the bluetooth add on module.

Questions for Eduardo and the 270c person
digilaw @ 3/19/2002 4:38:33 PM #
Eduardo, we have the t60d in the US and that dosen't have bluetooth capacity. I checked the sonyericsson website on the t60c in Brasil and, though my Spanish is no good and bablefish did a bad job of translating it, there was no mention of Bluetooth on the page. You sure you have your facts correct?
To the person talking about the 270c, I am curious. Do you know if the bluetooth attachment is avaliable for 270c yet? I did a quick check of Verizon and Motorola's websites and did not see that accessory for sale yet (though it was referred to alot). If so any idea if it works as well as the Ericsson PAN? Thanks!

scouter075 @ 3/19/2002 7:54:54 PM #
According to the Sony/Ericksson website, there is a BlueTooth add on available for the T60d.

Here are the spec:

DBA-10 specifications
The Bluetooth Adapter DBA-10 adds Bluetooth to your mobile phone. Because the adapter contains a built-in Bluetooth chip, it can also be used for data functionality with a Bluetooth PC card and laptop. The adapter snaps onto the base of your phone easily and is small enough to fit in your pocket. It also has a charging port built in, so you don’t have to remove the adapter to recharge your phone.

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 10:01:30 PM #
Verizon just recently started listing the Motorola 270c for my area. I guess keep checking with Verizon or you can order the phone directly from Motorola. As far as the Bluetooth module, all I know is what the web site says which indicates its available.

digilaw @ 3/20/2002 2:12:05 PM #
Thanks. Yeah the website says the attachment for the 270c is avaliable but you cannot buy it yet. As for the t60, I see, an attachment. The reason I am curious is my sister wants to get a bluetooth phone but is stuck with an AT&T contract. I will check on that t60 attachment. Any idea if its for sale yet? And, if so, where?

If you want bigger Bluetooth sales in the US, we need CDMA.

cyberpmg @ 3/19/2002 3:52:47 PM #
GSM has a limited coverage in the US because the predominant system used is CDMA. Unless all of the major cellular companies in the US have a moment of clarity and convert everyone over to GSM, the US is still going to have CDMA as it's major service. Therefore, if we want to "bring Bluetooth to the masses", the manufacturers should not only be introducing GPS phones with integrated Bluetooth, but also offer the same models for the CDMA system (sort of a US version of what everyone else uses).

I happen to be in an area that does not offer GSM. None of the cellular companies give any indication that it will be offered any time soon. I'm sure that these GSM Bluetooth enabled phones will sell strong outside of the US, but if the companies want stronger profits from US sales, they either need to adopt to the limitations, or push the GSM service to be made available throughout the country. If they build it, we will come!

Signature? Oh yeah, I had one here a minute ago...

RE: If you want bigger Bluetooth sales in the US, we need CDMA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 4:43:35 PM #
bluetooth will come in cdma just like infrared did...

RE: If you want bigger Bluetooth sales in the US, we need CDMA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 4:47:11 PM #
they need to push the better GSM service I am proud user of voicestream =)

RE: If you want bigger Bluetooth sales in the US, we need CDMA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 5:39:41 PM #
Where do you live? You mean there is no AT&T coverage
in your area? Cos once AT&T's GSM installation is
complete, its US coverage should be pretty good and
comparable with most CDMA carriers.

RE: If you want bigger Bluetooth sales in the US, we need CDMA.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 6:01:26 PM #
ATTWS & Cingular not big enough for you?

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 6:33:47 PM #
I wish ATTWS would hurry up with the GPRS already!!!

West Coast ATTWS
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 6:50:13 PM #
Hey, we got ATTWS GSM service here in Oregon (well, limited area, but we got it! ). They claim they will have 90% coverage by the end of the year. There is a lot of other problems ATT is having right now. Everytime you check voice mail you get a SMS message of a bunch of 1s (there is six of us in the office all with the same problem). As well, we are having all kinds of fun getting palms to talk with the T68/Bluetooth.
ATT does a lot of deals for shared towers around the US so they most likely will have pretty good coverage over the next year.

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 7:01:14 PM #
How is Bluetooth honestly? Slow and buggy as I've heard? How is the ATTWS GPRS? More expensive? Any neat features yet? I would love a Nokia 8260 with BT. I can't go back to a bigger phone - I love the small size of the 8260 and I love the NokiaOS. I also hate flip phones - a la Motorola v60/Star Tac.

QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies offers Bluetooth connectivity
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 4:02:44 AM #
QUALCOMMs MSM solution incorporates GPS capabilities, MP3 and MIDI multimedia software, Bluetooth 1.1 compliance and support for voice-over-Internet-protocol communications.

Qualcomm Bluetooth Solutions:
QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies offers Bluetooth connectivity on most chipset solutions (MSM).

BREW white paper (Qualcomm OS called Brew has Bluetooth support)

Verizon phones pick up Qualcomm OS

Palm vs. Handspring

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 5:42:07 PM #
I take this as Palm vs. the Treo. I am personaly debating about getting a palm+bluetooth+bt enabled cell phone, or just get the Treo.
What we realy need is a CDMA color Treo WITH bluetooth.

p.s. did anyone else have this delema???

RE: Palm vs. Handspring
big_raji @ 3/19/2002 7:09:35 PM #
Yup. I have that dilemma right now.

I'm interested in getting an Ericsson T39, I already have a Clie n610c, and I want an Infostick... Of course, I'm probably gonna get the Ericsson T39 regardless, so the only real "extra" cost I'll be paying is for the Bluetooth Memory Stick...

If you sing in french while hopping on one foot, the evil birds won't come out of your bathroom mirror.

RE: Palm vs. Handspring
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 11:53:54 PM #
Put bluetooth in a Palm Phone, like the Samsung or Kyocera. Or better yet, stick a cellphone in the new Sony Clies. And build me an Airport/Bluetooth hybrid card for my iBook.

This shall come to pass. I decree it.

RE: Palm vs. Handspring
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 11:58:36 AM #
There was this day that I was waiting for a friend for a beer, but didn't turn up to meet me. So I went up to meet him and guess what?

This lucky bast**d, is testing on a color treo!!!! Wow! it blew me off. Apparently, they were testing the network.

It is a prototype of everything the same as the 180g but with 65k color.

RE: Palm vs. Handspring
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 6:58:40 PM #
can u hook me up with one?? any more detailes??

Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 6:16:45 PM #
I was very frustrated the other day to talk to a GPRS technician for VoiceStream and find out that their software for setting up a Bluetooth GPRS enabled phone to work as a data modem will not support the Palm platform, but rather PPC. To me this is a very stupid move by Voicestream considering how many more people are currently using the Palm platform. They seem to have the best coverage in the US currently for GPRS, but hopefully the others will catch up soon, AND SUPPORT PALM! Voicestream will lose my business shortly.

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 10:57:32 PM #
The Voice Stream technicican doesn't know what he is talking about. I have Ericsson T39 w/ GPRS enabled ($39.95 / month). It worked fine w/ both my PC and Palm III.

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 1:12:10 PM #
Hmmm, nice to hear that a Bluetooth/GPRS connection is possible with Voicestream. Can you then use Blazer as your browser on the the Palm or do you have to use the MyPalm web clipping application to browse? Are any other Browsers for the Palm platform compatible with the GPRS connection?

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 5:25:55 PM #
Blazer is a problem because of the proxy issue and some port blocking VS is doing i suspect. VS has been notified.

Alternatives include Eudroa, web clipping, the WAP browser that comes with the BT card, and _possibly_ palm's unavailable Web browser.

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 11:51:41 PM #
PPC is supported because its connectivity options are FAR greater than PalmOS. I mean my ipaq can connect to my T39mc and use its GPRS via Bluetooth as a data connection without ANY modifications. I didnt need any extra software, bluetooth drivers, browsers, etc... Web clipping? ha, try remote desktop connections, and REAL http... How about commanding my T39 to dial a number from via my ipaqs address book then getting the call handed to my Bluetooth Headset.. Bluetooth is great!!!

This was posted via my ipaq 3870 and T39mc...

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2002 11:27:07 AM #
if grps works with palm and voiscestream could you give us clues and ways of making it work ?

I have a T68 and a sony clie

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/1/2002 5:22:07 PM #
Palm m515 (Palm OS V 4.1)
Palm Bluetooth Card (V1.1)
Ericsson T39m Phone (SW Version R3B006) (1)
VoiceStream iStream GSM/GPRS Service (2)
New York

(1) T39mc with SW Version R1 will not work connect to
VoiceStream’s GPRS network. The “c” in T39mc stands for “Chinese”. It might
work with upgraded SW version, but would still lack English T9. To check the
phone’s SW Version, press right arrow, * , left arrow, left arrow, * , left
arrow, *
(2) You will need the iStream $19.99 “PDA” service.

