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Palm CentroAt a Tech Summit in Reston, Virginia today, Sprint gave a sneak preview of some new phones coming to its network this fall. Among the new devices included a new smartphone from Palm presented as the Palm Centro.

PalmInfocenter has confirmed at this time that the Centro is a new Palm OS smartphone that will include EVDO high speed data in a new form-factor. Read on for the rest of the details we know so far...

The Palm Centro has been released by Palm. You can read our Palm Centro review here.

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Well, at least....

freakout @ 8/16/2007 9:39:48 PM # Q
....they're not calling it a Treo. I still don't like it, but presumably the Sprint execs did. Maybe it looks nicer in non-blurry?
RE: Well, at least....
LiveFaith @ 8/16/2007 10:22:10 PM # Q
... at least it's not the "Treo 800p". That should deflect 99% of the venomous criticisms round here. Now, we can breath a sigh of relief that this is just the Zire 22 of Palm's smartfone future. It should do quite well if they can pull off calling it a smartfone, even though Palm's tech is about 2 years behind the "feature phones" that this will be going head to head with. That is, unless Palm acually steps up to the current century with a 2mpx cammy, stability, a snappy proc (micro screen should help), and other modernity.

He's not jokin' about that younger demographic either. I'm thinking that keyboard should work well with the 4-7 year old crowd. Gosh, how on earth are even teenagers going to type on that? I'm also, not convinced that QWERTY is the answer for the texting youth crowd. These guys can smoke Mavis Beacon with a T9 keypad and predictive text already. I'm not sure they'lll care?

Who knows? Palm actually does market pretty well with the comparably limited resources they have.

Pat Horne

RE: Well, at least....
LiveFaith @ 8/16/2007 11:08:31 PM # Q
Quote from a tech journalist in the room ...

"The Palm Centro, aka the "Gandolf" or "Treo 800" is a tiny Treo running Palm OS, the first truly new Treo form factor in years. (Yes, Engadget's photos are roughly correct.) Sprint doesn't have an official name for it, but there was an app called "About Centro" on the home screen. Specs were also hard to come by: a Sprint rep at the event said it was "a shrunk-down 755p," including EVDO, but other scuttlebutt at the show was that the gadget will sell for only $99 with contract when it pops onto the market this fall. One thing that was sure was that Sprint will have a 90-day exclusive on the new Treo.

More on the Treo, HTC Touch, LG Rumor, Sprint Airave and others after the jump ...

The Centro has possibly the tiniest QWERTY keyboard I've ever seen. It's infinitesimal: it's actually impossible to type on this thing with two thumbs. The keys on the model I tried were little clear rubbery bumps, below a cursor pad and the usual Palm OS quick application buttons. Seeing me get frustrated trying to puzzle out letters on this tiny thing, a Sprint rep stepped in to say that it was for the "youth market" - in other words, kids with nimble fingers and sharp eyes to read the small screen. On the other hand, it'll fend off the argument about Treos being chunky, that's for sure. "


Pat Horne

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QDeath @ 8/16/2007 9:41:37 PM # Q
How come there is only information about Sprint and not Verizon. This hardly seems fair!

Palm Vx -> Palm m515 -> Tungsten T3 -> Treo 650
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Just Plain Idiotic

drbuzz0 @ 8/16/2007 9:59:47 PM # Q
Damnit Palm! Do you ever even try?

Going for a younger demographic apparently? Well, for one thing you might want to realize that your market is not for the "value-priced phones" or anything like that. You make multi-function devices for people looking for convergence. If people want cheap they just get a basic phone. If they want the phone to take pics/play videos/surf the new/telnet/play games/send IM's.... then they buy a "smart" phone:

The two do not mix and there's no point in installing something as heavy as PalmOS on a "value" phone.

Also... what would "young people" want on their phone? A nice interface. Good multimedia capabilities. Being Able to do things without buying lots of third party software. IM'ing, preferably with video and such. Youtube seems obvious, and stuff like that...

And yet you seem to have done little or no work at all for that. Seriously...this is purely stupid.

