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A new full screen thumboard has been released for the palmOne Tungsten T3. The software places a large virtual keyboard on the handhelds display for a thumboard like input experience.
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Bad concept

Jeffry @ 9/10/2004 4:36:21 PM #
I don't want greasy thumb marks and scratches on my precious screen....

RE: Bad concept
cbowers @ 9/10/2004 5:32:58 PM #
So wash your hands and cut your nails.
Or... Don't buy it.

RE: Bad concept
kp* @ 9/10/2004 5:37:11 PM #
Or the most obvious answer, use a screen protector. Of course if you can't stand losing the screen quality, then this app would not be for you. Personally I think it's a bad idea, because any on-screen keyboard app I've ever used has taken up too much screen space and I can't see what I'm writing. I like to be able to see more than one line at a time. But if some people like it, good for them.

RE: Bad concept
TTrules @ 9/10/2004 6:02:19 PM #
I don't think there's enough viewing space. It's really great to have a big keyboard and all, but if I can't see what I'm typing, I don't see the point. Oh well, this thing must work better for some people than others.

One Palm to rule them all!
RE: Bad concept
Altema @ 9/10/2004 6:36:09 PM #
I agree it could use a few tweaks, including a two-line display using a slightly smaller font, instead of the oversize single line. A couple other difficulties are that you can assign a hard button to launch the keyboard, but have to use the menu to get back out. Also, it does not work with DTG or WordSmith, my two primary WP apps (WS does it's own screen control, and possibly DTG does as well, so there is little the developer could do).

On the good side though, it looks nice, works well, and it encourages handwashing and screen protectors ;P
Of course, you CAN use your stylus instead of greasy thumbs.

All that being said, I will probably buy this if they add the press-and-hold to exit. It can't match a real keyboard, but it sure beats the daylights out of pecking the little boxes. At only 203K, it seems worthwhile to keep around for those times when I forget my PPK and don't feel like Graffiti or boxes to respond to an email or SMS, and it works with both of those.

Now, excuse me while I wipe off my screen...

Read the readme :-)
Valdemark @ 9/10/2004 7:04:49 PM #
In fact, you can exit by pressing the center navigator button ;)
RE: Bad concept
Altema @ 9/10/2004 7:08:16 PM #
Bingo! That's what I was looking for. Sold.

Read the readme 2
Valdemark @ 9/10/2004 7:09:40 PM #

Yeah, I've just noticed that you can exit by closing the slider too.

Personally I prefer to exit by pressing the center navigator button.

T|T3, T610

RE: Bad concept
Altema @ 9/10/2004 7:15:13 PM #
PS: Should have read further. I read the first few paragraphs then tried the app out. Most readme files are not this complete, thanks for the tip.

RE: Comfort?
JonathanChoo @ 9/10/2004 8:01:13 PM #
Since the D-Pad area of the T3 is quite large how is the comfort of the left hand typing on this? I have tried SpB Keyboard on PPC and due to the D-Pad are being longer than the top part of the PDA its not the best way. I can position my left hand on the bottom left of the PDA but thats even worse.

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RE: Bad concept
Jeffry @ 9/10/2004 9:15:02 PM #
>>So wash your hands and cut your nails.
Or... Don't buy it.

... and I bet you don't care about keeping your PDA clean and free of scratches.

RE: Bad concept
Jeffry @ 9/10/2004 9:15:02 PM #
>>So wash your hands and cut your nails.
Or... Don't buy it.

... and I bet you don't care about keeping your PDA clean and free of scratches.

RE: Bad concept
Altema @ 9/11/2004 4:24:23 PM #
> Since the D-Pad area of the T3 is
> quite large how is the comfort of
> the left hand typing on this?

You have to compensate by holding it not as deep in the left hand so your thumb can reach the middle of the screen, but you can get used to it pretty quickly. The right hand actually has a better grip on the device anyways if you have the flip cover in place. An alternate method (that will probably drive touch-typists insane) is to lay it down and use the index fingers like a mini typewriter. But it works pretty well, and is slightly more accurate for someone with large hands. Either way, this is still more accureate and faster than graffiti for me. And, if I'm typing content with lots of numbers, it's easier than the Ultra-Thin or Wireless PPK which are missing the number rows.

I've been waiting for this for years

Valdemark @ 9/10/2004 6:30:08 PM #
It's really amazing how some people tend to reject good products and ideas before they even try them.

Stuff like that has been available for the Pocket PC for years (Typango, SPB Full Screen Keyboard, Kilmist Keyboard XL...). They are among the best selling text entry utilities. To be honest, I was always jealous at my friend who used to pop one of these on his Axim and start typing REAL fast!

I was wondering when will somebody finally come up with the idea to create a decent thumb board for the T3's large screen. IMHO, people like the guy behind Thumbboard should be encouraged.
It's good to see a quality product like this for the T3. I use it for more than 2 days now, and I can say it's really handy for typing long emails. Works with VersaMail like a charm. Much better than the built-in DIA keyboard or graffiti. That's all I wanted - a good text entry solution.

Give it a try and you'll see what I'm talking about (but be sure to put a screen protector first! :))

T|T3, T610

RE: I've been waiting for this for years
Hotoru @ 9/11/2004 2:07:10 AM #
May try this out. Currently trying out MessagEase for T3. Very Nice app.. Had tried for Palm 505 but the onscreen stamp with T3 works much better. Takes a little bit of getting used to but up to about 30WPM now and you dont have to switch away from primary screen.

