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The latest addition to Seidio's excellent line of extended Treo batteries is now listed for sale on their website. A huge (in both capacity and physical size) 3200mAh battery is now available for $54.95. This new battery is the highest capacity Treo battery, surpassing the previous 2400mAh version by 33.3% and offering 77% more capacity than a stock 1800mAh Treo battery. It even comes with its own extended battery door. Seidio claims 10.7 hours in talk-time and 533 hours in standby-time with this new battery but does not break down talk and standby times by specific model.
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Treo Cases

a_nonamiss @ 12/5/2006 5:31:32 PM # Q
I am really interested in how this will affect cases made for Treo. Obviously, anything that is extremely form-fitting, or any of the metal cases, aren't going to work, but I have a Smartphone Experts P6 that fits my regular Treo 700p with a little room to spare, but I'd hate to purchase an extended battery if it won't fit in that case. Obviously, I could go for the smaller extended battery, but I seem to have real battery issues with my stock 1800mAh battery and want to get the highest capacity battery possible.

I'm also wondering if this battery will fit in the spare battery charger on a Palm branded docking cradle.

If anyone has any insight into these two question, I'd appreciate the info. Thanks!


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RE: Treo Cases
hkklife @ 12/5/2006 7:43:10 PM # Q
Looking at my Palm Treo cradle here, which has the Treo's original battery docked inside & charging, I would figure that the new Seidio battery (again, with NO idea on how large it actually is) would fit in there and charge just fine but the cradle's door probably won't close completely.

A greater concern of mine would be if the Treo with this "rumpshaker" battery + door installed would even sit properly on the cradle.

Now, Seidio, can we PLEASE get a rubberized Black Tie 650-style replacement battery door (with reset hole, of course)? Just that little bit of area with extra grip would go a long way towards keeping these slippery Treos from flying out of sweaty hands everywhere!

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RE: Treo Cases
Gekko @ 12/5/2006 8:30:20 PM # Q

but it'll look great on the construction site!

freakout @ 12/5/2006 9:44:41 PM # Q
Hee hee. Great name, hk. Seidio should adopt it.

Good to see they're listing 680/750 compatibility - hopefully it means we'll have a new battery door option soon, and those who've been griping about the 1200mAh battery will have the option of a higher capacity. Plus, I'll be able to use my 650 battery as a backup if need be. :D

Is there any word on 680/750-sized extended batteries yet? (as in, ones that won't require a new door?

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RE: Treo Cases
hkklife @ 12/5/2006 11:04:58 PM # Q
One of the Seidio staff posted over on TC & said two extended battery options would be available to 680/750 users--one that would protrude (ie this one, the "rumpshaker") and the other one that would be a moderate improvement over the stock battery and would not protrude.

I'm assuming they are gonna release the pricier, high-capacity one first, and sell a bunch of them and THEN debut the slimmer one (maybe 1600mAh or 1800mAh?) after the first of the year. Many people may end up buying both and switching/swapping between the two depending on what kind of workday they have ahead of them!

P.S. Tim, have you ordered/received your 680 yet?

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RE: Treo Cases
freakout @ 12/6/2006 12:53:23 AM # Q
^^ Funny you should ask; the order finally got placed today! :D

Such a hassle! First finding a mail forwarding company, then getting my USPS form and ID documents notarised at the U.S. Consulate, then waiting for them to get delivered, then verifying my credit card, then having to track down a personal shopper to place the order with a U.S. credit card...

But it's all done now. I should hopefully have it in the next two weeks or so. (YAY!!)

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RE: Treo Cases
tOM Trottier @ 12/6/2006 10:06:43 AM # Q
If you live in Canada, Rogers just announced 680 availability for $399 with a 3 yr data/voice contract.


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RE: Treo Cases
freakout @ 12/6/2006 4:02:21 PM # Q
^^ Australia, actually. I jumped through so many hoops because I wanted a Crimson one, and it doesn't seem like Palm is going to be offering the coloured 680s anywhere except the U.S.
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Well I could sure use more battery capacity

drbuzz0 @ 12/6/2006 1:10:50 AM # Q

Net surfing and video kills battery. New big battery makes me happy like crazy. Even if it needs a big fat cover as shown

Stephen M Packard, Jr.

