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The Palm Zire 71 is Palm's latest consumer model with an emphasis on multimedia. The Zire 71 sets itself apart with its bright and crisp screen, built in digital camera, and blue casing all at a wallet friendly price tag. Read on for the full review.
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Zire...the new Paradigm

Tuckermaclain @ 8/21/2003 9:24:45 PM #
First comment! A good solid PDA without the bells and whistles. No slider to interfere with the Zen of the Palm. Tablet design is a classic. Sweet little unit if you don't need BT/WiFi. Kudos to Palm!

RE: Zire...the new Paradigm
sr @ 8/22/2003 9:58:54 PM #
Ahem, there is a slider...

Hidden Camera / Hints and tips

DellTech @ 8/21/2003 9:26:14 PM #
First good handheld camera for average use:

Pictures were not allowed for the birth (hospital policy) of my 3rd child, yet I have over 70 of them thanx to the 71. The Dr's didn't even have a clue it was a camera, they just thought i was strange. You have to measure brightness/darkness like old style F-stop settings (35mm manual) on the amount of seconds NOT to move the camera to get a perfect picture this takes about 20 pictures to master. Brightness and contrasts seem to adjust very well! I now have over 600+ Zire Pictures all printable quality via Shutterfly (smallest size of course but the same as a standard 35mm or 110 camera. 5x7? 8x10? No.

Palm for life, Miami FL

"I'm not crazy, everyone else is and they are trying to steal my magic beans!"

RE: Hidden Camera / Hints and tips
FlashBIOS @ 8/21/2003 10:48:00 PM #
Wold you mind posting a sample picture? I am very interested in seeing how good the Zire's camera is.

RE: Hidden Camera / Hints and tips
kevdo @ 8/22/2003 10:15:58 AM #
I have two photo galleries made with the Zire:

-Kevin Crossman

RE: Hidden Camera / Hints and tips
bigfoot @ 8/22/2003 1:21:46 PM #
If you work in a security area and own this or any PDA with a camera in it you will be forbidden to turn it on at work. Let's get the cameras out of these things.


RE: Hidden Camera / Hints and tips
kevdo @ 8/22/2003 1:42:20 PM #
That's why the Zire isn't marketed as an "enterprise" PDA -- the Tungstens fit that requirement.

-Kevin Crossman
RE: Hidden Camera / Hints and tips
DellTech @ 8/22/2003 5:33:02 PM #
Im am probably target market for the device but with an expansion card like 256MB over 1000 4x6 pictures is impressive with the rest of the functionality of the device (mp3, mpeg, apps)i use two cards for appz/sega/pics and one for music. SD is cheap.

and yes i put a bit of grip tape on the silver side of mine, total cost= $1.00 from the local skate shop to cut it, you sure dont wanna bust that screen....


ac @ 8/21/2003 11:13:06 PM #
uhhh Isn't this a little late?
Maybe I'm just ignorant, but hasn't the Z71 been out for quite some time now?
RE: review
Konstantin @ 8/22/2003 12:07:50 AM #
I second. It should be called 'the late Z71 review'
Almost the end of the product cycle and we get ourselfs a review. Well better late than never.
Keep it up PIC.

RE: review
rsc1000 @ 8/22/2003 2:56:17 AM #
Agreed. Brighthand just posted their Garmin iQue review. However - Pic ussually goes in depth and uses the device long enough to let us know about things like battery life (missing from brighthand on the ique because they haven't had it long enough to test) and other issues that don't come up within the first 2 days of use.

RE: review
Admin @ 8/22/2003 11:13:57 AM #
yes, I know this should have been posted months ago, but like Konstantin said, better late than never.

coming next week... my visor deluxe review

RE: review
Keyser Soze @ 8/22/2003 11:42:32 AM #
I too wonder why this review was so long in coming. After looking at many handhelds, I bought a Zire 71 and have not looked back. The screen is just amazing, the photo (and not to be overlooked, the photo utility, and the quick sync feature) are great. I was considering one of the Sony NX series, but this is so much smaller, with only slightly fewer features (and a much lower price.) My only caveat is there's not enough RAM, and of course, that it's installed with that abomination called Grafitti 2.