Good "dufus" app

RhinoSteve @ 9/10/2004 6:50:22 PM #
This will sell well to first time Palm buyers and not snobs that post to forums like this.
RE: Good
Altema @ 9/10/2004 7:02:41 PM #
Snobs!? How darest thou callest us snobs! I shouldest... (Gag, choke, cough, snork)

I apologize, rain gotteth in thy nose, excuseth me.


Valdemark @ 9/11/2004 5:01:19 AM #
Quoting a recently posted user opinion:

"Okay, this little program is a GREAT utility when you finally get it up and running! First of all, make sure you install the 2 driver .drc's included, the RESET your Palm BEFORE installing the "thumboard.prc" file. THEN, make sure you ENABLE the thumboard AND checkmark "Replace system keyboard". I was a bit scared at first, because I did all these steps in the wrong order and crashed my palm, had to rebuild my factory settings. But I decided to give this little program a 2nd chance because it sounded really useful! Man, am I happy I did so. This keyboard is AWESOME. I have one of those travel external add-on keyboards for my palm, but this Thumboard keyboard replacement is a wonderful alternative to use without hooking up the extra gear. It works really, REALLY well, and has cute little "key-strike" sounds as you type. I use my Palm to type a lot, use it for journaling, writing memos and letters. I'll still use my external keyboard from time to time, but I can see me using this Thumboard quite extensively in cases where I need to type a lot but don't want to break out the keyboard. THANK YOU MANY MUCHO for developing this! p.s. I was concerned about my digit size, but this keyboard works quite well - even with my thick fingers! .Enjoy! a.Z."


- Denis
T|T3, T610

xDeLiRiOuSx @ 9/11/2004 12:17:55 PM #
Here's my Reviewer's comment. I think I will post it on palm gear too :)

The software turns your T3 into a full screen thumboard. But it works so well you'll be surprised how you ever used your palm without it. It is by far the fastest way you can input text into your T3, only thing better is bringing along an addon-keyboard! What I did is bind it to the voice recorder button, when there is a text field in view, i just hit the voice recorder and the keyboard pops up. When I'm done, I just hit the center navigation button and the keyboard exists and instantly my text hows up in the text field.

The only problem right now is that they keyboard doesn't work on program that have their own text fields, like WordSmith and Docs2go. But for other programs, it works flawlessly, hasn't crashed my T3 once.

At first I was skeptical about the idea of putting my fingers on the screen and getting finger prints. But it turned out very well, even with large fingers. What you might want to get is a screen protector thought (like the BoxWave Clear Touch).

Definately try it out and post here to let others how you think!


Developer Website?

achitnis @ 9/11/2004 10:38:28 AM #
What is the developer's website? The zip file on PG seems to be b0rken.

Atul Chitnis

RE: Developer Website?
xDeLiRiOuSx @ 9/11/2004 12:15:17 PM #
I couldn't find the deveopers website either... But you can download the application here:


Great app by the way! -- It's an essential app to me!


This app is deadly: stay away

Zippy @ 9/12/2004 12:46:54 PM #
It caused a hard reset on my T3 and I had to do a full restore: NO developer should ever put out an app that has even the remotest possibility to cause a Hard reset. I have NEVER used a Palm app that has caused this. This app requires more engineering. Users beware. I'm pissed!

RE: This app is deadly: stay away
xDeLiRiOuSx @ 9/12/2004 12:53:45 PM #
This app was totally stable for me, I've been using it for three days straight, and I used it a lot!

What were you doing to cause the hard reset?


RE: This app is deadly: stay away
Zippy @ 9/12/2004 1:10:38 PM #
I was trying to activate it. I followed the instuctions exactly. I'm using a T3. There is no way I am going to try again. Backup Buddy does not keep the phone/internet settings nor Fonts for OS 5 info and I think a few other things that I have to enter manually thus loosing about 30 minutes of my time when I do a hard reset. I've tested it out when I got backupman.

It looks promising and judging by the comments posted above, I really wanted to give it a go. I'll wait till the developer promises NO possibility of a hard reset in his readme file. BTW, I am convinced, based on the countless software titles that I have tried and that I own, that it is possible to engineer a piece of software on a Palm platform that cannot cause the dreaded hard reset: it's in the hands and hard work of the developer.

RE: This app is deadly: stay away
kpritts @ 9/12/2004 1:34:32 PM #
I would disagree. I've had hard resets caused by a number of apps. Usually it has been a combination of several programs. For example, no matter what I try using Fonts4OS5 and ZLauncher eventually always seems to cause a lock up that requires a hard reset and reloading everything. Now I stay away from that combo and things are happy.

I've not had such a problem, so far, with the keyboard app. We'll hope that things stay happy.


RE: This app is deadly: stay away
Altema @ 9/13/2004 1:42:11 PM #
I have to agree that sometimes a combination of 3rd party apps can conflict with each other and cause resets, too bad your was a hard reset. I've been fortunate so far with this app. I used to have weird conflicts that were caused by the combination of MiniCalc and AdvantGo, which I would think have nothing to do with each other. I eventually removed MiniCalc because it became redundant, and removed AdvantGo because the size outweighed the benefits (especially with unlimited GPRS now :)

If BackupBuddy cannot restore everything, then you were wise to switch to BackupMan. I've intentionally hard reset my T3 a few times in the process of testing apps, and BackupMan puts it back exactly the way it was in less than 30 seconds (with the exception of having to hit the refresh button in LauncherX to refresh the icon cache).

RE: This app is deadly: stay away
Zippy @ 9/13/2004 4:49:53 PM #
I know I said backup buddy, but what I meant to say was "backupman" Which I use. Backupman does not keep the settings noted above, at least, not on *MY* T3, for some unknown reason: it does keep everything else.



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