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Sony has released updates and patches for the TH55, TJ37 and TJ27 handhelds. The system updates address Wi-Fi connection issues and a memory stick power drain bug.
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JonathanChoo @ 4/13/2004 12:12:47 PM #
Hmm...RAM again?

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skennedy1217 @ 4/13/2004 1:03:34 PM #
Sony is not the only one to do this. A ROM update was never released for the T|T (the digitizer and audio patch)? Instead, Palm released a new model (T|T2), which is what the original T|T should have been.

On the wishful thinking side, I'd love to see all of these fixes included in a ROM update under the Garnet OS umbrella (not I expect there to be a lot of fallout and subsequent patches released when it finally hits the streets).


any similarity with Microsoft is just plain coincidence...

a3 @ 4/13/2004 1:02:37 PM #
I wonder when is Sony going to release the Service Pack 1 for their PDA's...

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ROM Updates too risky?

userwaldo @ 4/13/2004 1:43:43 PM #
I get the feeling that the manufacturs feel that the ROM updates are too risk.

1. People could potienialy destroy their device
2. The ROM will be available to the public, and could be used in POSE.

The last ROM updates that I remember were for the Palm V series.


RE: ROM Updates too risky?
joelforman @ 4/13/2004 2:10:44 PM #
The T3 update that dealt with the SD card problem was ROM based, probably because this was such a critical problem. I don't think that there was an inherent fear of ROM updates as opposed to RAM patches.

RE: ROM Updates too risky?
Luisito @ 4/13/2004 3:13:32 PM #
Palm has also released ROM updates for the Tungsten C. Those updates worked really well for me not consuming any Ram and fixing annoying Wifi issues..

Great stuff from Palm, goos support is always welcomed.


RE: ROM Updates too risky?
Altema @ 4/13/2004 3:24:02 PM #
I was concerned about the T3 update, but was glad it went well and gave me back my RAM when done. After my fist one, I did a couple more ROM updates using only an expansion card with BackupMan and the update installed. This made it a backup/update/reset/restore operation which only took a few minutes. Still, I think that ROM updates should be reserved for major or critical updates.

RE: ROM Updates too risky?
Altema @ 4/13/2004 3:30:47 PM #
"After my fist one"

Should have been "first". Crummy HP keyboard!

RE: ROM Updates too risky?
helf @ 4/13/2004 5:32:04 PM #
waldo, you couldnt use roms from os5 palms with POSE. POSE just emulates m68k hardware. Not arm based hardware.

RE: ROM Updates too risky?
aaronchow @ 4/13/2004 8:38:37 PM #
Tapwave Zodiac has just released a ROM-based update, too. Not to mention Windows Mobile licensees, including HP and others.

Personally, I'd like to see PDA manufacturers release patches as RAM-based, but if these patches take too much space, then an ROM-based flasher should be included.

RE: ROM Updates too risky?
tompi @ 4/14/2004 5:04:09 PM #
"I get the feeling that the manufacturs feel that the ROM updates are too risk."

Well, then that's because they designed them that way deliberately; this isn't rocket science, an Sony knows how to produce updatable hardware: you have a tiny boot PROM that knows how to download a Flash image over USB.

But why should they make their hardware upgradable and fixable without problems if we just buy new stuff every year anyway? They are making lots of money the way it is.


doctor__no @ 4/13/2004 3:33:38 PM #
I noticed after patching my PDA. . .

The Wireless update only requires 297KB of RAM not 640k, and the Clie Organizer 1.01 patch only takes 596KB of RAM not 1200KB.

In the instructions it does say; 'Verify the "Free Space" value shown is greater than 640 KB.'; which is where I think this article's figure is from, and which might be what the machine needs in the installation process; but patch itself takes only 297KB of RAM.


Puppy @ 4/13/2004 5:28:10 PM #
So when is Sony going to address the infrared issue TH-55 owners seem to be having?

I'm in the camp that prefers ROM updates to patches, both because IMO it can potentially fix a problem better, and because the fix is permanent, and because it dosen't waste RAM. (Plus we might as well take advantage of having flashable ROM in higher-end handhelds).

RE: infrared?
DaveG @ 4/13/2004 6:06:11 PM #
Any chance you could point me to more info about the IR problems? Tnx.

RE: infrared?
Puppy @ 4/13/2004 9:45:41 PM #

Just saw this last night. And the T3 has had issues too :(

The good thing is, it sounds like this may be more of a software issue than a hardware one.

Not for Europe?

jvanderveld @ 4/14/2004 4:00:45 AM #
I notice that all these recent updates for the TH55 apply only to "certain devices sold in the US, Canada and Latin-America"
Does anyone know if this means that the fix was already made in the Europe devices? Or is there another reason?

CLIE UX-100: Hurry up, Sony!

;-) @ 4/14/2004 9:37:32 PM #
Sony-san, why do you wait in releasing this MONSTER PDA? You create the perfect PDA and then make us wait for months. The UX-50 is like a Victoria's Secret model with a horrible case of acne. So tempting and so repulsive at the same time. Release Godzilla. This month. At a San Francisco press conference.


It's just too big.



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