Palm will dial the Phone (if not connected to GPRS)
Palm can send/receive SMS’s (if not connected to GPRS)
Palm can use the T39m as a modem to connect to a dialed up ISP
Palm can use the T39m as a LAN connection, using the GPRS service
Palm can surf the Internet and check POP email
Palm can browse WAP sites (must switch Network Service)

Open Issues
Palm is not stable and crashes a few times a day. Crashes happen during
communication activities.
Palm freezes often during communication activities, apparently waiting for
data to come back. Available “cancel” buttons do not work. You need to wait.

No POP email client available for Palm that will periodically check for new
VoiceStream service allows you to either access Internet or WAP but not both
at the same time
VoiceStream’s GPRS service is not stable
VoiceStream’s DNS service is not stable
Palm does not offer to “Connectivity Kit” users a web Portal similar to
“MyPalm”, which is available only to Palm VII or i705 users.
Phone cannot “push” any data to Palm.

GPRS is not “on” all the time as advertised. You need to connect to it (it
takes about 9 sec).
Bluetooth card sticks out about ½ inch. You want to use a case that protects
it. Try the Palm VII Slim leather case.
Palm’s strategy regarding MultiMail Pro is not clear.
Future form factor will be a device of the size of the Palm m515 with built-in
Bluetooth, GSM and GPRS (or 3G) and a bluetooth headset?
GPRS has substantial latency (check Ping times below)

Performance Data

GPRS versus Dialed Up (both using Palm, Bluetooth and the T39m)


Connect: 9 sec
Disconnect: 1 sec
Ping 1500 ms
Receive 100KB: 142 sec (7 kbps)

Analog ISP

Connect: 47 sec
Disconnect: 7 sec
Ping 750 ms
Receive 100KB: 123 sec (8 kbps)

Palm, Bluetooth, GPRS versus Palm VII/i705

Time to download a 12K PQA:

Palm VIIx: 80 sec (average of 3 runs)
m515/GPRS: 30 sec (average of 2 runs)

Time to send a short text message:

Palm i705 (using iMessenger): xx sec
Palm m515/SMS: 08 sec
Palm m515/GPRS/POP (already connected to GPRS): 20-25 sec
Palm m515/GPRS/POP (including connection time): 25-30 sec

Ericsson T39m Settings

Settings/Data comm

Data accounts

Data Account #1 (Used for Internet/Email on Palm or Phone)

Name: Internet (user-defined name)
Password Request: Off
Allow Calls Automatic
IP Address:
DNS Address:
Advanced Settings
Authentication: Normal
Data Compression: Off
Header Compression: Off
Precedence: Subscribed
Delay: Best Effort
Reliability: Class 3
Peak Rate: Subscribed
Mean Rate: Subscribed

Data Account #2 (Used for WAP on Palm or Phone)

Name: WAP (user-defined name)
Password Request: Off
Allow Calls Automatic
IP Address:
DNS Address:
Advanced Settings
Authentication: Normal
Data Compression: On
Header Compression: On
Precedence: Subscribed
Delay: Subscribed
Reliability: Class 3
Peak Rate: Subscribed
Mean Rate: Subscribed

Pref. Service: GPRS and GSM
SMS Access: GSM

WAP Services
WAP settings
IP Settings
Connect using: WAP (Name of Data Account 2 Above)
IP Address:
User Id:
Data mode: Connection less
Security: Off
Show Images: On
Response Timer: 150

Connect using: Internet (Name of Data Accoune 1 Above)
POP3 Server: IP Address (and not server name!)
POP3 Port: 110
SMTP Server: IP Address (and not server name!)
SMTP Port: 25
Email Address:
From Name:

Palm Pilot Settings

T39m Phone
Connect to: Phone
Via: Bluetooth
Model: Ericsoon T39m
Speed: 57,600 bps
Init String: X1E0+CMEE=1+CSCS="GSM"+CNMI=3,1,2,0,0V1
T39m LAN
Connect to: Local Network
Via: Bluetooth
Speed: 57,600
Flow Ctl: Automatic
Service: Vstream Internet (user defined)
Username: a
Password: a
Connection: T39m LAN
Connection Type: PPP
Idle Timeout: 1 Minute
Query DNS: (Experiment checking
Primary DNS: (Valid for NY. Varies
by region)
Secondary DNS: (Valid for NY. Varies
by region)
IP Address: Automatic
Send: atd*99***1# (4)
Send CR (6)
Service: Vstream WAP (user defined)
Username: a
Password: a
Connection: T39m LAN
Connection Type: PPP
Idle Timeout: 1 Minute
Query DNS: (Experiment checking
Primary DNS: (Valid for NY. Varies
by region)
Secondary DNS: (Valid for NY. Varies
by region)
IP Address: Automatic
Send: atd*99***2# (5)
Send CR (6)

(4) = Numeric digit before # must correspond to CID of Internet
account on Phone
(5) = Numeric digit before # must correspond to CID of WAP account on Phone
(6) = Some usenet posting with similar scripts are missing this command

Web Browsing
VoiceStream does not allow traffic on port 80 to go through.
Must use a proxy and a browser that supports proxies.
Proxy: (or IP
Proxy Port: 8080
Preferred Browser: AvantGo
Other browsers: Eudora (works but does not support graphics), Blazer
(not stable)

Any email client will be able to retrieve POP mail
Not all email clients will be able to send SMTP mail
(again an issue with VoiceStream’s firewalls/routers)
Eudora SMTP will not work but MultiMail SMTP will work
Use the IP addresses (and not the names) of your POP and SMTP servers
(bypass DNS)

WAP Browsing
WAP application that came on Palm Bluetooth CD-ROM.
Must connect using “Vstream WAP” Network Service (defined above)
Gateway Server:
Gateway ID:
Gateway password:
Some sites

Does not need to connect to GPRS (actually, must not be connected)
To send a message to an email address
To: 500
You can define aliases for the email addresses on the web at

MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger Force for Palm OS V2.4 works.

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 6/27/2002 10:21:02 PM #
Has anyone gotten an Ericsson t39mc to work with Cingular's GPRS network? I need the APN to make it work and they won't disclose that information.

They supposedly only support phones that THEY sell which THEY configure themselves.... sorta like saying that in order to access AOL, you need to buy an AOL computer (so stupid!)

But I've been told by a Cingular rep that the APN for Cingular is "out there" somewhere, but I've not been able to find it. Any help or clues would be greatly appreciated --

RE: Now, if only Voicestream would support Palm!
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/3/2002 12:19:41 AM #
I am quite upset. I pay cingular for their wireless express service, but they won’t give me the information I’m paying for!

They told me I need to buy a stupid $50 kit to get hold of the APN numbers to configure my iPAQ to work with their gprs system.

If you find out the numbers, please share. I will if I get a hold of them.

What's up with Afterburner and Bluetooth

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 6:38:07 PM #
I can remember a time when there were big problems with afterburner and the ir port. That doesn't work together with my cell phone if overclocked. The problem was fixed by a new afterburner release but maybe there will be the same problems with bluetooth again?


RE: What's up with Afterburner and Bluetooth
McMagnus @ 3/20/2002 10:04:50 AM #
No problems there. I've been using the SD Bluetooth card with T39, GPRS and Afterburner for roughly a week now and I have no problem with Afterburner, (other than severe battery drain :).

OTOH, there are really loooong time-outs sometimes, mostly when the phone loses GPRS connection but also in other situations. Hopefully, these will be resolved in the next version of BT-drivers.


Cool, but Expensive!

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/19/2002 10:26:59 PM #
Wow, the rate plans for this stuff harkens back to the days of the first cellular phones... roaming rates, long-distance charges, poor coverage, etc.

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a bluetooth-enabled phone and Palm. Now that its here, I'll still have to wait until the prices come way down...

T68i in America?

Stefanos @ 3/20/2002 6:20:43 AM #
Tecnhically, the T68 is an Ericsson (only) phone, developed before Sony's mobile phone division and Ericsson merged. The new SonyEricsson T68i has different casing with the SonyEricsson logo. There is much debate on whether there are any significant hardware differences between the T68 and the T68i. From pictures I have seen, the menu looks different, while some of the features that were promised in the T68 (they will come through software updates) will already be present in the T68i.

So why would SonyEricsson launch the T68 in the USA and not the T68i? My instinct tells me it will be the T68i...

Ericsson T39m

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 6:48:17 AM #
Can the Palm Bluetooth card used with my Ericsson T39m.