RE: review
The Ugly Truth @ 8/23/2003 8:56:36 PM #
Brighthand just posted their Garmin iQue review.

Someone at posted their own summary of early impressions of the iQue and it is a much better "review" than the fluff iQue article on Brighthand. Sites like this need more in depth analysis by people who actually have experience using Palms. Adding a section for users to post their personal reviews of hardware would be a welcome addition to Palm Infocenter.

History and Review
Spell @ 8/27/2003 9:50:31 AM #
A little history:

* I was anxiously awaiting this review five months ago, but I eventually gave up, and bought the unit based on reports from other sources.
* After my enthusiasm for the Zire 71 held up to daily use, I sent email to PIC offering, if it was simply a lack of willing sacrificial lamb, to write a review of the product myself. I did not receive a reply -- they're swamped, no big deal.
* Then enough time passed that reviewing the model seemed pointless in the face of OS 6 and TT3 rumors.
* Now, PIC posts a review with nothing particularly new to say when compared to reviews that appeared back when the hardware was new, and, itís full of typos. I cannot help thinking I should have just commandeered the comment section of some other thread to post my review months ago.

Review review and additional comments:
As far as the factual information presented in the review, I agree except, perhaps, with the meager RAM complaint. RAM use varies user to user. I purchased an SD card and am quite pleased with the combined storage capacity, as well as how the software handles accessing data on the expansion card.

At the time I purchased the Zire 71, I didn't want the built-in camera, fearing the extra bulk and battery drain it represented. I still don't use the camera much, but it doesn't seem to adversely affect the machine. The Zire 71's overall dimensions are not vastly different than non-camera-having Palms and it fits comfortably in even small hands. The screen is crisp and bright the way I'd always hoped they'd eventually make color screens. OS 5.2 is zippy and sleek (upgrading from 3.5, it would have been hard to disappoint me in this regard, admittedly).

I used the legal, inexpensive method of installing TealScript to get around the annoying two-stroke character recognition. The supplied case is flimsy and leaves the corners of the unit and the power button exposed Ė- itís useless in a bag or purse. You get what you pay for; I bought a better case. The lack of indicator when charging the battery (the battery icon changes to show a lightning bolt when itís charging but gives no indication how full or empty the battery may be. You have to disconnect the juice to check) is mildly annoying.

I am very pleased with the Zire 71. If its feature set is what youíre looking for, I recommend the model as well worth the money.

Less than perfect

Foo Fighter @ 8/21/2003 11:15:29 PM #
A few negative aspects to the Z71 I've noticed over the past few months of ownership:

a.) The silver slider has a very poor grip and can cause accidental drops. I've dropped my Zire twice, thankfully on plush damage. But the unit doesn't feel secure in your hands like a metal body (or rubber grips), such as the T2. I've added strips of Scotch tape to both sides of the slider, which helps a great deal, but detracts from the Zire's appearance. It reminds me of the iPaq; shiny, slippery, and delicate. I don't like it.

b.) NO FLIP COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is quickly becoming a pet peeve of mine. Using a PDA without some form of flip cover is rather unnatural to me. I've grown so accustomed to them since the beginning of PDAs that I can't live without one. PalmOne is betraying its own principals here in order to add gimmicky features. That rubs me the wrong way. I'm even beginning to miss the old Palm III form factor. Even the M515 had a great stylish leather flip. Come on PalmOne, dance with the one that bring you. Bring back FLIP COVERS!!!!!!

c.) Weak volume. Zire 71 compares very poorly to competing handhelds that support digital audio. Much like its siblings, the TT and T2, the Z71 has extremely anemic audio. Unless you've never actually used a PDA that supports audio, most experienced users will find the volume level to be intolerably low. At maximum volume, the Zire 71 is equivalent to just 25% of what I get from the Axim X5. PDA enthusiasts interested in serious digital music playback should look elsewhere. The Zire 71 is certainly no multimedia powerhouse, nor is any PalmOS device...for now.