RE: Just Plain Idiotic
freakout @ 8/16/2007 10:22:32 PM # Q
Garnet and the 680 phone interface lends itself quite nicely to low-cost feature phones, I think. Palm's threaded SMS, camera and picture UIs are all quite nice as well. Build Kinoma into it and it'll do streaming video too.

The problem isn't the software - although it could definitely use some more consumer-oriented apps - so much as the (IMO) fugly hardware. Small screen & tiny, barely usable-looking keyboard. Horrible colour. Stupid D-pad. Bleh!

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755p killer?

sbono13 @ 8/16/2007 10:21:49 PM # Q
I take the opposite viewpoint of the skeptics here. At 1/3 of the price, why wouldn't you get this over the 755p? Assuming similar specs, of course. I guess the question is, what could they realsitically strip out of this smartphone to justify still selling the 755p for 3X the cost.

RE: 755p killer?
LiveFaith @ 8/16/2007 10:34:22 PM # Q
Reason #1: So that I don't have to sharpen my fingernails to a point in order to type.

Reason #2: So that I don't have to carry a 2000x microscope along in my belt case in order to actually read an e-mail or view a webpage.

Reason #3: So I can keep my music library, pix, videos, book library and 7 or 8 DVD movies on my 8GB real SDHC card. Ooops, that's my mid-range 680.

Reason #4: So I can watch movies, view pix, and paertially enjoy the web on a display that is already terribly compromised from my 2003 Palm device.

... that's from the specs that we probably know. Actually, I'd sya this one will get the "consumer" treatment (Zires) and not the "enterprise" treatment (Tungstens). Expect a focus on multimedia, entertainment, and texting, rather than business needs like documents, spreadsheets, PDFs etc. JMO.

Pat Horne

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OK. Whose the Prophet around here?

LiveFaith @ 8/16/2007 10:50:18 PM # Q
** Paul also states that there is a "bigger story" behind the Centro which will be revealed closer to the product release date. **

Let the predictions begin. What "bigger story" is it. After "Hawkins Next Big Thing", this may seem anticlimactic, but still take a shot. Here's my initial guesses ...

#1 WiFi? Naaahhh, that's just a feature. Then again, with Palm's track record maybe WiFi is a story? Probably won't have it, since EVDO is getting broad enough for the band.

#2 Will it run Plinux? King Ed said 2008, so that's doubtful.

#3 WiMax? Maybe it'll be a BT2+EDR Wimax modem for all the laptops out there? Carry the centro and connect with your Foleo or Notebook at breakneck speeds citywide.

#4 Sprint is just gonna buy Palm? I can't wait to see #24 take the PalmTel Cup!

#5 Foleo? Maybe it comes with a free Foleo.

#6 "Centro"? The center or the hub. This fits with Jeff's vision for the smartfone. What could possibly be the story tho, besides the Centro is Foleo compatible outta the box.

... Next.

Pat Horne

RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
Patrick @ 8/16/2007 11:13:08 PM # Q
Considering the target demographic, my guess is that it is related to (yet another) proprietary music store type function.

RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
LiveFaith @ 8/17/2007 12:00:40 AM # Q
... how about it's all part of a bigger announcement of an entire line of Centros:

Palm OS micro version
WM6 Smartfone widescreen version, or rather barely large enough version
GSM, CDMA, DualBand, Europe
MicroCentro version, so tiny the screen and KB are on a microchip!


Pat Horne

RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
hotpaw4 @ 8/17/2007 1:47:55 AM # Q
That display and keyboard look awfully tiny. Too tiny for people with aging eyes and fat fingers. Maybe someone should create some sort of companion accessory with a larger display and full size keyboard to go with this thing?
RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
freakout @ 8/17/2007 2:00:34 AM # Q
^^ Stop talking crazy talk hotpaw4! Everyone knows that a full-blown laptop is the only 'companion' device anyone will ever need. EVER. You IDIOT.


RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
PacManFoo @ 8/17/2007 8:43:29 AM # Q
And then maybe they can create a companion accessory to the companion accessory to do the things that the companion accessory can't do. Brilliant!

I'm holding out for the Foleo with built in cup holder, or will that be a Foleo companion add on device? The sky's the limit here Palm. Hey, I bet your LAPTOP doesn't have a cup holder.