RE: Ericsson T39m
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 8:20:17 AM #
Yes, in fact the Palm Bluetooth card ships with drivers for the Ericsson T68, T39 and R520. Works great am using it now.

RE: Ericsson T39m
big_raji @ 3/20/2002 11:00:36 AM #
Can you use a Palm w/Bluetooth and an Ericsson T39 to dialup to an ISP (not GPRS)? I have unlimited cell minutes, and a free dialup connection... I'd rather do that than using the expensive GPRS, regardless of speed.

If you sing in french while hopping on one foot, the evil birds won't come out of your bathroom mirror.

RE: Ericsson T39m
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 5:28:56 PM #
Yes, you can dial your ISP using your Palm, BT, T39 combination.

Your speed will be limited to 9600k, as that is the limit for CSD.

RE: Ericsson T39m
big_raji @ 3/20/2002 11:32:14 PM #
Heh. 9600.

For surfing on a Palm/Phone, I'm sure it'll be ok. I still remember the good ol' BBS days on my 300 baud modem. I paid $400 for that modem. Wow.

Now people complain about 56K. Geez, what has this world come to?

Am I supposed to sound like a Grandpa at only 26?

If you sing in french while hopping on one foot, the evil birds won't come out of your bathroom mirror.

I have a T68 and it's very good

williams @ 3/20/2002 11:51:07 AM #
I live in England and we have had the T68 on sale since about December (it's nice to have some tning first) and I got mine about a month ago. I have always had Nokia up untill this phone. I must say it is feature packed and a great piece of hardware. BUT the operating system is lame and very slow. Basic functions like sending a text message requires a lot of effort. But on the whole it is a great phone and do not regret getting it one bit. Saving up for the blue tooth hands free kit now and waiting for an intergrated clie/bluetooth handheld now.

RE: I have a T68 and it's very good
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/20/2002 12:03:31 PM #
"Basic functions like sending a text message requires a lot of effort."

Go to any Ericsson serive centre to upgrade your cellphone software. It should enhance it with faster SMS and responses.

RE: I have a T68 and it's very good
cyruski @ 3/20/2002 3:06:39 PM #
well, at least it's faster than the previous ericssons (like T28). i find the T65 and T68 much more responsive than the older ones, however nokias still are the best in this matter :)


Latest News: Apple goes Bluetooth

mstur @ 3/21/2002 2:44:07 AM #
Starting April, MacOS X will support the D-Link bluetooth adapter. Apple correctly positions Bluetooth as an alternative to USB or Firewire connectivity, not as an WiFi replacement ;-)

Personal experience: Bluetooth and Airport (= WiFi) can work side by side in the same room, there is NO interference...
(I have my iBook connected to the Internet with Airport, and my Palm with Bluetooth SD card to my T39 Ericcson. No slow down when both are active...)

The company behind AirPort (802.11) comes with Bluetooth
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2002 4:53:05 AM #
The 'inventor' of 802.11 (Airport) Apple comes with a Bluetooth Solution

I've wondered about Apple for not having a Bluetooth Solution...finally here it is.

Months ago i said: "Apple shouldn't see Bluetooth as competition for AirPort, which (along with all of the other networking hardware that embraces the 802.11b Wi-Fi standard) is gaining broad acceptance. AirPort and Bluetooth complement each other really well."

Apple Previews Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity for Mac OS X

MACWORLD EXPO, TOKYO, March 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Apple® (Nasdaq: AAPL - news) today previewed its Bluetooth technology for Mac® OS X, enabling short-range wireless connectivity between a Mac® and a variety of digital devices, including bluetooth-enabled PDAs and cell phones. Apple is making a preview version of its Bluetooth software for Mac OS X available as a free software download and is offering a Bluetooth USB adaptor, which can Bluetooth-enable any USB-based Macintosh® computer, for $49 (US).

The following Operating Systems have all Bluetooth support:

Palm OS, Mac OS, Windows OS/Pocket PC/Windows. CE. NET, Windows XP (soon) and Linux.

RE: Latest News: Apple goes Bluetooth
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2002 5:43:46 AM #
The funny thing is Steve used a Clie that doesnt officially support Mac instead of Palm that officially supports Mac, what's wrong with this picture here :P

Slow Response

PIC mobile user @ 3/21/2002 8:32:21 AM #
Why is the Canadian market slow embracing new technology.

