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Australia's APC magazine has published a new article with a few recent comments from Palm CEO Ed Colligan, As we have become accustomed to whenever Palm talks about the "new OS" Colligans comments are high on hype and hyperbole, yet completely bereft of any serious new details. The article summarizes some of the recent news around Palm, including the recent debut of the Centro in Australia, with a hint and tease at what is expected to come next.

The overall interview comments continue to recycle Palm's usual talking points about the new OS and the companies position on its current competitive situation. Colligan talks about how by executing on their own system, it will allow them to create more compelling solutions, saying "We think it's going to be stunning and breakthrough in its execution, and we're working on some very exciting new devices to go with it".

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Palm says...

SeldomVisitor @ 5/28/2008 1:49:39 PM # Q
...Windows for high end enterprise, PalmOS for low end consumer, Nova for "prosumer".

IMHO, Palm appears to be trying to come up with some way of making those three distinct and non-competitive.

That is to say, it "sounds" to me from Colligan's words that they haven't figured out what to do with Nova on phones yet (they're gonna have "devices" with it).

RE: Palm says...
stellaboy @ 5/29/2008 10:57:52 AM # Q
A device can be a phone, it can be a phone and more.

pilot 5000 >Palm V > m505 >Tungsten T >A bad win mo 5 pda >Clie Peg ux50 > Tungsten t3 >Treo 680
RE: Palm says...
SeldomVisitor @ 5/29/2008 11:33:27 AM # Q
Oh sure, devices can be phones.

And they also can be not phones.

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Palm 'talks,' Google *shows*

mikecane @ 5/28/2008 9:57:45 PM # Q
Hey, the Android folks did an impressive demo today.

Even though I slammed them on it -

- at least they weren't afraid to *show* something.

What does Palm actually have? ANYTHING?!

"Palm 2.0" - ooh, that took brains to formulate!

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Foleo still alive

palmit @ 5/28/2008 10:08:44 PM # Q
Looks like the Foleo is still alive somewhere deep in Palm land!

RE: Foleo still alive
mikecane @ 5/29/2008 11:13:19 AM # Q
In the real world, it['s called the Celio Redfly.

RE: Foleo still alive
palmit @ 5/29/2008 11:29:26 AM # Q
Not in my world, i'm not a Windows Mobile user.

RE: Foleo still alive
GF_PalmInfo @ 5/31/2008 10:22:14 AM # Q
Looks like the Foleo is still alive somewhere deep in Palm land!

I hope it is the truth as I really like the Foleo concept.

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My theories

hkklife @ 5/29/2008 10:18:35 PM # Q
SV, didn't you/I/someone else here quote and/or theorize a while back (perhaps from one of CFO Andy Brown's talks earlier in the year) that Palm will always be a two-OS company:


Palm OS Garnet + WinMob

2009 onwards:

Palm OS Nova + WinMob ?

Moving on, I current interpret Colligan's comments as hinting at one of four possible realities:

1. He's just trying to prop up the Garnet corpse for a few months longer with these tidbits promising future Garnet device(s). Just like there's gonna be a Fooleo 2.0 sometime waaay down the road. Garnet is dead and has seen its final new device (GSM Centro). But Colligan saying "Garnet is totally EOL after Q2 2009" does NOT instill much faith in potential customers (and the remaining POS developers) who might be close to choosing between a Centro and several competing platforms and signing a 2year carrier contract.

2. Palm's decision to go from a "we support 2 OSes at any given time" to "We will be supporting 3 OSes going forward" is an admission that Palm was PLANNING on EOLing Garnet after the Centro. BUT due to unspecified delays in Nova, they kept a Centro 2.0 and/or a new PDA in the wings just to have *something* new to rush into production & release this fall and/or early next year.

3. Palm is buoyed by the success of the Centro and has a mild refresh in the works to try and keep the momentum going and give current Centro users some kind of upgrade path. Yeah right.

My predictions after reading the above interview?

No more Garnet devices after the current Centros are done and no "devices" running Nova and on store shelves until this time next year. Also, Palm are likely going to try to revamp the MyPalm portal and start shipping Nova devices with weak software bundles (think Fooleo) but very tight integration with, you guessed it, subscription-based services (a Palm-branded version of Handmark's Pocket Express etc)

Also, I expect that Palm will try to bridge the gap between the first Nova devices and the 800w/850 release with a quad-band version of the Treo 550/Wanda that will quietly appear Stateside within the next 6 months. It'll be aggressively priced to give Palm another consumer-friendly product.

P.S. Palm can barely afford to (or they CAN and they just don't WANT to) to support Garnet devices and a handful of WinMob Treos right now. How are they going to provide support for a line of essentially identical devices running THREE vastly different OSes?

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RE: My theories
SeldomVisitor @ 5/30/2008 8:06:10 AM # Q
> SV, didn't you/I/someone else here quote and/or theorize
> a while back (perhaps from one of CFO Andy Brown's talks
> earlier in the year) that Palm will always be a two-OS company...

I don't remember! It's certainly possible I posted that PalmOS would be dropped entirely however I think I posted that Palm would be totally nuts to put PalmOS on top of Nova, without talking about PalmOS entirely separately (IU think it was YOU who psoeted that PalmOS would be dropped entirely as a standalone OS after this Centro). For sure, however, Brown et al talked about a two-OS approach fairly recently.

But...plans (obviously) change over time and MOST recently we've heard words out of Palm that they are, at least for the near term, going to have THREE OSes - PalmOS for their Centro(s), Nova for their somethings, and Windows for their Treos.

BTW - this dynamic nature of relatively-critical thinking out of Palm screams out to me that they're not at all ready for prime time; they necessarily still have to be at the planning, not implementing, stage.

We'll see!

But for sure...Now THAT'S entertainment!

RE: My theories
DarthRepublican @ 6/1/2008 12:13:21 AM # Q
My big hope is that Nova will be backwards compatible with Garnet. If this does turn out to be the case, couldn't Palm put out Nova devices with only the Garnet API/functionality exposed? This would seem to be perfectly permissable under Palm's perpetual license with Access for Garnet. If the kernel and all of the basic low level functions are handled by a Linux/Nova kernel but the UI and all applications are running on a Garnet emulator, such a hypothetical device would be superficially identical to a Garnet device but would theoretically be much more stable and versatile thanks to having a modern OS kernel running underneath. If Palm could do this correctly (a big if given their track record), they might be able to quietly release Nova/Garnet devices before the full blown Nova OS is ready (giving them a way to test the new OS more widely). Thus Palm would be able to have their three OS cake and eat it too without the extra calories associated with supporting an actual third OS.

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RE: My theories
SeldomVisitor @ 6/1/2008 6:07:21 AM # Q
There is little - and steadily decreasing - reason for Palm to be interested in Garnet-anything (other than the free license for the whole deal on a totally-Garnet cheap phone). If their Nova has:

== "...But we're working on absolutely breakthrough designs,
== breakthrough user experience, breakthrough UI and other
== functionality on next generation systems, so we're as I said
== we're not stopping at anything short of revolutionary and
== fantastic design on at least our next generation platform
== products..."

then why in the world would they care about the few hundred thousand remaining hardcore Garnet high-end potential-customer fans?

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Reality rearing its ugly face (or beyooteeful, depending on POV)

SeldomVisitor @ 6/2/2008 8:42:35 AM # Q
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