Darn! It looks like the laptop companion accessory cup holder heater/cooler already exists

Guess I still don't have a reason to buy a Foleo.

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RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
PacManFoo @ 8/17/2007 8:50:23 AM # Q
Using Palm's logic for the Foleo. Do we really need a car when we could get this?

PDA's Past and Present:
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Handspring - Edge, Platinum, Deluxe
Sony - SJ22
Apple - MP110, MP2000, MP2100
RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
sgiga @ 8/17/2007 11:27:40 AM # Q
LOL. But it's strange how things turn out. Since i got my N800 i still need my laptop to rip, decode and format dvds into perfect xvid movies on that device. The funny thing is that i previously thought watching movies and music on that small screen was an absurd thing to do. It's actually quite nice.

RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
LiveFaith @ 8/17/2007 12:07:33 PM # Q
Cupholder! My desktop PC has had one for years. Just push the little button on front and it automatically slides out for me. It's really a slick feature.

I don't think Palm is betting on people ditching their notebooks for the Foleo, so let the ripping continue. It's just a travel companion at the moment that allows you to leave the supercomputer at the home or office, and be able to do your main mobile tasks on the road. As far as movies on a big screen PDA like the N800, or my TT3. I love it. Killer with decent headphones and the screen size is equal to my 36" TV at 12' distance. Now, if they just had an app that would keep get me 2.5 hours of silence for an entire flick.

Pat Horne

RE: OK. Whose the Prophet around here?
pmjoe @ 8/18/2007 5:39:18 AM # Q
1. The keyboard is so small that Palm decided to make it non-functional. Instead, you have to use a Foleo to type on it ... BUT the the "bigger story" is that the little keys on the Centro light up individually when you press the equivalent key on the Foleo.
2. Palm will sell an "adult size" Centro for $100 more, to further emphasize how the original Centro is for a younger population. Or maybe it's just $1.00 more ... ah, the vision is getting fuzzy at this point.

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Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.

all74 @ 8/17/2007 12:36:32 AM # Q
Quoting from

"It will be targeted at the young'uns, which is probably appropriate, according to Gearlog. Gearlog's Sascha Segan, who was in attendance, said the Centro's QWERTY keyboard is "infinitesimal: it's actually impossible to type on this thing with two thumbs." Palm said the design also incorporates a touch screen, but it's not clear how large or what you can do with that screen."

great, Palm. A treo with a unusable keyboard and a miniature screen. I still think that Palm is just some money-laundering operation now... how can they possibly think that this will be a big seller???? From what I'm seeing, if the price is anything over $300 (unlocked, no contract) this thing will bomb.

PLEASE PALM - start reading these freaking forums!!! Whoever is doing your r&d and focus-group work has no clue.

RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
all74 @ 8/17/2007 12:50:17 AM # Q
Ah, I see that Brighthand has some rumoured price info..

"The company isn't yet willing to announce what the Palm Centro will sell for, but an unofficial report says its price will be $99."

Hmm... at $99 (plus at least a 2 year contract, I'm assuming) this may have a shot. Not gonna fly with anyone business-oriented, but as a young "prosumer" yuppie phone it may gain some traction. Certainly no "iPhone killer" though. That screen is just way, way too small. I'm 33 with decent eye-sight and I can hardly stand looking at my wife's z22, and this thing looks comparible.

ACK - horrible thought. What if they're going to use the same screen as on the z22? You know, the one with like 160x160 resolution? And poor lighting? That would be awful!!! I haven't seen/read anything that says it is 320x320, and this does look like it will be pitched to the z22 crowd.

Again, ack.

RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
freakout @ 8/17/2007 1:30:12 AM # Q
Nah - it'll be 320 x 320 at least. Check the spy video posted earlier; it's running the 680's tabbed phone app and looks identical.
RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
twrock @ 8/17/2007 1:34:44 AM # Q
the gadget will sell for only $99 with contract

So I can conceivably get a Palm OS phone for $99 if I'm willing to re-up with my carrier. That sounds kinda cool considering that Palm will likely never release a phone with a TX sized screen anyway and I'm currently using a Nokia 6233 which really doesn't do anything for me besides basic functionality (I have no use for the "features" other than the basics). Replace the Nokia and keep hauling around two devices (phone and TX)? Ok.