Bluetooth Infostick

I.M. Anonymous @ 5/27/2002 7:46:49 AM #
I have just ordered the infostick from an Hong Kong website - they state it will work with my Clie N770C/U, but does anyone know where I might find some US/UK English drivers?
RE: Bluetooth Infostick
I.M. Anonymous @ 5/29/2002 2:12:43 AM #
There are no US/UK drivers, up until now, this is strickly a Japanese release. However, it appears that the English version will release soon

In either case, the prc files you need are all in English as I also ordered my MSB1 from HK and managed to get the prc files loaded. there is an article somewhere in this site titled "Sony CLIE N760C with PEGA-MSB1" that goes into sorta details on what to do to get the files into the installer.

I just received it today, I plan on using it with my Ericsson T60d with the Bluetooth adapter (dba10). My phone and Clie are able to see each other, however, I am unable to get my Clie to dial successfully. The phone appears to respond to the Clie's request but it errors out with something alond the lines of me using a wrong number or the line being busy..which I am more tinkering, as the manuals are all in Japanese! ) Hopefully, Sony will post their English text manuals online, soon...meanwhile, back to playing.

RE: Bluetooth Infostick
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/15/2002 7:51:53 PM #
I have recently bougth a Sony PEGA-MSB1 for my Clie NR70, and after few minutes I’ve got it functioning, connected to my Ericsson T39 (I’ve been using it for a while for GPRS connection using the infrared). Now I am browsing the web and checking my email, without having to put the two items in line of sigth.

Here is the procedure I’ve followed

- The documentation is in Japanese, so I couldn’t read it, but I followed a blind course.
- First, I tried to do an install (from the CD), but couldn’t get it done.
- After that, I just opened the CD, and Installed the following prc files located in \CLIE_Applications\MSB1 (followed by a several japanese characters):

BluetoothExt.prc, BluetoothPnl.prc, BtCommVdrv.prc, BtExgLib.prc, BtLib.prc, BtStackLib.prc, BtTransportBTSLib.prc, ConnectionPnl.prc, MSSlotLoader.prc (9 files in total). I excluded all the files whose names ended in JP.prc

- After that, I inserted the stick in the Clie, and did a HotSync.
- The CLIE asked for a reset, so I did it.
- After the reset, the Bluetooth ligth turned on.
- Then, I went to Prefs, where I now have a new option called ‘Bluetooth’.
- I configured the T39 to accept detection, and selected the ‘Trusted Devices’ button at the CLIE. Then I tapped ‘Add Device’, and the CLIE detected the T39. I authenticated using the T39 password, and the two got connected.
- After that, I selected ‘Connection’ from Prefs, and changed my existing GPRS connection to the T39, changing the ‘Via’ parameter from ‘Infrared’ to ‘Bluetooth’, and tapping ‘Tap to detect’ at the Device parameter, to get the devices in touch.
- Then, I selected ‘Network’ from Prefs, and did a ‘Connect’, using the service that I have related to my GPRS connection. And that’s it.

I am totally happy, and very glad to have dare to buy this device, knowing beforehand the documentation wouldn’t be readable to me. I hope this can help some other people, at least until Sony launches an English version of the product.

RE: Bluetooth Infostick
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/28/2002 1:06:20 AM #
does this also work with the T68?

Wap Settings

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/3/2002 1:16:49 AM #
Its really a nice phone but the problem is only that its creating problem in opening wao site.. some are open very quickly like of sony and ericcson , but as in case of Globe Communication site , url ::, its not to be open there but the same site i am able to view in Nokia's different Models and also in Ericsson R380. SO please solve my this problem..
THanxs and regards
Rohit Joshi

Connecting a Palm M125 via data cable to Motorola V60 Voices

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/28/2002 8:03:03 PM #
Connecting a Palm M125 via data cable to Motorola V60 Voicestream!

Can anyone out there be able to please tell me if there
is a data cable which would give me the capability of using my V60 GSM phone as a modem in order to access the WEB?

Powerbook G3 and T39m

sudoshi @ 10/27/2002 4:32:06 PM #
I am trying to use my t39m to connect my powerbook to the internet via the IR port under OSX. I have a full set of drivers, but it just won't work. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

GSM dialup connections

jbrantleysy @ 11/18/2002 2:14:52 PM #
I've had a T68i for about 2 weeks now and AT&T doesn't support data connections over their gsm network. I think that they have blockedthat ability sone how and frocedthose phones to use grps for all data connections, if someone knows otherwise please let me know



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