That said, Zire 71 is still among the very best PDAs on the market right now, and I still believe it is the BEST device PalmOne (or whatever you wish to call them) has ever produced. Not perfect by any stretch, but very well conceived.

My blog:

RE: Less than perfect
Galley_SimRacer @ 8/22/2003 2:01:36 AM #
The slick sides of the Zire 71 also make it hard to pull out of the slip case.

"Life is what you experience between racing games"
RE: Less than perfect
rsc1000 @ 8/22/2003 3:00:25 AM #
>>The Zire 71 is certainly no multimedia powerhouse, nor is any PalmOS device...for now.

I think some Sony owners would disagree...

RE: Less than perfect
Altema @ 8/22/2003 10:57:34 AM #
Yeah, I'm getting ticked by no flip covers. I keep losing that plastic snap cover, and the metal cases have so much extra clearance... like they are expecting your Palm to swell up and fill the gap!

The scuba case is stiff, and, like the metal cases, there is so much extra space that the Palm rocks back and forth (leaves marks on the sides).

RE: Less than perfect
guesswho @ 8/23/2003 4:16:40 AM #
Anybody notice Z71 is the only ARM model still selling briskly for POS. the T's have peter off to oblivion, and all Clies are having trouble moving, owing to high price.
RE: Less than perfect
Tungsten @ 8/23/2003 11:49:14 AM #
"and all Clies are having trouble moving, owing to high price."


RE: Less than perfect
Foo Fighter @ 8/23/2003 2:25:01 PM #
Quote: "Proof?"

Uh...Sony's falling marketshare?

My blog:

Godzilla Sony
The Ugly Truth @ 8/23/2003 8:32:27 PM #
I'm amazed by those who still doubt Sony. They will own the Palm market soon enough. The models they've released to this point have been little more than expensive beta tests to see what works.

Palm's engineers must wet their pants whenever other manufacturers announce new models. Palm simply hasn't been able to compete for several years, even though much smaller companies (like HandEra) have shown that innovation doesn't require massive amounts of funding.

The standalone PDA market needs to evolve immediately into a number of niche designs (like the AlphaSmart Dana, Garmin iQue 3600, CLIE UX50, etc.) because Joe Average won't be biting now that his free cellphone replicates a lot of the basic PDA functions.

RE: Less than perfect
cdurantj @ 8/23/2003 8:40:59 PM #
Innopocket makes an outstanding metal hardcase that is form-fitted to the Zire 71. It is neoprene (sp?) lined, has cut outs for all essential areas (speaker etc.), it looks good, and has a great feel in your hand. It may be a solution for some who want the protection of a flip cover and a little better grip. It adds a little bulk to the device but still easily fits into a shirtpocket. The only downside I have found to the case is I can't quite hotsync the device without taking it out of the case. A little inconvenient, but I am very pleased over-all. Check it out at
RE: Less than perfect
guesswho @ 8/23/2003 9:47:16 PM #
>>>The Ugly Truth @ 8/23/2003 8:32:27 PM

I'm amazed by those who still doubt Sony. They will own the Palm market soon enough. The models they've released to this point have been little more than expensive beta tests to see what works. <<<

that's still not automatic. And they seems to have trouble with next lines. The Handheld engine is dead if Sony can't bring the price approaching Intel's Xscale. $700 is not the type of machines to take over the world with. Sub $199 are.

RE: Less than perfect
The Ugly Truth @ 8/23/2003 9:52:31 PM #
$700 is not the type of machines to take over the world with. Sub $199 are.

Sony is able to manufacture all components of their PDAs and have complete control over costs (unlike all other Palm OS competitors). They price their PDAs they way they do because that's what they think the market will bear - not because they need to. If their positioning turns out to be wrong (as I believe it is), Sony will simply slash prices and accept lower profits.

