Additional Treo 800w Specs Revealed?

Gizmodo has posted another update to the recent rash of new Palm Treo rumors. Still leaked from an anonymous Sprint source, this latest report reveals a solid set of improvements over the existing Windows Mobile 5-powered Treo 700w/wx models. Chief amongst the improvements are EVDO Rev. A , a 320x320 LCD, and built-in wi-fi and GPS.

If this latest rumor proves to be correct, the Treo 800w will be the first Palm device to be Rev. A-enabled. It also stands to be Palm’s first 320x320 non-Palm OS device and the only Treo with standard wi-fi and GPS. Of course, past reports for earlier devices have hinted at built-in GPS that ended up being nothing more than the AGPS emergency locater function standard on every cellular handset for the past few years so time will tell if this turns out to be true, full-featured navigational GPS receiver integration.

While a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade has been announced for the GSM Treo 750, the 700w/wx CDMA handsets were mysteriously ignored during this update process. With this latest info leak on the reported 800w on Sprint, the reasons behind the lack of a WM6 upgrade path for the existing 700 models becomes more understandable. Also, the Treo 700w/wx are the only non-EOL’d Treos in the Sprint lineup with external antennae so a new device with the new 680/750/755 formfactor seems imminent. No word as of yet on a Verizon version of the Treo 800w since last week’s report.

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Anything to distract the Fanboys from...

SeldomVisitor @ 6/11/2007 11:33:53 AM # Q
...the Fooleo and Goodoff, eh?

Whatta game!

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sremick @ 6/11/2007 12:42:44 PM # Q
Wake me up when this is on a 320x480 screen with a non-Windows OS. If I wanted to run Windows, I wouldn't have turned to Palm so many years ago.

They don't post CPU speed, but I bet my T3 is faster.

RE: *yawn*
mikecane @ 6/11/2007 4:21:16 PM # Q
Your T3 is faster than EVERYthing, dammit.


RE: *yawn*
LiveFaith @ 6/12/2007 12:48:09 AM # Q
"What if they called a war and nobody came"?

3 posts in a day of rumors that a GPS, WiFi, RevA, Treo is coming. I think the faithful have been beat down for so long that the law of diminishing returns has kicked in. Sad.

OTOH. Why would Palm ever release a Treo with WiFi? After all the times their spokespeople and upper management have told us that we really don't want it or need it, then why is now any different. At bare minimum this (WiFi) should have been SDIO card ready within months after the 650 release. Built-in WiFi should have been in a model within the year following.

But no, we have just been fed the continual corporate justification blather year after year after year. They call it lies where I'm from. It's never been a technology or resource issue either. The T|C had excellent WiFi many years ago.

So now, assuming any of this is even true, Palm is going to get us excited about WiFi? How do they plan to say it?

"Now the technology is ready for primetime, and the Treo 800w is her to lead the way."
"WiFi. It's not just for the masses anymore. It's even for Treo users."
"Calling all our old customers who have switched. Come back for WiFi the way it should be."
"11mb/sec! More BW than you'll ever need."

What I'm waiting on is the new management with all that new capital to hold one of these things in their hand and say ...
"Look. Greedy leadership, corporate raiders, and allowing fools in the positions of royals brought this innovative company to near collapse. Today we are changing course. Today's product at least comes close to the best available. It is earnest of what you can expect from us in the future. We hope to win you back again with the absolute best products available.

Holding breath tightly. Hehe.

Pat Horne

RE: *yawn*
theog @ 6/12/2007 12:49:30 AM # Q
Yea... but my 700 wx is better than your T3....

Windows works well on pda/phone devices... palm sucks... check out a 700p vs. a 700wx... lol... palm needs to release a fix for the 700p... so far the fix they sent is not working 100% as it should and also breaks other things that were working before the update.

Jezzz.... uninformed people making comments just because someone says "Microsoft." Boo!!!!!!!! jezzzz.

Vote for John Kerry... best man for the job.

RE: *yawn*
SeldomVisitor @ 6/12/2007 6:31:44 AM # Q
> ...Why would Palm ever release a Treo with WiFi? After all
> the times their spokespeople and upper management have told
> us that we really don't want it or need it, then why is now
> any different...

PALM Marketing is 1984 Incarnate.

You've seen the "justification" behind the TREO, right? "A Converged Do-All Device!"

You've seen PALM change the Colligan-Hawkins-definition of "converged device" in 2004 to allow MULTIPLE devices to be called "converged" from their 2003 stance that "converged device" was a SINGLE device.