BUT when as I feared from the pics earlier, folks are saying the keyboard is infinitesimal, not only won't I be able to see the screen, I won't even be able to properly push the numbers to make basic phone calls! I already have trouble with feeling which button I'm pressing on the Nokia number pad. How in the world is this thing going to work?

And I really have to agree that if my two "kids" are any indication, they have no need for a qwerty keyboard to fly through all the text messaging they do.

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RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
all74 @ 8/17/2007 1:37:00 AM # Q
"Nah - it'll be 320 x 320 at least. Check the spy video posted earlier; it's running the 680's tabbed phone app and looks identical."

any idea where I can still see that? It's been pulled from this site.

RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
freakout @ 8/17/2007 1:55:53 AM # Q
^^ So it has! I hadn't noticed that. The footnote on the end of the article says "Video removed from Youtube by Palm Inc."

Sorry dude.

RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
freakout @ 8/17/2007 2:04:00 AM # Q
BUT when as I feared from the pics earlier, folks are saying the keyboard is infinitesimal, not only won't I be able to see the screen, I won't even be able to properly push the numbers to make basic phone calls!

You'll still be able to use the touch screen dial pad, but then you run into the iPhone Problem: no dialing without looking. Not to mention that that tiny screen may not be much of an improvement of the tiny keyboard.

RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
twrock @ 8/17/2007 11:47:58 AM # Q
I really don't mind looking while dialing, but if my thumb or finger covers all ten numbers at the same time, the buttons are too small. But you are right that even an on-screen dialing system won't do much good on this tiny screen. My guess is that the iPhone's screen is big enough. Put a number pad on the TX screen and I'm very sure I won't have any dialing problems.

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RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
rcartwright @ 8/17/2007 12:01:16 PM # Q
REgarding the keypad issue-two words "voice dialing" Perhaps a decent voice command feature is the "big thing" While I do agree that most of the "young'uns" can burn T-9, a lot of them can do wonders with a tiny keypad. Perhaps the phone in the picture is being handled by Andre the Giants' big brother.

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RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
hkklife @ 8/17/2007 2:13:59 PM # Q
My ideas on the possible "big thing":

1. Foleo connectivity. This is, IMO, by far the most likely possibility. However, NO kid is gonna drop $600 on a Fooleo. Especially a Fooleo that cannot do YouTube etc. No kid has that kind of dough laying around if they do it's gonna go to an iPod/iPhone/real laptop/PS3/car

2.wi-fi connectivity (HAH!)

3. A2DP and/or a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for the hipsters. Unlikely on both counts based on Palm's track record and the limitations of FrankenGarnet.

4. Voice dialing? Possible, but then this would combine with the new phone app and much lower pricetag to totally take the wind out of 755p sales.

5. A pre-paid handset? Possible....especially if Palm markets this as a usable PDA/PMP/mp3 player even if there is no wireless service on the device.

If I were Palm, I'd drop the Z22 down to $75ish and intro a version of the Centro as a retail-oriented PDA. Replace the EVDO radio with wi-fi and add a 3.5mm headphone jack. Sell it at $120-$150, bundle it with all kinds of cool software and/or have it include a memory card or a bit of internal flash space and target the kids that might otherwise buy a Nano, Sandisk, or iRiver flash-based mp3 player. Tout the device's capability to play MP3s while little Johnnie is pecking away furious to his l33t friends.

I really have no beefs with this device in theory, aside from the atrocious styling. I'm just worried about the size of the keyboard and the screen. And the battery life, of course. I've seen how my 700p can burn through a 3200mAh Seidio battery during a day of heavy usage. Palm really should have made this thing a bit wider with a standard-sized LCD, even if it meant sacrificing EVDO in the process.

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RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
rpa @ 8/17/2007 7:07:23 PM # Q
I don't see anything special here....a Nokia E65 is cooler looking and the iPhone is even better. A T|X phone would also be way cooler than a Centro if the photo is accurate.