High end non-convergence PDAs will soon cease to exist in any significant numbers. Sony's bricks will be half their current size by 2004 and will embrace even more functions. On the other hand, Palm's Tungsten lineup will look like an anachronism by January, 2004. I don't see Palm being able to produce new designs quickly enough to compete with the Godzilla they foolishly licensed the Palm OS to.

RE: Less than perfect
guesswho @ 8/23/2003 10:45:22 PM #
Sony may have manufacturing ability, but I don't think they have cost advantage. Standard QVGA screen and things like Samsung SC2410 are significantly cheaper component than anything Sony can pull from their on manufacturing line.

Actually, I was refering to Sony's ability to compete against low cost PPC. I have no doubt that Sony will start munching on Palm market share once they set their sight on $300 price backet. All they have to do is tweak the TG50 spec a little, redesign the chasis, give some cute gimmick and put it next to Z71. It'll be an kill. It's not a difficult to imagine.

But for some reason I have doubt that Sony can pull a $180 device matching iPAQ h1930 for eg. or matching Dell's up coming X3. That is where the biggeer market share battle going to be. High end models might only sway about 2-3% here and there.

RE: Less than perfect
mapaman @ 8/24/2003 10:41:50 PM #
Foo fighter,

you mentioned the zlippy zides of the zire... you might want to check out "egrips" at this site{1}17{2}6

mine are on order; will post my comments when i get them.

I love my Zire71!

Luitschi @ 8/22/2003 3:37:39 AM #
My old HANDERA just started to behave funny shortly before my trip to the South Pacific. Needless to say I needed something new. I decided for the ZIRE 71 and I really enjoy this machine! It's fast fun the pictures are not 1st class and sometiem looking strange but by and large OK. I agree also that the sound is a bit low and I have not used it with headset yet (too new!). Battery is OK except when forgotten at the bottom of rucksack and the baterry got drained (pushed down joystick). But having a complete backup on the SD card i could reload everything and recharge quickly.

RE: I love my Zire71!
Nood @ 8/22/2003 6:35:24 AM #
Backup to SD card? Please advise a new user. How?

Back up to SD card? Please advise a new user. How?
RE: I love my Zire71!
Tuckermaclain @ 8/22/2003 7:31:33 AM #
This is a good question. I used to use Backup buddy VFS, and you can still use it with OS5, but have to do a million taps to restore all the a68 files. I use Advance Backup now and it will work with OS5 to automatically back it all up. When I do a manual backup I have to select "all" then de-select the adv backup a68 file before I bach it up, and it works fine. Otherwise it crashes. It is nice to have all your stuff <24 hours old if you have a hard reset. I Have had very few after OS5 was introduced. What do the rest of you guys do?

RE: I love my Zire71!
Bumbleluck @ 8/22/2003 8:16:16 AM #
I use Backupman 1.3 and it removes the problem of a68 files.

I've really been saved by the backups a few times.


ptc @ 8/22/2003 11:24:50 AM #
BackupMan 1.3 is the way to go.

Read review here:

Nice, easy, inexpensive. Get it at or

Paul C.

RE: I love my Zire71!
Luitschi @ 8/25/2003 4:21:30 AM #
I'm using CardBackup from
It copies the whole content of your Zire to the Card!
(I haven't found the ability to to a selective backup/restore yet). You have also the ability to perform automatic schedule backups.
With regard to the "Power"utility I promptly installed it in order to desactivate the Jog as a wy to switch on the ZIRE. Thanks for the tip

One More Issue with Zire 71

pmfine @ 8/22/2003 8:02:29 AM #
I also have an love the Zire 71 but there is one major issue I have:
It is very easy to turn on unit in a bag or other case by accident, as the on-off button easily get's hit.

THE solution at this time is a wonderful little program called POWER or more deluxe BTToggle, both from

They allow you to set up a sequence to hit or repeat that removes chance of accidental turning on unit.

Aside from this one "con" the unit is great AND a great bargain.

