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Treo 800wRumor: A possible leaked image of what could be the Treo 800w has been posted on the TreoCentral forums. A poster claims to have used the device and that the mockup image comes from an internal Sprint presentation. If the reports are correct, this device would be notable for a series of "firsts: Palm’s first device to ship standard with WM6 and a touchscreen, Palm’s (and possibly the market's) first 320 x 320 Windows Mobile device, and Palm's first EVDO Rev.A device.

While very light on any new details and from a completely unconfirmed source, rumors of the Treo 800w have been circulating for some time now.

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My opinion? It's real & Palm's finally spending some $ on R&D

hkklife @ 10/24/2007 1:35:05 PM # Q
I have to admit, I was *really* expecting a 755w to be released around the Sept/Oct/Nov timeframe. I expeccted it to basically just be the WM6 version of the 755p (320x320 of course). I figured they'd save Rev.A for a future flagship CDMA Treo. Since Palm usually likes to take the path of least resistence, you'd think a 755w release would be a no-brainer.

Since there is no 755w out now, nor any sign of it on the horizon, it means that either there was zero interest from Sprint/Verizon OR the 800w is real and gonna be a pretty decently spec'd unit.

Now, Colligan's been hinting about the "Mercedes Treo" for a long time. It's possible that whatever engineering resources the Fooleo didn't gobble up have been going to this one for quite some time.

Now, I'm left wondering:

1. Did Palm design this one in-house? This doesn't look anything like a me-too 500v-style outsoureced design. Or did Palm do the exterior here and let someone (Asus, HTC etc) do the innards?

2. Will there be a Garnet variant of this formfactor?

3. Will this be the first release of the basic design of the first PLinux device next year or '09?

The TC thread is promising that the specs are "exciting" and that "nobody will be disappointed". So I'd take that to AT BARE MINIMUM to mean 320x320 (perhaps physically larger than the Treo 650/700/755p LCD), A2DP, as much RAM/storage if not more than the 500v, BT 2.0, 2.0mp camera, and a fairly high capacity battery.

This is by far our best (only?) chance yet for finally seeing wi-fi for the first time on a Treo.

And the original 800w tipster (not the guy who leaked the image) claims that the un-stretched image looks pretty accurate to what he saw/held a while back.

For what it's worth, if this one is impressive enough I could even forsee it being my first WM device since a Compaq Win CE machine nearly a decade ago.

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RE: My opinion? It's real & Palm's finally spending some $ on R&D
LiveFaith @ 3/28/2008 5:42:25 PM # Q
Anything new is welcomed. Way 2 go Palm.

But, the form is like Mexican food ... it's all the same thing just placed on the plate differently. Specs as written with WiFi will get some kudos round here tho.

Pat Horne

RE: My opinion? It's real & Palm's finally spending some $ on R&D
SeldomVisitor @ 3/28/2008 6:46:55 PM # Q
> ...Did Palm design this one in-house?...

The CFO said Windows devices leveraged ODMs.

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