Palm Pilot >> Palm Tungsten E user
RE: Um... hello, Palm? 2007 calling.
freakout @ 8/17/2007 8:13:05 PM # Q
Yes, and the iPhone is also five hundred bucks. Minimum. With contract. Whereas this thing is being rumoured at $99. Different leagues...
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Surprise Element

JPT|X @ 8/17/2007 10:07:18 AM # Q
My prediction for the surprise element:


would fit with the whole younger demo

RE: Surprise Element
analogue wings @ 8/19/2007 11:44:19 PM # Q
You beat me to it!

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Whiney Posters Go Home :)

Dr Opinion @ 8/17/2007 12:03:38 PM # Q

Every time there's an darn product launch on this site, about 75% of comments say "waah, *I* personally wouldn't want this new device/accessory, therefore it must suck".

Six months later, the whiney poster has *bought* the device/accessory, and is now whining about it's actual operation.

12 months later, a new product is launched, and the whiney poster whines that the previous product was much better, and that "waah, *I* personally wouldn't want this new device/accessory, therefore it must suck".

So I have to ask:

(1) Why do most of the posters whine constantly? Why don't they just go the hell away and buy a nokia or something? I note, of course, that most *readers* never post, and so the whiney posters are a tiny subset of people who are interested. But really?

(2) Why do these whiney posters then go and buy the damn product? That's just really really dumb.

You know who you are. :)

"People who like M$ products tend to be insecure crowd-following newbies lacking in experience and imagination."

RE: Whiney Posters Go Home :)
freakout @ 8/17/2007 8:34:57 PM # Q
'Cause for all their stupid mistakes, Palm still have one of the most user-friendly interfaces on the market and a vast software library. This is why they stick around.

I get tired of the whinging too, and I've been pleased as punch with all the Treos I've owned thus far. But Palm are not completely blameless: they haven't updated their OS in years and killed off the PDA without providing an equivalent Treo (as in, landscape screen, wifi, graffiti). Is it really so hard to see why the company's oldest fans are frustrated with the lack of diversity in the Treo line?

This device is a welcome first step in said diversification (despite the hideous colour), but Palm still have a ways to go. Until then, we can expect the bitching to continue.

I apologise for any and all emoticons that appear in my posts. You may shoot them on sight.
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RE: Whiney Posters Go Home :)
all74 @ 8/18/2007 12:56:56 AM # Q
I agree with freakout - there are a lot of us who have been with Palm a long, long, time. I've had one since my IIIse (clear! cool!) and have owned around 8 different variants. I stick with PalmOS b/c it does what I need simply and effectively. BUT, I, like many others, are getting fed up with Palm (the company) b/c they simply do not listen to their users and keep making really dumb, dumb moves. If MS cut WM down so that it behaved more like PalmOS, I'd have jumped shipped by now. But, I can't stand the "3 taps to get anywhere" and TSR-like qualities of WM (when I hit close I want it to close!). I'm not trying to start up a Palm vs WM flame here - just saying that PalmOS is what works for me and for most of the people on this site.

I would LOVE to see Palm post surveys or polls or SOMETHING on sites like this. They've got a great resource on this site and others (BH, 1src, etc), but they don't use it. Instead, we get the Centro, the 700p, the Lifedrive, etc.

Whining done (for now).

RE: Whiney Posters Go Home :)
joad @ 8/18/2007 2:51:59 PM # Q
Gotta agree with Doc-O: the whining about the whining whiners has GOT to stop!! :) This is an opinion forum - without opinions what would we have?

I'm certainly a member that falls into the pattern the good Doctor identifies. Just a recent example: waited about 10 months for a basic firmware update to fix the bluetooth pairing and lag (and hopefully other issues) with the 700p's I owned. Didn't want to buy yet another Treo to get what was allegedly a feature of the one I already owned (BT headset capability). No firmware fix. Instead - new model Treo 755 which apparently included the fix that by all rights should have been released to 700p owners *first*. I desperately wanted a stable 700p but instead of honoring their warranty commitment and fixing the 700p, Palm shystered many users into paying yet again for the fix by purchasing the newer model. The 755 is inferior in many ways to the 700p: less battery life, lousy MiniSD rather than SD, etc. But Palm is the ONLY game in town for us old timers that have been with PalmOS since the Pilot days and just want functional smartphone device that runs our PalmOS apps. So, we will reluctantly buy the new device to get what Palm refused to fix by design*.