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Never buying anything from Seidio

PadOPaper @ 12/6/2006 12:03:43 PM # Q
After using their Treo 650 cradle which only after a few months had damaged the audio jack so thoroughly that it rendered the treo useless, then calling them to only to be told that there was no defect with the cradle but MANY of their customers had the same problem coincidently and they'd redesigned their product. The smug basturds, they screwed up my smartphone, knew it, redesigned their product because of such problems but left their customers of the first version out in the cold.
RE: Never buying anything from Seidio
joad @ 12/6/2006 2:51:38 PM # Q
I was ready to jump on this battery until I saw how far that unfortunate hump sticks out. My only issue with it probably won't work in either of my 2 Palm (stock) Treo cradles. Also - as a user above commented - any chance it (at least) charges in the battery bay of the Palm cradle?

I know Seidio is in the business of selling their own charger too, but I like the convenience of just dumping the naked Treo in it's cradle for syncing and overnight charging. Maybe Ryan and crew could give pull out a cradle and give us more info?

RE: Never buying anything from Seidio
hkklife @ 12/8/2006 2:21:18 PM # Q

I did the Palm "genuine" cradle review. I have the cradle but no battery to test it on. I'll contact Seidio and see if I can get a review copy. There are actually some very (probably varies from piece to piece) small thickness differences between my two Palm OEM Treo batteries and the Seidio 2400mAh battery. I actualy prefer the snugger fit of my 2400mAh Seidio battery as it lends a more solid feel to the Treo itself.

On a related note, getting certain companies to provide hardware to review for PIC is like pulling teeth...and to ask for a discounted price to keep the review unit coupon code so I can buy the product later with my own $ is usualy just ignored or rebuffed. Yet I know a person who works in the print publishing field and they are BOMBARDED with review material daily. Oftentimes the companies let the reviewers/staff keep the swag or whatever they review or at least purchase it at a considerable discount.

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RE: Never buying anything from Seidio
ericlmccormick @ 12/27/2006 2:08:49 PM # Q
Just so you know, it was not Seidios' cradle that messed up your audio jack. For one, the cradle doesn't go into the audio jack, it only touchs the pins on the bottom, if you have a cradle that does go into the head peice jack, then you ordered the cradle for the 700 because palm changed the pin designation rendering audio from the data cable a thing of the past(which upset a lot of people). Even if you did order the wrong one, the cradle is not to problem, the phone is. Back when I had a 650 I had a problem with the audio jack where i could not hear audio though the speaker after using a headset, I would have to insert my headset back in and out a few times for the switch to trip. Once I upgraded to the 700p I had the same problem but much worse. I had to stick a pin(like the type used in sewing) to trip the switch and had to keep it in place with tape, it was either do that or always use a HARDWIRED earpeice. This problem also caused the bluetooth to be rendered useless. Luckly this happened within 15 days of buying it so palm replaced it. This is a problem that palm recognizes as a manufacture defect which they thought was gone with the 700 series till I called them. In the past I have been a large supporter of Palm but I am quickly loosing my faith in them because of things like when the first shippment of 680s went out, there was a recall on every single one cause they never hooked the microphone to the circut board, it was just floating loose. That plus there lack of listening to what consumers want in there unit. I am sure anyone that reads this post would agree with me that we would gladly have the annenna sticking out on future smartphones if that means we get WiFi and (native)A2DP support

RE: Never buying anything from Seidio
Gekko @ 12/27/2006 2:46:32 PM # Q

OEM is always the best way to go to avoid such issues.

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Review of the extended battery

Mol @ 12/7/2006 4:56:02 AM # Q
Check out this review with lots of pictures:

Looks like it's great for the 700p but probably not for the 680.

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Battery cover for 680 from Seidio

Wuju @ 12/8/2006 1:50:24 PM # Q
I understand that Seidio is making a battery cover for the Reo 680 within the next 2 weeks or so to accept the 2400mAh battery (same size as the stock 1800mAh on the Treo650)

That's not bad at all, it's double the power over the stock 1200mAh found on the stock Treo 680.

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New Seido Cases

NorahAura @ 3/23/2007 1:17:34 AM # Q
There are New 3200mAh Seido cases available on thier website.
Superslim case and holster combo:

Superslim case and leather vertical case:

I have not tried this battery, cases or holster, yet. However, they do boast that the superslim cases (clips) have been redisigned. Also, even thought the superslim case pic doesn't show it or thier description say anything about it, but there is also the standard seidio reset hole on these cases.

As I am considering the whole shebang (battery w/ battery cover, superslim hybrid case, and holster), I have contacted them to see if they are planning on an ALL-IN-ONE bundle like the one for the 2400mAh battery (

I will post again when I hear back from them.

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