- Peter

Peter M. Fine
President, New York City Digital Assistant Users' Group (NYCDAUG)
The PDA-centric User Group for all of you. |

RE: One More Issue with Zire 71
bnystrom @ 8/22/2003 4:14:56 PM #
My wife, who ones the Zire 71 and just loves it, would concur fully with this. She was constantly draining the battery because she would put the Zire in the provided "leater" case, throw it in her purse, and then find out that presure on the case was causing it to hit against the D-Pad and turn it on.

The "Joy Stick" (D-Pad) actually seems to stick out far enough to make this very easy to do. Not sure why they didn't contour the case inside to prevent that.

RE: One More Issue with Zire 71
Galley_SimRacer @ 8/23/2003 12:29:46 AM #
I have read that they Zire detects these accidental turn-on and will no longer turn on again after the first few times. I think it resets once it is turned on normally.

"Life is what you experience between racing games"
RE: One More Issue with Zire 71
palmcoder @ 8/25/2003 9:20:32 AM #
I've found that if I slide put my Zire 71 into the supplied case upside-down, the chances of accidentally turning on the device are greatly reduced.

Sony T615 owner

scoT1753 @ 8/22/2003 11:15:51 AM #
I love my T615, but if I was buying right now - after evaluating everything - this would be the PDA I'd purchase.

I've got one for sale now...

palmmongrel @ 8/22/2003 1:00:20 PM #
... for $250, includes shipping. Might as well pimp it out while it's in the spotlight, heheh! Check the "Market Place" forum for my post.

z71 VS z72 ???
mgraff @ 4/28/2004 9:12:09 AM #
Hi guys - thanks for all the input on this site - I read all your comments and appreciate them!

Anyway, you can now get the 71 at RadioShack for $199, and Palm is still offering a $50 rebate, so for those on the budget $149 for a brand-new (discontinue) z71. A great deal.

NOW - is the 72 worth 2x the price??? Lets see:

Faster Processor
Better Case (imo)
More memory
Newer OS
MUCH Better camera w/ Video capability
Newer (non-discontinue) model

Very nice - sure wish it was $250 as $299 is too steep.

Sony Tj37 is nice too, with wifi (no bluetooth,) crappier camera, and no mic. About the same price.

What do you guys think???

RE: I've got one for sale now...
cstamper @ 12/10/2007 8:00:29 AM #
Times have changed. Just got one (to sell, mind you) on ebay for $57.60.

Too little, too late.

digital330 @ 8/23/2003 4:09:16 AM #
Missing flip cover, quality mp3 playback, replaceable spare battery, bluetooth connectivity to GPRS phone, metal stylus and CF slot.

In short PalmOne is still making a lot of mistakes and Zire 71 is not competitive with other $199-299 handhelds.

RE: Too little, too late.
digital330 @ 8/23/2003 4:18:29 AM #
Money wasted on slider, VGA camera, slippery metal back & cradle could have been better spent on basics like flip, stylus and CF & battery slot.
RE: Too little, too late.
DellTech @ 8/23/2003 9:19:11 PM #
I keep hearing Flip cover, stylus? Buy a nice case and metal stylus (available) then for a couple of bucks or drop the extra $200 on a sony. CF Slot would be funny as hell on a palm device, maybe you need a Pocket PC (lol). Sony had to DROP prices on inferior models to keep thier weak market share from dropping worse than it is now on the Clie. As long as Sony uses Palm OS they will at least be around helping the industry.
CompactFlash is STILL the best format
The Ugly Truth @ 8/23/2003 9:42:10 PM #
CF Slot would be funny as hell on a palm device

Really? The TRGPro is still probably the best PDA design ever produced and CF was the main reason it is/was so effective. Compare prices of CF, SD and MS media and you'll wish CF was standard on all PDAs. How many users complain about the SD vaporware peripherals? Doesn't seem to be a problem for CF.

You might want to read a little before you post more nonsense.

Needed no review

M3wThr33 @ 8/23/2003 4:25:03 AM #
I bought this the week it came out. I waited for the Kyocera 7135, saw this, compared the prices, and didn't think twice.