But I damn well reserve the right to "whine" (aka express my discontent with Palm and Sprint with their actions on this matter). After all, Palm's inability to fix the 700p's bluetooth pairing cost me over $1600 and an additional year of contract commitment to remedy. And I *still* have only 50MB of RAM to work with and am stuck with less battery life and purchasing all-new crappier MiniSD cards in order to function.

And, like it or not, Palm *occasionally* pays attention to these forums and our "whining." i.e.: We were the first ones to tell them they screwed the pooch with the 650 NVFS memory - took them a week to finally acknowledge it but I and others who "whined" to them were apparently the only thing protecting the general public from buying a bad implementation that may never have been ack'd or fixed.

RE: Whiney Posters Go Home :)
LiveFaith @ 8/19/2007 12:06:28 AM # Q

Maybe you should check out and it's news + commentary on the Centro. Go here ...

It looks like PIC is the power-of-positive-thinking depot round these parts. Here's quotes from the 8 posts following the article.

Post #1 "There is no greater loss than a missed opportunity! This may end up becoming Palm's Motto."

#2 "Palm seems to have forgotten how to innovate and I'd be very surprised if we saw anything new in this Centro"

#3 "I'm not sure I'll even pick one up to look at it. The bar is being set pretty low if that's the best Palm can do."

#4 "They are completely dropping the ball here."

#5 "Unfortunately for some reason small and ugly seem to be the new thing for attracting customers these days."

#6 "C'mon Palm wake the #$%* up and give us something new, high end and innovative! I'm getting tired of defending you morons."

#7 "I'll be sorry not to be using a Palm product because they've been so stable and reliable over the years but it seems Palm can't get beyond a 3 year old feature set."

#8 "Palm appears to be in its last days."

That's 8:8, or 100% negative for the cutting-edge-iPhone-crushing Centro. I've often found that when "I'm right and a whooooole lotta people around me are wrong", that it's not a bad idea to take a little personal inventory. Just a thot.

Pat Horne

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Dr Opinion @ 8/17/2007 12:06:15 PM # Q
It's aimed at American kids. Enough said. Stop whining. :)

There will be a GSM model. It will be aimed at kids and people in Asia. Please don't whine about that one too. :)

"People who like M$ products tend to be insecure crowd-following newbies lacking in experience and imagination."

RE: Centro
naio21 @ 8/17/2007 12:56:00 PM # Q
So you're eager to buy one, aren't you Doc Oc?

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i like it

Gekko @ 8/17/2007 6:18:00 PM # Q

without the benefit of holding/using it, i like it.

i like the idea of a tiny, modern treo.

RE: i like it
eboy @ 8/22/2007 5:26:30 PM # Q
I like it too. Nice and small like a phone should be. I would be great if it connects to the T|X.

RE: i like it
twrock @ 8/23/2007 1:10:56 AM # Q
Maybe I could take the case apart and apply a good coat of black paint. Then replace my Nokia. Hmm.....

Then again, nope. I couldn't even dial a phone number correctly on those small keys. Darn, for a moment I thought I might have something.

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Eh. OK name

mikecane @ 8/17/2007 6:33:59 PM # Q
I guess they cleared it for unintended meaning in other languages? What's Centro mean in Spanish and Italian?

RE: Eh. OK name
all74 @ 8/18/2007 12:45:54 AM # Q
Centro = Central in French, Centre in Spanish, and Centre in Italian (that's "center" for the non-Canadians).

I think its a weird name. It does smack of foreshadowing for the big thing/surprize/whatever being Foleo compat. Shocking - our new product works with our other new product... if that's really what they're waiting to announce I'm gonna LOL.

For the "youth" market, Centro is a really bizarre name, IMO. I'm at the outer edge of "youth" (33) and it sounds like someone Superman would have battled to me... in this issue, the Justice League takes on the villan Centro! Palm should have taken a tick out of Moto's book (razr, rokr) or snuck an "i" in there somehow. How about "Tr30"... give it that l33t spin all those crazy kids are into ;)

Course, if someone at Palm was actually listening to their users and this thing ends up having wifi, I'd snap a GSM one up on launch day. I can get by with onscreen G2 (and thus cope with the small keyboard) but wifi is a must in a new pda/smartphone for me. That's the only thing that has held me back from Treos thus far.

