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Palm Pixi Sprint Sprint has quietly lowered the introductory price on the Palm Pixi. New customers can now purchase the Pixi direct from Sprint for $50 after the usual rebates and new contractual discounts.

Sprint was the first carrier to offer the Palm Pixi back in mid-Novemeber. It's initial asking price was $99. Earlier this month Verizon began offering an updated Pixi Plus version which includes WiFi at the same price point. That too was initially offered at $99 and has already been reduced to $79.

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Buh-bye Nokia

mikecane @ 2/25/2010 1:00:12 PM # Q
Well, the question I will ignore is, Is a Pixi worth half a $99 iPhone?

At any rate, this has to put real pressure on Nokia, which dominates the low-end.

A smartphone at a low-end price = poison to them.

Now if only Sprint would make sure everyone who fondles knows about the damn Gesture Area and gestures. Maybe a sign nearby?!

RE: Buh-bye Nokia
hkklife @ 2/25/2010 1:43:29 PM # Q
That gesture area is the biggest scam ever. It is WORTHLESS! Palm came up with the concept of a gesture area as a way to eat into a device's front-facing real estate so they could again cheap out with a smaller, lower-cost LCD.

Look at the iPhone/Droid etc. Look at the Centro. The gesture area is analogous to the silkscreened Graffiti area on the original Pilot. There's NO NEED for a dedicated input area in this day and age. Everything can (and should) be done onscreen with the exception of devices that choose to include a physical keyboard or hard buttons/d-pads.

A gesture area offers the worst of all possible worlds: it's unintuitive, eats up space that could go to a larger screen, and offers no tactile response or feedback.
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RE: Buh-bye Nokia
Gekko @ 2/25/2010 2:14:26 PM # Q

the gesture area is an unnecessary, unintuitive, extraneous, cumbersome gimmick.

i would love to hear Rob Haitani's honest opinion on webOS and Pre/Pixi.

RE: Buh-bye Nokia
mikecane @ 2/25/2010 4:59:17 PM # Q
Yeah, the more I think about the Gesture Area, the worse it gets.

What should they do, put wee Arrow stickers there to prompt people?!

Everything should be apparent on the screen. That's not necessarily the case with scrolling on the iPhone, yet that doesn't seem to be an adoption barrier. For one, people see many others using it. Second, if they go into an Apple Store (which is a gentler experience than most miserable cellphone outlets!), they can see others scrolling. Other than scrolling and the Home button, everything else is on the screen (putting aside "standard" phone buttons like volume and off/on).

Yecch. What a mess. Getting rid of the Gesture Area would confuse the hell out of everyone and upset devs -- making them code Android-like: more than one version of an app.

Oh, it also doesn't help that the webOS home screens scroll *vertically* too. That was a mistake to begin with right there.

RE: Buh-bye Nokia
hkklife @ 2/25/2010 6:03:23 PM # Q
Well, Mike, Android has those "side" panels on the home screen in addition to the up/down movement within the menus/apps/secondary launcher. And Palm's already bungled things with having two unnecessary screen standards (320x480 & 320x400) as well as certain apps that will only run on the Pre and not the Pixi.

Still, WebOS isn't very intuitive, either to neophyte smartphone owners OR long-time Palm OS users, especially with the combination of mind-numbing gestures to learn/memorize AND the relatively tiny little screen. Palm also hasn't made very good use of the available screen space. Some elements of WebOS are frighteningly finger-unfriendly. Gekko's right; I would LOVE to hear what Hawkins, Haitani et al have to say about the current crop of cruddy Palm products.

I used my TX at length again today and after all these years remain amazed at how quickly I can bang through Garnet even without a stylus. From here on, I will refuse to buy a smartphone with a screen smaller than 3.7". And ideally I want something that's 4"+. Hell, I lived/fumbled with TWO separate devices for so long, even something the size of the HTC HD2 I still consider pocketable--almost comforting with its bulk!
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RE: Buh-bye Nokia
Gekko @ 2/25/2010 6:08:46 PM # Q
RE: Buh-bye Nokia
mikecane @ 2/25/2010 6:15:14 PM # Q
Comparing webOS to Android is like comparing on guy with a right leg missing to another guy with a left leg missing.

Just saw a Verizon TV ad featuring Palm Pre Plus. Noticed the white Gesture Area button is now gone. I wonder how many cents/bucks that saved them per unit and if it was a pre-emptive cost-cutting move? And didn't that button light up for notifications too?

It also doesn't help them that the camera on the Pre is Teh Suck. Really, really bad.

RE: Buh-bye Nokia
hkklife @ 2/25/2010 6:23:20 PM # Q

Remember, I have a Droid, and until yesterday had near-daily access to a Pre Plus. WebOS and Android both blow mightily, you are certainly right about that.

If I was standing in a VZW store right NOW and HAD to pick a device, I would probably give the nod (BY THE SLIMMEST of margins) to the Droid, if only due to its superior build quality, superior screen, microSD slot, "free" navigation, and nifty voice dial/command capabilities. But both platforms suck hideously for PIM, with Android sucking even worse than WebOS. At least Palm gives us a Palm Desktop PIM data import tool, a compressed calendar view, and a memos app!