I love it to death. What'd I love to see is integration with a blogger. Take a pic, type in a response, sync, and watch it uploaded to your page. THAT would really sell these.

I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.


tthiel @ 8/24/2003 2:20:53 AM #
1. This review is very late.
2. Buy a decent digital camera. Sheesh.
3. You should compare the Zire screen to a T2.

Camera? MP3?

Strider_mt2k @ 8/24/2003 7:37:56 AM #
I haven't seen a sharp photo taken on a Z71 yet.
They all seem to have a soft quality that's annoying.

The unit I tried couldn't drive my headphones very loudly at all.

Since when does Palm do optics and audio?

I'm sorry, but I'm still smarting from bad experiences with the m100 series.

The SJ33 I bought will hold me over fine until I see what's coming down the road.

RE: Camera? MP3?
ZekeSulastin @ 8/24/2003 8:38:30 PM #
I dunno about MP3s, but I'll show you a few pics of my mother took for the reference of her departments instruments - 'tis plenty sharp ...

THe screen IS better than the Clie's, sorry ... and sorry 'bout your experiences with the m130, but so far, they haven't meant anything in relation to the Z|71.

Having said so, the SJ-33 is about $80 less expensive, so guess which one I'm getting for my b-day 5 days from now :P

RE: Camera? MP3?
mapaman @ 8/24/2003 10:59:15 PM #
Have to agree with your comment on photo quality.

I had a PalmPix with my IIIc and the pictures taken with that setup had much sharper focus and color definition!

What a shame that Palm didn't but in a better lens on the Zire.

RE: Camera? MP3?
clie-newbie @ 8/25/2003 2:58:21 PM #
Hi mtk_strider

I fully agree with your comments. I recently bought a sony SJ33. I use my digital camera when I need to take pictures.

Not having a flip on case is a big minus in my opinion.

That was one reason I went in for SJ33.

RE: Camera? MP3?
Fred2003 @ 8/26/2003 2:41:23 AM #
It's really amusing to see the posts from the poor suckers who padded Sony's profits by paying more for their SJ33 than the Z71 cost when it came out, and all for a slow OS4 machine with an inferior screen, whose price dropped like a brick within a month or so of the Z71's intro. I feel your pain guys, but please just accept your mistake and get on with it!
RE: Camera? MP3?
unionundergro77 @ 12/24/2003 6:35:42 AM #
does hte quality have to gd? all anyone reali uses it 4 is to take snap shots of their m8s or wotever. if u r a photographer, then get urself a decent camera?! had hard is that 2 understand?


bucs2004scott @ 9/9/2003 8:45:09 PM #
Hey can someone please help me the screen of the palm pilot is all ****ed up its like the color screen is all messed up its black and white and like a huge black mark is there any way it can be fixed

hazycrazy @ 9/24/2003 11:02:15 AM #
Think your screen may be cracked - Maybe Palm will repair it for you

Case for Zire 71

hazycrazy @ 9/24/2003 10:55:28 AM #
I have a Zire 71 love it except the case it came with. I keep it in my pants backpocket and the screen got cracked due to no protection from the soft case. Luckily repaired on damage warranty, but bought an aluminum hardcase - don't like it - heavy, awkward, have to take Palm out to sync - think I will return it - anyone had success with a Plastic or Leather case with flip cover - do they protect the screen well enough? - saw some at - any one tried those or any other similar???

concerning Z 71 ++

Mr. Q @ 10/6/2003 10:38:40 PM #
I was wondering if Palm is planning to improve upon the 71, im terrible at finding these things through surfing the net, its a curse.

I envision a unit the same size and color with..
-rubber grips
-build on flip cover(not bulky)
-longer battery life
-amazing little camera(3 mega pixles)
-30MB internal memory(or atleast more than 16)
-200-400mhz proccesor
-exact bettery lvl indicator

If theres anything of the like in existance or in development plz help me out. thanks.

