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ButlerHobbyist Software has released a new update to its über-popular Butler application. Butler is a feature rich Treo/Centro smartphone utility that gives you extended control over a number of options and adds some useful additional tools and utilities. It includes mp3 alarms, customized alerts, remote sms security lock and data wipe, button customization and volume key control, an expanded keyguard, LED control and many other features. This new version has a new transparent sliding keyguard function that allows you to swipe your finger to unlock the device.

Butler v4.71 comes with a free trial and costs $14.95 to register.

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RE: Wow.
DarthRepublican @ 3/19/2008 12:04:18 AM # Q
Except for the transparency, that application (which I have installed on Treo 680 and love btw) looks nothing like this new sliding keyguard. This is the true the iPhone rip-off application while the Nexave application is more of an enhanced Treo-style keyguard.

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Very cool

joetunon @ 3/17/2008 8:41:20 PM # Q
This makes my already cool Centro look even cooler (and by extension, Butler too!). I love the transparency. I'm able to get SMS messages or hit any application button (including the opt+ buttons) and see the screen through the dim keyguard without having to unlock. Very cool!

I get a kick out of having the option of getting a little "iPhone" feel from the phone once in a while. But I always go back to just hitting the center button to unlock. It's just so much easier.

But hey, nothing wrong with copping a feel from the iPhone interface just for kicks! LOL

Great job, Butler people!

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