Of course the button removal in the Pre Plus is a cost-saving measure. Not only is tapping the center of the gesture area even less intuitive than clicking the chrome button on the original Pre, it gives you no point of reference when orienting the device (ie you sometimes end up with an upside-down Pre Plus!)

The Pre's camera is NOT that bad, to be honest. It can snap photos in rapid-fire and in decent lighting they look far better than the pics on my Droid. Of course, the Droid has a superb better than DVD-quality video recording quality which sort of makes up for it.

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Splash, splash!

YojimboE @ 2/25/2010 1:11:08 PM # Q

That's the sound of the guns and water casks going over the side of the ship (for Patrick O'Brien fans).

Too bad they still can't outsail their pursuers.
Professional Amateur

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pretastic @ 2/25/2010 2:09:37 PM # Q
Actually, this week Wal*mart has had the Pixi for free, and Radio Shack has had it for 29.99 with a new two-year agreement, so it indeed looks to be competitve as an entry level device.
RE: Free
Gekko @ 2/25/2010 2:10:49 PM # Q

and yet they can't even GIVE them away for free!

what's that tell you?

RE: Free
jca666us @ 2/25/2010 2:19:12 PM # M Q
The end is near!
RE: Free
e_tellurian @ 2/25/2010 2:40:17 PM # M Q
Is the economy strong enough to support two devices? Even when one can be written of 100%? Is that the issue we need more industries to help pay for our democratic system?

How can we-com virtual wallet interaction help?


RE: Free
e_tellurian @ 2/25/2010 3:01:25 PM # M Q
Some have approached industry in North America with concepts that will offer a premium service that can be written off and still no progress with News Paper Butler. This seed money will help build a future we-com virtual wallet offering while enhancing the service to those receiving their news paper.

We can not work for free we are already subsidizing our time do to a challenging economy. The government allows corporation to wright of expenses to enhance their business what more has to be done to encourage corporations to spend money to enhance their customer service?

What markets around the world offer as much opportunity to enhance their customer service and wright off that cost?


RE: Free
e_tellurian @ 2/25/2010 4:01:14 PM # M Q
To my understanding News Paper Butler can be written off 100%. News Paper Butler is intended to help raise the seed capital needed to finance a we-com virtual wallet prototype. Any news corporation that wants to enhance customer service would choose News Paper Butler. New Paper Butler will help deliver the news paper right to the customer no more bending over to pick up the news paper. This is intended for customers that still want to receive news paper delivery until they choose on line service. News Paper Butler can also advertise on line service or advertising for corporate customers. Time will tell if this will help earn seed capital to build our prototype.


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freakout @ 2/25/2010 5:57:55 PM # M Q
Did the GSM Pixi get announced yet? Boot camp has not been kind to my Pre. Headphone jack and power button have become verrrry unreliable of late...
Gekko @ 2/25/2010 6:04:10 PM # Q

how was boot camp? did you lose all your baby fat?

hkklife @ 2/25/2010 6:06:01 PM # Q
1. No official GSM pixi as of yet, mate.

2. Sorry to hear boot camp hasn't been kind to the Pre but I'm also not the least bit surprised. Pre Pluses are evidently being returned in DROVES to VZW/BB. Today was the one-month cutoff date for returns for people who bought a Pre Plux or Pixi Plus for VZW on launch day.

3. Get yerself a nice BT stereo headset! Don't let Palm's flaky hardware keep you away from your tunes!

P.S. How are YOU holding up in boot camp thus far??
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freakout @ 2/25/2010 7:54:26 PM # M Q
Gekko: Heh. Boot camp still ongoing till April 9th, but now that all the shooting and weapons tests are over we filthy recruits are getting much more free time. (Also, turns out I'm an awesome shot. 195 out of 230 on my final test, even with three ammo stoppages.) Med training next week, followed by two weeks out field. Recruits vs. Instructors, which should be interesting...

The Pre really copped it on a rainy day at the range. I kept it in the microfibre sleeve and my waterproof (mostly) webbing pouch, but it's still taken a beating. I'm surprised it still works at all actually.

Kris: damn. I am going to get a headset, but the busted jack makes it difficult to actually talk on the phone some times. I want a Pre or Pixi Plus when the GSM ones come out. As for boot camp - horrible to start with, but now I'm really enjoying it. Looking forward to getting back into the real world though...

hkklife @ 2/25/2010 8:54:43 PM # Q

All of us and Ryan should all get together in Vegas for CES 2011, even if Palm's not around in their current shape/form. It would be a fitting PIC meetup and one helluva Palm post-mortem, wouldn't it? I've got a few frequent flyer miles left I'm sitting on so I'm game for it!
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freakout @ 2/26/2010 6:13:14 PM # Q
I'm down!
e_tellurian @ 2/26/2010 6:37:51 PM # M Q
Don't count Palm out yet. Have fun celebrating Palm's success.


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