RE: concerning Z 71 ++
fantonini @ 10/7/2003 5:11:20 PM #
For rubber grips check out

RE: concerning Z 71 ++
Mr. Q @ 10/7/2003 7:17:48 PM #

concerning Z 71 ++

Mr. Q @ 10/6/2003 10:38:40 PM #
Woops also.....................

****************i forgot louder audio too **********

background and unfulfilled info

Mr. Q @ 10/7/2003 7:51:47 PM #
is a new palm 71-type pda gunna be made? when did 71 come out?

i never heard exact battery life with normal use, whats up all i have seen what things like "pretty good" and "not bad" i need hours :)

Totally unreliable manufacturing

acuesta @ 10/28/2003 10:14:25 AM #
The Zire 71 concept may be good, but its manufacturing quality does not stand to the Palm reputation (I have previously owned a Palm III and a Palm IIIxe). My first unit stopped HotSync-ing after a couple of months of use. I sent it to Palm's after-sale service for a replacement, but 10 days later they sent me back the same unit, plus several scratches on screen and body. While waiting for a second (and actual) replacement, the photo shutter button stopped working too. Once that second replacement arrived, I have just found that the leftmost hardware button (DateBook) does not work at all, and the rightmost one (Notes) fails more often that works. I guess the sliding shell design may be more tricky than Palm expected. My suggestion is: forget the built-in camera and go for the (cheaper, but no moving parts) Tungsten E.

Soft Case, Address book sync, cradle, Stylus

atfacsi1982 @ 12/30/2003 3:35:03 PM #
just bought this zire 71 and beginning to love it, but then i cant find a decent case for it....i've seen some nylon softcases in singapore which are tri-fold and with valco, just like a wallet. there was a range for all palm models, comes with beige and mud green two colors ....but i couldnt find it anywhere online....anyone has seen it before? i dont like those leather case coz they look horrible..doesnt match the palm at all....

and then i have this small problem....i tried to add addresses from my clie SJ20 by beaming the whole category, but only about 1/10 of the contacts are transferred....and then i tried to copy and paste them in the palm desktop, from my old account to the new, it works but it doesnt sync....i checked the hotsync manager's custom and there is no address conduit there is no way to transfer from com to palm....i ended up have to beam my contacts one by one and still have to retype some of them coz it mess up two of my custom fields.....anyone has this problem b4........

and then there are two things i dont like (or not used to) about this Z71, i had a palm IIIc b4 and literally i can drop it to the cradle for recharge, but this one has to tilt and rock and push into the cradle and still not sure if its charging or not.....thats a bit annoying.....

and then the on/off button is so close to the stylus...i think the palm designer was trying to make pp take out the stylus and turn of the palm at the same time...but wat happens is i usually turn it on by pressing those four buttons at the bottom with my left hand and take out the stylus with the this case would result turning it off again......

Re: Soft Case

atfacsi1982 @ 12/31/2003 2:22:19 AM #
i just went out and finally found what i needed....
first of all i'd like to say y i dont like the following cases:

Palm's silvery hard case: one of the worst thing ever from palm, the hinge is located at the top and there is no way of taking a pic without taking out the palm

Leather case: some of them just look evil when put a silver and blue Z71 there...esp those with some yellow seams and a brown leather case....and also i'm 21 yo, so hoping to find something looks younger

Aluminium cases: i had a sony clie SJ20 b4 this and with a Al case, it looks perfect, coz the case is simple and no contours at all. but for those for Z71, most of them are very big and have to shape to match the 5-way button, and then there are holes everywhere to fit the stylus and speaker and card and jack....there is one i saw from here looks ok though

what i've bought today is simply a wallet. its from a surf shop ($12). billabond and quicksilver wallets are too small, and most of them have zippers inside, which may make scratches or even spoil the screen. then there is this Rusty wallet and it fits perfectly with my Z71. after that i bought some velcro sticky tapes ($1) and stick them at the back of the palm and also the plastic pocket inside the wallet, and voila....its almost like a custom made case, and the nylon cloth should be tough enough for most falls. but keep in mind for the position of the stylus and the camera if u want to do the same.....



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