Next webOS Update Scheduled For May-June

PDK logo"The next version of webOS is coming soon". So says the latest email sent out by Palm's Developer Relations team, which goes on to detail that developers will be alerted to a release candidate of the SDK in "early May", with a one-week window for bug reports, to be followed by a further 2-3 week wait while it passes though the carriers on its way to consumers.

The email also helpfully states in a very stern-looking bold print: "It is especially important to test PDK apps against this release candidate." A rather obvious sign, your correspondent thinks, that PDK-developed apps are en route - and not a moment too soon for an App Catalog that is still struggling to gain traction against its well-entrenched rivals.

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first batch of PDK applications are available - just approved

ardiri @ 4/30/2010 7:20:17 PM # Q

these are all SDL based PDK applications - which we've ported from our iphone collection over to the palm pre. i figure the best quote i have thought about so far for these is:

we received the device less than a month ago, ported out 10 applications to it, presented at the palm developer day and even had a little vacation in between. to top it off, i also have a full time job and this is my hobby.

expect many more PDK based applications coming soon. some of us have had early access, however, we've had to program specifically to support the older versions of the operating systems - the update mentioned here should make it much easier..

some of us are just crazy :) like the bleeding edge.
Aaron Ardiri
PalmOS Certified Developer

RE: first batch of PDK applications are available - just approved
gmayhak @ 4/30/2010 8:44:35 PM # Q
Wow :-/ iPhone better look out!
Tech Center Labs
RE: first batch of PDK applications are available - just approved
jca666us @ 5/1/2010 4:54:28 AM # Q
lol - next iphone will be out in a month - palm better look out.
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ewl @ 5/1/2010 5:01:11 AM # Q
Best of luck to you guys. Hope your investment in webos pays off!
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