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Sedio Case ReviewSeidio has long been one of the Palm mobile community's favored peripheral sources for a variety of reasons. First and foremost among these is the variety available in Seidio's signature accessories line, with their family of slim plastic hardcases a constantly popular option. Last year I reviewed Seidio's rubberized Innocase for the Treo 700-series. While that case had a few aggravating flaws, it remained a nicely made device that frustratingly didn't quite tap its full potential (or at least the example I owned failed to). Nevertheless, I have a few fond memories of that particular case, as it brought the soft-touch paint of the then-new Treo 750 to all Treo users frustrated with the slickness of their devices' exterior.

After spending the past few months with my new Verizon 755p, I've grown to love that device's rubberized coating even more but still would like some additional protection when I don't feel like toting a leather pouch case or belt case. So I decided to purchase another version of Seidio's Rubberized Innocase for my 755p and see what improvements have been from the previous generation. Read on for the full review.

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My $.02

gally @ 7/21/2008 10:13:28 PM # Q
I decided to get the hard case/holster combo SPECIFICALLY to remedy the issue where in when kept in a soft case, ANY pressure on the buttons when a call was incoming would answer the call, or send tones, or what have you. The fact that there is NO WAY to actually LOCK the keys is one of the greatest shortcomings of the Treo line IMO. Any other phone? you lock the keys and they stay locked unless you press an unlock sequence - incoming call or no!

The hard case has been sufficient to protect the phone from two drops to the pavement thus far, though as noted, it does tend to break appart upon impact. This is minor however as the Treo tends not to bounce much. The holster is about the best i have ever used, providing a positive pressure, spring loaded mechanism to keep the treo held in place instead of a tiny, flimsy plastic clip like most other cases of this sort. Best of all, between the standoff the case provides and the recessed area of the holster where the keys rest, I NEVER inadvertently answer, end, or send tones to a call. Since no treo has even shipped with a cradle in recent history I don't have a cradle to even have problems with.

It's sad that you have to buy a $50 case/holster combo to fix a software bug, but that's frankengarnet for you... Still, problem solved, Treo saved (twice).


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