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18 days after the launch of the Pre, Palm's App Catalog has reached 1 million downloads. The numbers come from mobile analytics firm Medialets, who are estimating the total number of downloads from Palm's own app download counts.

Based on an estimated 150k Pre's sold to date, this works out to about 6 apps downloader per device. With the official developer SDK still under wraps, the total number of available apps in the catalog has grown to 30, up from the 18 at launch.

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Number of downloads

AdrianLesher @ 6/25/2009 11:23:22 AM # Q
Does this number of downloads include the automatic updates?
RE: Number of downloads
vetdoctor @ 6/25/2009 4:55:08 PM # M Q
Looks like a Wild A&& Guess based on invented numbers. Personally I predict SV and Gekko announcing their marriage plans based on equally solid data.
RE: Number of downloads
twrock @ 6/25/2009 5:32:52 PM # Q
Listen, it really isn't that hard to know the validity of any article about Palm. You can figure it out in seconds with very little effort on your part. Here's how it works:

1. If the article in question is complimentary to Palm, it is undoubtedly BS, either the ravings of the fanboys or the fawnings of the me-too media.

2. If the article in question is negative toward Palm, it is undoubtedly fact, definitely from a source that can be trusted.

That's it. It really is that simple.

Hey Palm! Where's my PDA with Wifi and phone capabilities?

RE: Number of downloads
SeldomVisitor @ 6/26/2009 2:35:36 AM # Q
The number of downloads comes directly from Palm - where is the controversy? The number of applications available comes directly from Palm - where is the controversy?

Now...the number of Pres DOING the download came right out of the air - Medialets ruined an entirely factual "report" by using that number - in FACT, we got the number of Pres indirectly from the "earnings" conference call yesterday (70,000-ish?) so this puts a whole different face on number of apps/Pre etc etc etc.

RE: Number of downloads
BaalthazaaR @ 6/26/2009 6:49:53 AM # Q
Hmmm... Does it include Palm employees downloading every app to their testing hardware?
RE: Number of downloads
vetdoctor @ 6/26/2009 11:28:58 AM # M Q
I knew the # of Pre's was a WAG. I didn't see that the Million downloads came from palm.

I am quite willing to believe good news about the Pre and Palm. I hope Palm goes on to be truely successful but I am unwilling to believe every factoid out there.

RE: Number of downloads
SeldomVisitor @ 6/26/2009 11:45:40 AM # Q
I do not see 1 million downloads this long after launch as being "good news". In fact, it points directly to very poor sales of the Pre.

RE: Number of downloads
twrock @ 6/26/2009 5:35:57 PM # Q
SeldomVisitor wrote:
In fact, ....

Hey Palm! Where's my PDA with Wifi and phone capabilities?
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analogue wings @ 6/25/2009 9:17:28 PM # Q
is there any site out there that is actually reviewing these apps as they come out? or even listing them? there seem to be plenty of such sites for the iphone
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RE: apps
freakout @ 6/25/2009 10:00:54 PM # M Q
Palminfocenter certainly will be... as soon as I get my own Pre, anyways.
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