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Sony has released the Memory Stick PRO patch to allow OS 5 Clies to use the new expansion format, Wired on Palm Inc's wireless network, new games and software and much much more in this update.
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First Post

SimonNg @ 4/21/2003 1:50:15 AM #
Hi Guys!

I'm new in this forum but a long time user of Palm, started with Palm III, IIIc, Vx and now Treo 180

I saw some people posted under "first post", so here I am - first post.

RE: First Post
davidkshepherd @ 4/21/2003 10:45:10 AM #
Why do people do this?
Are you somehow cooler if you are the first to post a message?
Please cut it out, and quit wasting my bandwitdh.

RE: First Post
sub_tex @ 4/21/2003 12:27:43 PM #
I think he took the "First Post" to mean this was how users who have never posted before should post. i.e. "this is my first post", not "look how cool i am for being the first to post in this thread."

Take it easy on the guy. . .

RE: First Post
jjsoh @ 4/21/2003 12:36:45 PM #
There was a time when this off-topic thread would've been deleted in a heartbeat. I agree with davidkshepherd. If you want to have irrelevant and off-topic posts heard, then please post in the General/Misc section of the forums, NOT here in the news section. I'm sure most of us actually like to read/post relevant comments about the article(s) in question, not a bunch of 'first posts.'


Where's the dual wireless?

gfunkmagic @ 4/21/2003 1:55:50 AM #
Quote from Wired article:

"The company needs to fully embrace a wireless workplace so it can road-test devices and stay on top of Wi-Fi trends. Even more important, it wants to remake itself into a dynamic illustration of a flourishing unplugged workplace, to help convince penny-pinching execs at other companies that it's worth bringing the technology to their offices as well...Palm's future depends on it."

Well that's all good and well, but then why the heck isn't there a dual wireless pda with BT+wifi then? ARHH. That is what I need! Unlike PalmSG's Milpitas campus, most people don't have 24/7 access to wifi, but we CAN have access to BT mobile! In fact PalmSG even alludes to this by saying, "Phones may look like Star Trek badges pinned to clothes." Well if thats soo, then they probably will have BT! I want a PalmOS pda with integrated dual wireless and dual expansion, simple! Is that too much to ask PalmSG?

Very Lame

Beavis @ 4/21/2003 7:39:25 AM #
How nice of Sony to send people out a sticker to stick on the key of their $800 NZ-90. Sure it's cost efficient for Sony, but they should have to replace the mislabeled key at their expense.

I wouldn't want to have paid $800 for a PDA and then have a sticker over one of the keys due to someone elses mistake.

RE: Very Lame
scoT1753 @ 4/21/2003 9:27:29 AM #
I agree - very lame.

RE: Very Lame
I.M. Notorious @ 4/21/2003 11:12:05 AM #
Very lame indeed!! I would be MAD (to say the least) if I had to "stick a stamp" on my brand new US$800 PDA's keyboard...

That's what I call a low-tech patch ;-)

I.M. Notorious

RE: Very Lame
KRamsauer @ 4/21/2003 2:04:42 PM #
You don't have to do it. Not like it affects anything. If you want the sticker, go for it. If you think it's so horrible and can think of one reason why it's bad, you're definitely smart enough to remember what the yen key actually types.

I personally think it's the best way to do it.

RE: Very Lame
rsc1000 @ 4/21/2003 2:45:04 PM #
You whinners are the ones who are lame!
"Oh no - i have a heinous yen symbol where a '/' symbol shouold be! lets start a class action suit - this is an insult! A ripp-off! My Clie is broken!!!"

Get a life - if i had one of these units i wouldn't bat an eye lid or give a damn about having it 'fixed'. In fact, when i read this i thought 'cool, a yen symbol!' - why would you want to replace it?

RE: Very Lame
peitron @ 4/21/2003 3:19:03 PM #
Sure, it doesn't affect the essence of the unit, but it sure as heck is lousy craftsmanship. I'd also expect a little more than an "Ooops, I'm sorry" from Sony. If they can't reprogram the unit, under their warranty I'm pretty sure they're in the obligation of replacing it.

"Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?" - Groucho Marx
RE: Very Lame
rmwilk @ 4/21/2003 3:26:15 PM #
How can you reprogram printing on a key? All that is wrong is that the key has a yen symbol on it. It gives the / when pressed. Do you actually want it to type the yen symbol? I think not. If you don't like the sticker don't put it on. Everything else works as it should.

RE: Very Lame
peitron @ 4/21/2003 4:06:47 PM #
I could care less for the yen or the slash symbol. It's just esthetics. But what I do believe is that Sony is under a statutory obligation of replacing the unit if it's still under it's warranty. The sticker is a lame excuse to save some bucks.

"Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?" - Groucho Marx
RE: Very Lame
rmwilk @ 4/21/2003 4:16:31 PM #
And what statute would that be? I believe that they have offered a lawful approach to fix the Minor Cosmetic Flaw. One of the problem with this country is the thinking that the major fix has to be employed every time, and if it's not, we start using language like statutory obligation and start thinking lawsuit. The lawyers have accustomed the public to think this way.

RE: Very Lame
peitron @ 4/21/2003 4:49:42 PM #
You'd have to be pretty stupid to hire a lawyer for this one. All I'm saying is that it's your choice, so long as your product is under the warranty. You can choose to put a sticker on it, to ignore it or to exchange it. (Personally, I wouldn't give a hoot.) This "right to choose" is already built into the price of the unit, so I wouldn't worry too much about Sony either.

This country was not built on whining and litigation, but it was build on freedom of choice and the protection of individual rights.

(And by the way, every State has a Consumer Protection Statute, look it up.)

"Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?" - Groucho Marx

RE: Very Lame
peitron @ 4/21/2003 5:12:23 PM #
The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act (MMWA), a federal law passed by Congress in 1975, standardized written express warranties to prevent consumers from being confused or misled about what consumer product warranties cover. MMWA is essentially a disclosure act, requiring sellers of goods to clearly disclose the terms of any written warranties provided to consumers.

Under MMWA, a written warranty is either a “full” or a “limited” warranty. A full warranty must guarantee that during a specified period of time any defective parts will be repaired at no charge. If the defect cannot be repaired, the manufacturer must replace the item or give the consumer a refund. On the other hand, if the warranty contains any “exclusions” or parts not covered, then the warranty is a limited warranty. Most consumer product warranties are limited warranties.
Whether full or limited, each warranty must provide the following information in plain language:

* what the warranty does and does not cover;
* a step-by-step procedure the consumer must follow to obtain services;
* a description of what repairs or replacements will be made if the product is faulty; and
* a description of what expenses the consumer, and the manufacturer, will pay on a faulty product.

So, once again, if the unit is under warranty (that is, still within the coverage period and within the scope of what is provided in the text of the warranty), I think it's fair to say that a "sticker" does not repair the product and that a replacement can be requested. Once again, that is a decision that is exclusive to each individual consumer. I personally wouldn't give a hoot.

"Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?" - Groucho Marx

RE: Very Lame
coop @ 4/21/2003 8:53:04 PM #
Well, if the idea is that the legend on the key and the character that displays when that key is pressed is the same, then maybe the sticker _does_ solve the problem within the extent of the warranty...




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