You've seen the justification for the Fooleo, right? "When the small display and keyboard of the TREO just aren't enough!"

I easily could see them say "Wi-Fi - you want and need it, we give it!".

RE: *yawn*
cervezas @ 6/12/2007 8:23:42 AM # Q
Palm's keepers have decided to let them put WiFi on their Treos now. Colligan said during the last Analysts Day that practically all future Palm devices would have it built in.

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing
RE: *yawn*
LiveFaith @ 6/12/2007 8:47:44 AM # Q
Good idea Ed. Now all the gazillions of ex-Palm users can feel better that their old PDA supplier is almost caught up with the device they bought last year.

Another nostalgic trip down Palm Lane was when Cobalt mysteriously went from being the power-user PDA OS to the phone OS. That about face occurred in about 6 months time from company spokespeople. Now it is of course a vaporware legacy app. I hope Palm has purged itself of all those buffoons that spinning off PSRC was the answer.

Pat Horne

RE: *yawn*
cervezas @ 6/12/2007 8:54:10 AM # Q
Amen to that.

David Beers
Pikesoft Mobile Computing

RE: *yawn*
sremick @ 6/12/2007 9:28:18 AM # Q
"Yea... but my 700 wx is better than your T3...."

In what way?

700WX: 60MB user-accessible RAM
T3: 64MB + 1GB(SD) RAM

700WX: 240x240 screen
T3: 320x480 screen (great for watching widescreen DVDs)

700WX: 312MHz CPU
T3: 400MHz CPU

700WX: 6.4oz
T3: 5.5oz

700WX: plastic case
T3: metal case

700WX: hard keyboard
T3: "soft" keyboard that can be made to go away when the extra screen real-estate is desired, or changed to different layouts including a graffiti input area

And to disarm your "Yeah but"s

"...the 700WX has a camera!" So does my cell phone, for the rare instances when I want it. I almost never use it though

"...the 700WX can get online and do email/web/etc!" So can my T3, via bluetooth to my cell phone. I can sync to my inbox (SnapperMail), browse the web (Opera Mini) and all the stuff your Treo does just fine. But that's only a small subset of what I use it for... and I already have a cell phone.

RE: *yawn*
Hazniet @ 6/12/2007 1:21:46 PM # Q
Amen Sremick,

I haven't found anything that beats my tungsten t3.5!

If you feel like you're under control, you're just not going fast enough.

RE: *yawn*
LiveFaith @ 6/12/2007 5:35:19 PM # Q
I love my T3 too, but the call quality and signal strength were just pathetic. Not to mention that GPRS looks screaming fast compared to the data.

Pat Horne

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Let's get things clear

heavyduty @ 6/12/2007 4:26:35 AM # Q
There will be NO GPS. Period.

I've said it numerous times before: if Palm currently doesn't even offer a Wifi equipped phone, what makes everyone think that they'll take not one step but *gasp* two steps this time around, knowing well how afraid Palm is of any change?

Remember what they said about Wifi? "It drains the battery too quickly and [since Palm users are stupid and won't get through a day's use with a Wifi equipped phone] it isn't suitable yet for the Treo". But fortunately for us GPS is like">Wibree and hardly has any impact on battery life....

They'll need another 3 years to study the market until someone at Palm finally takes a deep breath and with a stuttering voice, sweating, proposes to make a next-gen, GPS equipped device, knowing very well that it could mean the end of humanity as we know it if they unleash this awesome power upon us. But that's what you can expect from a leading edge company who likes to offer the latest and the best solutions.

Don't wait around standing up.

Palm Vx (a classic) -> Palm 505 (*yawn*) -> Dell Axim (slooow...) -> Palm TE (great) -> Qtek 9090 (great idea, lousy platform) -> Nokia 6630 (a toy) -> iMate SP3i (not bad) -> Nokia 9300 (can't sync notes!!) -> Treo 650 (awesome) -> hw6915 (almost perfect)

RE: Let's get things clear
SeldomVisitor @ 6/12/2007 6:38:32 AM # Q
Personally, I don't see a need for GPS - it's fun and cool but pretty much a useless toy for the vast majority of phone buyers.


That is, it'll sell, it'll sell whatchamacallits that have it, people might actually have it turned on watching the pretty maps scroll by, but in the end they already know where they are and where they're going.