RE: Eh. OK name
DOMMY @ 8/18/2007 5:11:41 AM # Q
In Italian "fare centro" is "to make the center" that means to hit the target in the center. I hope Palm will hit the young target anymore.

RE: Eh. OK name
LiveFaith @ 8/18/2007 10:46:44 AM # Q
On screen Graffiti! With that screen, the only letter that you could enter is an "i". Oh, I forgot, that's an "l" in G2. :-D

Pat Horne
RE: Eh. OK name
SeldomVisitor @ 8/21/2007 7:10:39 PM # Q
"Centro" could also have something to do with "a hundred".

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sungod @ 8/18/2007 12:59:19 AM # Q
Does anyone outside of Nth America care any more?

Another CDMA phone means another Palm device not coming to OZ.
Even Telstra has dumped CDMA for a 850Mhz HSDPA network and it's getting the same coverage(admittedly not on all phones) and they're more backwards then Palm.

Pretending to care, the “whole story” probably refers to an eventual PLinux upgrade(maybe free?) that would get us obsessives off their backs.

Att Palm:
Foleo = Smartphone companion
T|X = Dumbphone companion
If you think a Foleo will sell and a PDA wont you're out of your mind.
SunGod aka Luigi(AusPUG)

RE: Yawn
freakout @ 8/18/2007 1:11:42 AM # Q
As has been explained by others, the problem with 3G GSM on PalmOS is that the UMTS standard requires a device to support simultaneous voice & data - which Garnet is apparently incapable of doing. So until Palm pull their finger out WRT a new Palm OS, we'll be stuck with their 3G WinMob offerings like the 750. Which, needless to say, totally sucks...
RE: Yawn
sungod @ 8/19/2007 1:05:19 AM # Q
I understand that limit in PalmOS.
My moaning was just aimed at the Yanks in general.

As a Budget phone I was expecting GSM 2.5.
As Apple proved there's a lot people that will buy a phone at any price no matter the radio as long as it's cool enough.

The idea of it coming free with the Foleo is interesting.
Take your pick $100 cash or the Palm Centro RRP US$299.
It gives a valid reason for the high speed radio.

Att Palm:
Foleo = Smartphone companion
T|X = Dumbphone companion
If you think a Foleo will sell and a PDA wont you're out of your mind.
SunGod aka Luigi(AusPUG)

RE: Yawn
freakout @ 8/19/2007 6:49:33 AM # Q
Personally, I'm not surprised that Palm have decided to go with EVDO for this rather than GPRS/EDGE - it'll make it a far better companion to the Foleo, which will need to be paired with a 3G phone for the best experience, not to mention a superior internet experience on the device itself. I kinda suspect that the Treo 680 is going to be their last 2G device.

I doubt we GSM suckers will get a new device until the arrival of Palm OS 6, or 7, or whatever the heck they're going to call it. But then, maybe Palm will do with this what they did with the Treo 650 - they'll put out both CDMA and GSM models.

OT: The Treo 750 is going for around 500 bucks on eBay right now. I'm actually thinking of getting one, just so I can finally test for myself how big a difference 3G makes and see whether I could ever actually live with Windows on my phone. (I suspect not.) If I wind up hating it, I can always just stick it back on eBay...

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Free With Foleo?

yugadp @ 8/18/2007 2:34:33 PM # Q
I heard that the Foleo is supposed to have a $100 mail in rebate on it. If the Centro is $99, I wonder if the Foleo will come with a "free Centro" (after $100 rebate)...
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If ya wanna nail the Kiddie Market then...

SeldomVisitor @ 8/21/2007 7:09:32 PM # Q
...ya make yer phone a flip-phone so they can end a call/messaging session with a satisfying "Ka-Snap!".

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Didn't someone say the Sprint lineup had been 'leaked', too?

SeldomVisitor @ 8/26/2007 8:03:37 AM # Q
I don't remember seeing "Centro" on that.

Or am I thinking Verizon lineup "leak"?

Or both?


Interesting that PALM hasn't released an official PR-fluff yet even though they (apparently) have officially discussed this.

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