Verizon Pre Plus Nearing EOL Status?

Palm Pre Back After reports earlier this year of very disappointing webOS results on Verizon, the CDMA giant has been surprisingly supportive of Palm and their two webOS devices, bundling in the wi-fi hotspot functionality for free and offering the devices in-store at drastically reduced prices sans mail-in rebates. Now it looks like the writing is finally on the wall for the Verizon version of the Pre Plus, if the latest Engadget report is correct.

According to some screenshots and internal documentation received by Engadget, Verizon is set to EOL a number of 3G modems and smartphones, the Pre Plus among them. Somewhat surprisingly, the Pixi Plus is not set for "phase out" status like its more powerful Pre Plus sibling. Whether this is a move designed to merely clear Pre Plus stocks altogether or making way for a "Pre 2" successor device as rumored is as of yet unknown.

Several recent Verizon Wireless corporate store visits revealed the Pre Plus to be in stock but the Pixi Plus was on display and tagged as a 'special order' item.

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