[the number of in-car GPS units is pretty amazing here in the Northern Virginia area - dash-mounted displays all OVER the place! Really shocking to see how fast they've caught on. Strangely, however, there are like three east-west roads and maybe 2 north-south roads in the entire area (see national traffic stats if ya don't believe it!) so knowing where you're going and how you're gonna get there know...a no-brainer. But BOY do they sell!]

RE: Let's get things clear
heavyduty @ 6/12/2007 7:52:20 AM # Q
I agree that most regular buyers don't need/use GPS. But the question is: are Treo buyers regular users? I don't think so. The people that spend their money on a Treo (or similar devices) have special needs and these needs more often include GPS than that of a regular buyer.

Once you have had GPS save your day, not only by car but by foot as well, it's difficult to ignore it. Trust me. More so, there is no need to obviate GPS in a device made today, when a GPS chip fits in any type/size of device.

Palm Vx (a classic) -> Palm 505 (*yawn*) -> Dell Axim (slooow...) -> Palm TE (great) -> Qtek 9090 (great idea, lousy platform) -> Nokia 6630 (a toy) -> iMate SP3i (not bad) -> Nokia 9300 (can't sync notes!!) -> Treo 650 (awesome) -> hw6915 (almost perfect)

RE: Let's get things clear
SeldomVisitor @ 6/12/2007 8:07:21 AM # Q
Oh, I can't argue MUCH with that...but...

If you have access to Google Maps, say, then you know where you are and where you're going and how you have to get there...unless you're out in The Boonies where no one would argue the usefulness of GPS.

RE: Let's get things clear
LiveFaith @ 6/12/2007 8:54:24 AM # Q

Good point. It's useless to most people, but boy do all the cars have em' now. And for thousands of $$$. Utilitarian productivity is certainly not the key to selling.

But, I can say this. For those who travel extensively, or those in cities who set appointments at reseidences, it can be a tremendous tool.

My guess is that it aint gonna happen on the so-called 800w tho.

Pat Horne

RE: Let's get things clear
heavyduty @ 6/12/2007 9:49:28 AM # Q
There's another factor in play here that hasn't been brought up: data plans.
Here in Europe, as you probably know, the prices for 3G are out of this world, with no flat rate data plans available. This means that while for you guys Google Maps is the best thing that has happened since sliced bread and can replace GPS, over here it isn't even an option for most people. Also, for inter-city travel you probably won't even have a 3G signal available, rendering Google Maps completely useless.

Palm Vx (a classic) -> Palm 505 (*yawn*) -> Dell Axim (slooow...) -> Palm TE (great) -> Qtek 9090 (great idea, lousy platform) -> Nokia 6630 (a toy) -> iMate SP3i (not bad) -> Nokia 9300 (can't sync notes!!) -> Treo 650 (awesome) -> hw6915 (almost perfect)
RE: Let's get things clear
RussianGuy @ 6/12/2007 11:00:25 AM # Q
You don't need GPS on Treo, you need it on Foleo

The best combo will be 500MHz stylish slim Linux Treo and a tablet sliding-keyboard video/music and Skype-enabled Foleo with GPS

I personally think the next incarnation of Foleo should be centered around internet surfing, e-book reading and GPS - then it is a really good Treo companion on a long trip

Palm will recover... one day

RE: Let's get things clear
heavyduty @ 6/12/2007 12:48:55 PM # Q

You don't need GPS on Treo, you need it on Foleo

I need GPS in my pocket, not in my backpack.

Palm Vx (a classic) -> Palm 505 (*yawn*) -> Dell Axim (slooow...) -> Palm TE (great) -> Qtek 9090 (great idea, lousy platform) -> Nokia 6630 (a toy) -> iMate SP3i (not bad) -> Nokia 9300 (can't sync notes!!) -> Treo 650 (awesome) -> hw6915 (almost perfect)

RE: Let's get things clear
LiveFaith @ 6/12/2007 5:37:32 PM # Q

That GPS signal strength is kinda cheesy in your pocket or backpack, I think.

Pat Horne

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Palm applications on Treo 800w

bobatstyletap @ 6/24/2007 3:19:52 PM # Q
StyleTap today will take advantage of a device with a 320 X 320 screen and will use hi-res bitmaps and fonts in this circumstance.

Whenever a new WM screen resolution comes out, it seems to take quite a while before many WM applications can use the new screen size properly.

However, in the case of StyleTap, if the 800w is indeed a 320 x 320 device, even more Garnet applications than before will be available to 800w users.

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