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Palm has introduced another product in their rapidly-evolving personal GPS solutions lineup. Hot on the heels of last month’s GPS Navigator Smartphpone Edition 3 bundle, Palm has announced a new GPS Navigator Car Kit for the Treo 680 and Treo 700p models.

This new GPS solution eschews Palm’s previous usable-but-fiddly adjustable mounting bracket and separate Bluetooth GPS receiver in favor of a all-in-one solution with a GPS received integrated into a charging cradle with integrated speakerphone capabilities and improved charging capabilities. Given the sometimes unreliable nature of the Palm OS Garnet devices’ Bluetooth stack, this hardwired GPS solution looks to offer a faster, more reliable navigation experience.

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The mini-SD

Dera @ 3/27/2007 3:15:40 PM # Q
It could also be what TomTom is providing.

"Like the GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition 3 package, Palm ships this bundle’s included TomTom software on a 1gb miniSD card with a full-size SD adapter. Yet Palm currently offers no Palm OS-based Treos with miniSD slots. Furthermore, Palm’s only current miniSD-enabled Treo is the WM 5/6-powered 750. This could be a sign of an upcoming but unannounced Palm OS-based Treo utilizing the Treo 750 formfactor."

RE: The mini-SD
hkklife @ 3/27/2007 3:45:10 PM # Q
Possible but unlikely. My GPS Navigator 2 kit came with a TomTom-branded fullsize SD card.

It's probably a change Palm requested. It's easier to omit a fullsize SD adapter in future boxes than it would be to have to mess with having essentially the same software on dual card formats.

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TomTom navigator

a_nonamiss @ 3/27/2007 3:47:09 PM # Q
This is something that I've considered purchasing, but have wondered something that I think is reasonable important. What's the advantage of using this package over, say, this package:

They both cost $300, they both have ugly, somewhat ungainly windshield mounts. Both use, from what I can tell, the same basic interface. I don't see any glaring differences in capabilities, except that the TomTom ONE seems to have a lot more features, and a bigger, easier to read screen.

So what's the motivation to pay for a unit that requires a phone to operate? As much as I consider myself a hardcore geek, I'm not a fan of "Let's do it because we can." I like the idea of having GPS on a Palm device, but it should be either a) substantially cheaper. b) more convenient or c) more features. This seems to be none of those, and I can't figure out why I'd want to have this on my Palm versus a standalone unit.

I'm not posting this to be snide or difficult, I'm just wondering if there's some justification out there that I'm not considering...


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RE: TomTom navigator
freakout @ 3/27/2007 4:37:26 PM # Q
Having a permanent unit on the dash makes your car a magnet for thieves...
RE: TomTom navigator
batmon @ 3/29/2007 8:47:26 PM # Q
Good Point! I am so ready to buy this until you mention that TomTom one pretty much does the same thing. I think I will go with TomTom one instead.

RE: TomTom navigator
freakout @ 3/29/2007 10:03:36 PM # Q
You should also take into account the usefulness of having the TomTom software with you all the time - I've often used it for directions and map information when I didn't want to have to pay the data charges to use Google Maps. It's very handy having it on your phone.

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